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To help Aussies looking for new ways to make money and keep up with the current economic conditions, we built our Airtasker Side Hustle Calculator. So if you’ve ever wondered “how much should I be earning?”, “what’s my skill worth?” or “how long will it take to reach my financial goal?”, that wondering ends now.

Our Side Hustle Calculator empowers Aussies like you to realise the value of your skills and monetise them

What’s the calculator all about?

Rising cost of living is putting pressure on Aussies like never before, with everything from mortgage rates, groceries, petrol and energy prices steeply going up. People need to pay more to maintain their current lifestyles, and could need extra cash to boost their income and keep up with everyday costs.

So, to help people better understand how to monetise their skills, we’ve launched the Side Hustle Calculator. This new tool takes out the guesswork, so you can better estimate your earning potential and regain control of your income and lifestyle.

Want to know how much extra money you could be earning? Select a category from 40 different options, like couriers , gardening or cleaning, and then enter the inputs, including:

  • Number of tasks
  • Frequency - week, fortnight or month

…and voilà! The calculator uses a median task price based on our marketplace category data, also accounting for the service fee.

Are you ready to monetise your skills?

Research shows there's a huge pool of Aussies ready to take on a side hustle in the flexible work economy. But, if you’re one of them, you might not know where to start, how to attract clients, what to charge, or which skills you could potentially monetise. It's time to change this.


of side hustlers don’t know how much to charge


people don’t know how to forecast their profits

Four in five

side hustlers plan to end up turning it into their regular/main job

One in five

side hustlers find the hardest part is chasing down payments from clients

Source: YouGov survey commissioned by Airtasker with 1,000 adults (May 2022).

Category highlights: Handyperson services, Removalists & Gardening

Fuelled by the rise in cost of living, Aussies are proactively looking for new earning opportunities to supplement their income across a range of categories.

So whether you’re a computer whizz, a flatpack pro or a green-fingered maestro, scroll up to the calculator to see what you could earn or check out some of our top-earning categories below.

Earn up to


per month

Consider yourself a handyman pro?

Put your skills into action and pocket up to $5,785 per month with 5 tasks per week

Earn up to


per month

Do you have a knack for cleaning?

Whether it's a routine or end-of-lease clean, monetise your skills and earn up to $3,100 per month if you complete 5 tasks each week

Earn up to


per month

Are you green-fingered?

Do you love horticulture, plants or just being out in nature? Earn up to $2,996 per month with 5 gardening tasks per week


The future of work is constantly evolving, but the COVID-19 pandemic and the surge in cost of living has fast-tracked the rise of skills-based and flexible working in Australia, with more workers challenging traditional notions of work.

So, if you’re in the market for some extra cash – whether that’s full-time, part-time or as a stop gap, consider joining a marketplace like Airtasker so you can earn flexibly and in a way that makes sense for you.

¹ Source: YouGov survey commissioned by Airtasker with 1,000 adults (May 2022).