How much does water tank installation cost?

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$500 - $2,000







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Clean and safe water is a necessity in households. People these days need to store water for everyday use and emergencies, and tanks are the perfect solution for this. Water tank installation and replacement cost $500 to $2,000. These prices also depend on other factors, like the price of the water tank itself. Read on for more details.

Water tank cost by the litre 

On average, water tanks cost $0.5 to $2 per gallon, depending on the material. However, the price per gallon depends on exactly how much water you need. Here’s a table summarising the typical sizes of water tanks and their respective costs:

Water tank size

Estimated cost

1,000 litres


2,000 litres


4,000 litres


a woman using stored rainwater for gardening

The benefits of getting a water tank

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of water tank costs, here are a few good reasons to get a water tank:

Safe drinking water

Perhaps the most important benefit of getting a water tank is access to clean and safe drinking water. Since you have control over what goes into these tanks, you can rest assured that the water in your household is safe for drinking.

Water for household chores

Water tanks are essential not only for drinking purposes. They also help with water pressure for other modes of consumption. They can be for gardening, toilet cleaning, and other household chores.


Reduced water bills

A water tank can significantly reduce your water bill, as rainwater is also suitable for household chores. You won’t be clocking up your water metre when mowing your lawn, cleaning your driveway, etc.


Having a water tank is good for the environment. Water tanks last a reasonable amount of time before they are ready for replacement or disposal. More importantly, they use fewer resources, as the system uses a readily available resource: rainwater!

Helpful in times of crisis

Droughts are a scary possibility, with global warming and all. They can also be pretty unpredictable. So it’s wise to always have clean and safe water for you and your family.

a handyman opening an underground water tank

Water tank cost breakdown

You need to consider other things when installing or replacing a water tank installed, such as the following:

Tank type

There are different types of water tanks. The kind of tank will determine the subsequent factors. Underground water tanks generally cost more than aboveground water tanks.

Material used

Water tanks are usually plastic or metal. The material will depend on the kind of water tank you want. Metal water tanks cost slightly more than plastic water tanks.


Labour also depends on the type of tank. For example, underground water tanks need a sizable excavation crew to dig out the area. Labour will cost between $101 to $262.

Other things to consider

Settle on a location

The location of your water tank is vital, as this will affect other fixtures in your property, like the walls and ventilation. The site will also determine the maintenance process for your tank.

Check local regulations

It is always good to consult your local council and homeowners' association for regulations on installing water tanks. You can visit Team Poly and clarify the standards for water tank installation.


Extra features

Consider add-ons for your water tank. For example, you might need booster pumps to increase water pressure. You can also get a new water heater for improved quality of life.

Tasker opinions

Lastly, consult a Tasker on the job's specifics before deciding on anything. You can post a task on our platform and ask for quotes from various professionals who can help you.

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Technically, you can DIY the task. But it's best to leave it up to professionals, especially for everyday water tanks. A lot of work and thinking goes into water tanks, and you also have to consider factors such as plumbing.
Water tanks are very durable, especially if you buy ones from reliable brands. Poly water tanks last for 20 years. Steel tanks last for 30 years, and concrete tanks last for 50 to 60 years.

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