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Transform your outdoor space with these stylish and functional shed ideas.

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Have you ever considered making your garden shed more than just storage space? Your garden shed can also be a stylish and functional addition to your home! 

We’ve gathered some garden shed ideas that look amazing and are functional to give you some design inspiration. There are many ways to use your garden space, from housing your lawnmower to providing a fun play area for the kids. 

Read on for the best DIY garden shed ideas for your next garden project. 

What can I do with my garden shed?

Idea #1: Log cabin shed


Our first idea is to create the look of a log cabin as an adorable way to introduce some rustic charm into your garden. A log cabin shed will store all your garden tools while adding a feature piece to your yard. The natural wood color will suit every outdoor look!

Idea #2: Open-concept shed


Open-plan can also apply to the shed. Remove the door and a wall of your shed. This will create a look that feels like an open bar. You can hang your tools neatly and create easy access. An open-concept shed is a unique take on the garden shed aesthetic.

Idea #3: The backyard barn


The backyard barn looks perfect for storage, holding all your essentials just like a real barn! If you aren’t storing much, this could also be a functional and eye-catching space. Who wouldn’t comment on the mini barn sitting in your backyard? If your outdoor area is small, you can scale down the size of the “barn” to suit.

Idea #4: The keep-it-small shed


This small backyard shed brings a minimalist approach to your outdoor oasis. Still a handy storage facility, this classic design is functional and a great element to have in your backyard. Keep things sleek and modern in your space to disguise it from looking like an ordinary shed.

Idea #5: A shed with a matching fence


We are huge fans of matching wood elements in any form of design. A matching fence around your shed is a great way to create storage in a space without making things look like an obvious storage shed. This garden shed idea can double as a playhouse for the kids; Just make sure you aren’t keeping any sharp or dangerous gardening tools in there.

Idea #6: The old wooden shed


Leaning into the old wooden shed look can be a great decorative element and standalone feature piece. There is still enough space for storage, and things aren’t so degraded that it becomes an eyesore. Striking the line between stylishly worn and decrepit is the goal here!

Idea #7: Garden shed bar


There’s nothing better than a cold beer on a hot summer day, and not all garden sheds need to be for storage and gardening equipment! You can create something like this fun shed converted into a bar. This makes an enjoyable spot to pop out to with some friends when the kids are asleep or a quirky addition to your entertaining set-up.

How do you paint an old shed? 

If you want a great DIY way to improve the look of your shed, consider a paint job! When painting an old shed, start by sanding it down to remove any old and flaky paint or broken bits of wood. Sand in the direction of the wood grain, then treat the wood to ensure it lasts a long time.

Here are some beautiful garden shed paint color ideas for inspiration.

Garden shed paint ideas

1. White trim


The color of this shed is quite subtle, but the white trim makes it pop! Adding trim is a classic idea popular with modern design. As a result, you get a timeless look that will last for years and look good in every garden. You can even change up the trim colors if you want to get more creative.

2. The little red house

This is another approach to the trim look. Red is a bold choice in the world of garden shed paint colors, but it creates a striking, playful look in any yard. Almost like something from a fairytale, the extra elements in this example help turn the shed into a fun little cottage that will be a cute addition to your yard.

3. A pop of blue


Blue and green are two colors that instill the idea of nature, thanks to the sky and trees. A blue shed is a playful and bright yard feature that makes perfect sense in an outdoor setting without being too bold. This help makes your garden shed something exciting to view without burdening the rest of your exterior design.

4. Clean, classic white

Create a clean, minimal look with an all-white paint job. Now, we know what you must be thinking: “How is white a good idea for outdoor shed paint? I keep my dirty garden stuff in there!” And yes, white is not the most practical color for the outdoors, but you can buy some durable exterior paint. This type of paint will be easy to clean and keep stain-free to avoid any major issues.

Small garden shed ideas 

Garden sheds are one of the most customizable things you can add to your home, and there are no rules! They come in all shapes and sizes to suit the size of your particular garden. A good garden shed is small enough to hold whatever you need without being intrusive in a yard, much like the following ideas.

1. The tucked-away shed


This is a great way to ensure your shed doesn’t take up a lot of visual space in the yard. Pop it against a fence and under a tree. As garden sheds are customizable, you can freely tuck your shed into whatever pockets of space you have available. You can even blend the shed by using the same materials as your fence to create a less-invasive look.

2. The single-use shed

Less of a shed and more of an outdoor cupboard, this small single-use design is perfect for tool storage. You can opt for a door for weather protection and security or leave the front open to have the tools themselves be the display feature.

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Time to set up your new garden shed.

Setting it up is the next step in bringing your garden shed vision to life. Whether you decide to tackle the process yourself or seek out the assistance of professionals, it’s important to ensure your new shed is stable and looks great. 

You can connect with garden shed installers if you need some guidance or help building your shed. Take the first step towards enjoying your very own garden shed today.

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FAQs on garden sheds

There are many simple DIY ways to improve your garden shed – some that just involve a new paint job for the exterior! On the inside, consider using floating shelving, a fresh coat of paint, or even some extra windows to increase the amount of natural light to improve the look of your shed.

Wood and concrete slab blocks are the most inexpensive option for shed building materials. You can also find a range of pre-fabricated sheds at a hardware store or online that have the pieces cut for you for an affordable price. This option can save you lots of time.

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