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What do appliance services include?

To install or repair your items, an appliance technician will visit your home or property. The exact inclusions with your appliance service will depend on the item you need to be installed or repaired. Here are some of the most popular appliance care services and what you can expect when booking your technician:

Fridges and freezers

You’ll need to book fridge repairs and installations if you need a complex fridge or freezer installation or it isn’t cooling properly, makes weird noises, or leaks. Your appliance technician can help with quick fixes like fridge door repairs (so it shuts properly and keeps the cold in) through to more serious issues with the thermostat, motor, or refrigeration gasses. Before they arrive, you’ll need to remove food and store it in a cool box or bag. To work safely on your fridge or freezer, your technician will turn off the electricity. Then they’ll fix or install your item using appliance-friendly tools, like screwdrivers, cleaning brushes, ratchets, or a refrigeration manifold gauge (to check the gas pressure and flow). When the service is complete they’ll turn your fridge or freezer back on and let you know when you can start using it again.   

Ovens and stoves

Appliance technicians have the skills to work on a range of oven repair and installation tasks in both domestic and commercial kitchens. Common appliance care services are gas oven installation, microwave repair, rangehood installation, and electric stove connections. Your licenced electrician or gas fitter will troubleshoot the problem according to your oven’s instructions. When they know what the problem is, they’ll turn off the gas or electricity and work to fix or install your item. If you’ve got a new oven or stove top for installation and need the old one taken away, your appliance service might be able to help with this, as well.

Dishwasher repairs and installations

An appliance technician will plumb in your dishwasher and, if requested, take your old one to the tip. Already got a dishwasher, but it’s playing up? Common problems include dishes are coming out dirty, an electrical fault causing the cycle to cut short (or go on too long), or your dishwashers not draining. You can hire a dishwasher technician to help get it fixed and running smoothly again.

Washing machines and dryers

A professional installation of your washing machine or dryer protects against faults - ensuring everything is level and properly filling and draining. But it’s still possible for your machine to break down - electrical errors can stop cycles from finishing or a dodgy door might hold your clothes to ransom. A washing machine technician will plumb-in in and service your washer or dryer correctly, so you don’t have to worry. And if you’ve got an old machine you want rid of, you can request a washing machine removal service, too. In some cases your technician may strip the old machine for parts or recondition it, which may lower the cost of your job.

Appliance installations

As well as whitegoods, appliance technicians can install and repair other electrical systems. Get help with security camera systems, install an electric garage door, or even get your electrical gym equipment set up. They’ll use the right tools and equipment to properly install your appliance and ensure it’s working smoothly, and that you know how to operate it.

Recent Appliances tasks in Leeds

Tumble dryer extract vent


Gledhow, West Yorkshire

15th Dec 2022

To fit a tumble dryer vent in cellar - Due date: Flexible

Fire surround and gas fire removed and install new


Scott Hall, West Yorkshire

5th Dec 2022

To remove fire surround and gas fire and install new fire surround and gas fire - Due date: Flexible

Help install my washing machine


Bank, West Yorkshire

27th Nov 2022

New washing machine needs installing - Due date: Needs to be done on Sunday, 27 November 2022

Clear blocked drain dishwasher


Weetwood, West Yorkshire

8th Nov 2022

Bosch dishwasher 2 years old. Debris seen under he filter. Dishwasher not cleaning properly - Due date: Flexible

Installation of Integrated fridge freezer


Gipton, West Yorkshire

5th Oct 2022

Removing the existing integrated fridge freezer and install the new one.

Washing machine not spinning


Leeds, West Yorkshire

16th Jul 2022

Washing machine might need check of hose. We will pay for extra parts, if needed be. - Due date: Needs to be done on Tuesday, 19 July 2022

Ghd hairdryer isn’t working


New Blackpool, West Yorkshire

25th Jun 2022

My hairdryer turns on but makes a strange sound and doesn’t blow out air it smells like burning - Due date: Flexible

No live feed to my washer pump


Brooklands, West Yorkshire

23rd Jun 2022

Washer pump fine stalk handle fine no live feed from 1 to the other - Due date: Flexible

Blockage in the pipe


Moorside, West Yorkshire

14th Jun 2022

Accidentally sucked up my sock up Now stuck in pipe - Due date: Flexible

Electric oven


Morley Hole, West Yorkshire

13th Jun 2022

Electric inset oven cleaned and glass door cleaed - Due date: Flexible

Install reversing camera


Leeds, West Yorkshire

6th May 2022

l have the camera. l need someone to install it for me. Thank you. - Due date: Before Saturday, 14 May 2022

Bosch dishwasher sometimes work sometimes not


Woodhouse Cliff, West Yorkshire

6th Apr 2022

I have the dishwasher shown below. It works onetime and 10 not. When it does not work, it makes sound with no water. I need someone to check it up. Thanks

Install 3 ring flood light cameras


Oakwood, West Yorkshire

20th Mar 2022

I have three flood light ring video cameras to install, external wiring points are already available to wire directly into. - Due date: Flexible

Install kitchen cabinet with sink and oven


Morley Hole, West Yorkshire

17th Mar 2022

Install 12 kitchen cabinets with sink, dish washer and oven. - Due date: Before Monday, 30 May 2022

Error code on panel reading speed sensor fault.


Manston, West Yorkshire

1st Jan 2022

Just before Christmas an error code appeared on panel EO1 wrong communication. On asking people online I was advised to check all leads on motor control board. Disconnecting and refitting. On doing this I removed the speed sensor lead that connects to 4 prongs. On removing it one of the prongs broke of now when I power the machine up I get speed sensor error on panel. - Due date: Flexible



Kirkstall, West Yorkshire

2nd Dec 2021

Noises coming from engine. On way home from work, System power service light came on with battery light. - Due date: Before Saturday, 4th Dec 2021

Home treadmill machine repair


Steander, West Yorkshire

19th Sep 2021

Home Treadmill some times work , sometime don’t work very temperamental- the display works fine but the belt sometimes works and sometimes won’t move

Cooker hood reattach to wall


Alwoodley, West Yorkshire

19th Sep 2021

Cooker hood needs reattaching to wall, also ceiling light in kitchen needs fixing (has just stopped working despite trying new bulbs)

Reverse fridge and freezer doors


Lady Wood, West Yorkshire

10th Sep 2021

Leibherr CU3331 doors need reversing.

Repair to motor on electric chair.


Leeds, West Yorkshire

17th May 2021

The chair will not move to its reclining position. I have checked the lead and all seems well, so it must be the motor.