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£400 - £6,000







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Whether you are planning to repaint your home or are putting the finishing touches on a new place you recently acquired, adding a pop of colour is always a good idea. A fresh coat of paint adds a premium to your place and can even be an excellent contribution to plans of re-selling the home after. 

But if you are caught up with the daily nitty-gritty and cannot handle such a task yourself, hiring a painter and decorator can be your best bet. While several factors affect the overall cost, how much painters and decorators charge ranges from £400 - £6,000.

Before starting your home improvement project, it’s essential to know how much a painter and decorator costs per day so you can set the proper budget. We have prepared a comprehensive price guide you can easily refer to.

What are the different painting and decorating costs? 

man wearing white using roller to paint white wall

As we explained previously, several factors affect how much painters and decorators are in the UK. If you are lucky, you can purchase a package deal wherein the costs involved (e.g. labour, materials, delivery) are combined already. But in most cases, the prices are separated themselves. To better understand what you will be getting, it is best to speak with your painter and decorator.

In this case, let us look at what these costs entail. Below are a list of painting jobs and their average costs:

Type of job

Average cost

Medium-sized room


2 bedroom rlat

£1,000 - £2,500

5 bedroom house

£5,500 - £7,500


£250 - £400


£650 - £850

On the other hand, here are sample decorating jobs and their average costs:

Type of job

Average cost

Wallpaper medium-sized room

£275 - £350

Wallpaper large room

£400 - £500

What are the factors that affect the overall cost of painting and decorating?

The charts above only detail the labour themselves. When looking for a painter and decorator near you, prices vary depending on several factors, including:

Type of material

Whether it be a type of paint finish or the kind of wallpaper, the type of material you wish to have will affect the total cost of the whole procedure. Why? This is because each material has its own prize and pain points. So the easier the material is to deal with, the cost could also be just as expensive. 

Types of paint finish

Each type of paint finish varies accordingly. Naturally, the higher quality the paint finish is (or, the more matte it is), the higher the cost. Here are four common types to take your pick from:

  • Gloss has a highly reflective appearance. It is usually very tough, durable, and resistant to stains. This choice usually gives off a slick and contemporary vibe. 
  • Satin's main difference from gloss is that it is more sheen than slick. It is perfect for kitchen and bathroom tiles but highlights cracks and imperfections. 
  • Matte is a very low-gloss paint and tends to shine about it. They are great cover-ups for cracks because they absorb the light instead of reflecting it.
  • Eggshell looks flat with a bit of sheen on it. The painted area emits a soft glow when applied on. 

Skill level and experience

Depending on the professional you get, some may have more senior (or junior) experiences than others. Naturally, more senior professionals charge a higher fee and follow lower rates for those who are still beginning their journey. 

You can hire based on the specific job type you want accomplished. Get a professional decorator if you plan to spruce up your office or hire a painter if you want to add a fresh coat of paint to your home. You can also get a painter who specialises in commercial properties if you're planning to have your business remade.

Prices are also very dependent on the level of specialty and know-how your professional has regarding job-specific tasks. 


Some professionals opt to package their costs in one go. But on most occasions, the location fee is separate in itself. It is best to speak with your specialist on whether you are willing to spend for the transportation or delivery fee if it is far. You can always look at the list again and see which one is nearer to your place. 

What are the advantages of hiring a painter and decorator? man wearing overalls painting white walls

It is no secret that a good paint job can boost your overall morale and the overall ambience of your home. The act of painting and decorating is proven to be therapeutic, but if you are chasing after time, having a professional over can be an excellent choice for you too.

But is time the only factor that will push you to hire one? We detail five advantages of why having a painter and decorator onboard can benefit you. 

They can execute your design vision

While we have our tastes in tow to help us out, most of us can only envision what we want and not know how to take action afterwards to bring such to life. If you hire a painter and decorator, you can schedule a design meeting to ensure that all the points you want can be achieved in the most seamless way possible.

Not only that, painters and decorators have keen eyes on what works and what does not. They can even enhance your vision by suggesting other factors you did not consider. 

They have the tools of the trade

Aside from the know-how, they also have the physical tools at hand to accomplish what needs to be done. Like most specialised occupations, painters and decorators take field-specific courses and certification processes to ensure they can perform the job. As such, part of their learning experience includes knowing the right equipment to use. 

Having them on board can ensure that they do the job 100% right the first time around. 

For the sake of your safety

The painting and decorating job requires handling an array of tools and equipment. Some of these include dealing with potent and toxic chemicals. Painters and decorators know the right way to work around these, but you may not have the capacity to. As such, you could be unknowingly exposed to these and have your health compromised. 

Sometimes, you would also need to climb up ladders, which are not your regular step ones. Some ladders are high enough to reach a couple of stories. Unless you know your way around that, you could meet an untimely demise if you miss a step or two. 

Working with professionals can avoid encountering unsafe situations and will not, in turn, compromise your health in any aspect at all. 

Insurance coverage benefits

When you meet an accident or end up maiming a part of your house, the costs of these will be high. But it is also a whole other story if the painter or decorator you hired to do the job messed it up. Most painting and decorating companies have insurance coverage that will pay off whatever damage was incurred during the procedure. 

A hands-off experience from beginning to end

What is the one thing most of us hate after finishing a job? It’s the clean-up. In the case of painting and decorating, it’s stripping off the old paints, cleaning the mess on the floor, and the like. But if you hire a painter and decorator, they will be in charge of setting up and taking the setup down (if needed). 

Not only will you have peace of mind, but you need not worry about cleaning up what they left off. 

How do you book a painter or decorator on Airtasker? 

Now that you are ready to post a task on Airtasker, you may ask how to go about it. When booking a Tasker, you can do it easily in only three steps: Post your listing, take your pick, and you can arrange your schedule from there. 

When posting your listing, you may want to include the following:

  • Schedule and Budget
  • Area and Size of your place
  • Types of services you want rendered
  • Location
  • Is it a major or minor service?
  • A little design brief of your vision

Be as comprehensive as possible. The more information you insert, the better chances of reeling the right person in for the job. 

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These procedures highly depend on the area and the type of material they are dealing with. Naturally, if the space is bigger and the material is easier/harder to deal with, it will take longer/shorter.
Vacate the area in need and ensure that no one will come in and out to interrupt the process unless otherwise required. Move around any furniture, keep any fragile and precious items out of sight, and give your professional as much space as they need to move around from one place to another.

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