9 Best evergreen hedge plants for a lush garden

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Thinking of replacing your outdoor fences with evergreen hedges? That’s a wonderful idea! Say hello to a more cost-effective garden that flourishes all year round.

Hedge plants are popular among homeowners in the US, and there are plenty of reasons why. Some of these include their year-round ability to give privacy and filter pollution. Plus, they’re so pretty!

The harder part is choosing which hedge plant to go with out of many options. But don’t worry! We’ve rounded up nine of the best evergreen hedge plants to help you decide which one to choose. 

1. Portuguese Laurel (Prunus lusitanica)

Portuguese laurel plant

Known for its striking combination of glossy dark green leaves and radiant maroon stems, the Portuguese Laurel is a type of evergreen hedge lauded for its resilience, beauty, and seasonal charms. Tiny fragrant white flowers bloom from the hedge in late spring or early summer, followed by smooth dark red berries in autumn. These fruits ripen to dark purple or black come wintertime.

2. Yew (Taxus baccata)

yew plant

Yew is a conifer-type of hedge plant, meaning it bears cones (albeit berry-shaped), and its leaves resemble needles. This elegant plant grows up to 15.75 inches (40 centimeters) per year at a relatively slow pace, perfect for a low-maintenance garden.

3. Leyland Cypress (Cuprocyparis leylandii)

leylandii hedge plant

Looking for the fastest-growing evergreen tree for privacy? Then the Leyland Cypress or Leylandii might be the one for you. This conifer hedge tree grows up to 39.4 inches (1 meter) at a vigorous rate every year, making it an adequately tall screen for the garden. 

Leylandiis grow even more popular during the holidays, particularly in the Southeastern United States, because they are sold as live Christmas trees.

4. Box (Buxus sempervirens)

box hedge plant

Adorned with lustrous, tiny green leaves, the Box is considered an all-around hedging plant with a slow growth rate. Being one of the most common hedge plants out there, it is a shade-resistant evergreen that can be used as low borders, topiary plants, and walling for garden mazes and pathways.

If you see brown leaves, bare patches, and dieback on its stems, the hedge could be suffering from Box blight. Avoid similar problems such as Box rust and Box tree caterpillar by getting the help of a gardening expert.

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5. Red Robin (Photinia)

red robbin hedge plant

Like true natural wonders, Red Robin evergreens have different colors as the season changes. In spring and summer, expect to see relatively large, coppery red leaves that stand out in any garden. When winter arrives, its bright foliage matures into a vivid, deep green color.

6. Holly (Ilex aquifolium)

holly hedge plant

Want a hedge that’ll contribute to your property’s security? Go for Holly’s prickly leaves, a feature that will drive thieves away.

This fantastic evergreen hedgerow plant grows slowly, making it easy to maintain. And when winter comes, its polished, dark green foliage will be decorated with bright-red berries – a unique characteristic fitting Christmastime.

Contact a local hedge planter today who can assist you with your new Holly hedging.

7. Green Bamboo (Phyllostachys bisseti)

green bamboo hedge plant

With its tall, sturdy canes and thick foliage, the Green Bamboo is one of the best hedges for year-round privacy. It is a fast-growing, low-maintenance hedge plant, and it can grow up to 19.7 feet (6 meters) if cared for well. However, do note that bamboos tend to spread, so only pick this type if you have a spacious garden.

8. California Lilac (Ceanothus)

california lilac hedge plant

The California Lilac is a flowering hedge plant or shrub with gorgeous blue blossoms. When in full bloom every spring and summer, these flowers look like fluffy clouds, making them lovely hedge plants to grow.

If you need help trimming your California Lilac or all other sorts of hedging, get the help of a hedge trimming professional.

9. Griselinia (Griselinia littoralis)

Griselinia hedge plant

If you live in a coastal area, your garden should be protected by a barrier that can tolerate salt. Griselinia is an evergreen hedge that can resist salt winds, cold temperatures, and strong gales from the sea. Aside from its protective benefit, it grows to be dense down to the ground and has oval-shaped apple green leaves that are stunning to look at.

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Now that you know the best evergreen hedges, it’s time to take your pick. Make sure to enjoy the planting and growing process of your plants. Or, if you’d rather have someone more skilled to handle the job, there are gardening, hedge planting, and hedge trimming specialists on Airtasker eager to help you. Post a task today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

This depends on the purpose of the hedge. The best low maintenance hedges are Box hedges. The fastest growing evergreen hedge is the Leyland Cypress. If you want the best evergreen hedge for privacy, go for the Yew. Last but not least, the California Lilac and Holly are tied for the best-looking evergreen hedge.

Get in touch with a local grower to buy instant hedges. These are pre-formed hedges grown to maturity by professionals and installed on your property so you can quickly enjoy its benefits.

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