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Working as a handyman can be a profitable venture that gives you a lot of freedom. Not only do you get to set your hours, but you can also pick the services you want to deliver and choose or refuse jobs at your discretion.

But one of the few caveats of working as a handyman is that no one tells you how to find handyman work. This guide can show you how to get handyman jobs as you start. Note you can continually apply these strategies even after you’ve established yourself as a reliable handyman–so read on to know how to get more handyman jobs!

12 most profitable handyman jobs

An easy way to get more work and ensure you have a steady flow of handyman gigs is to pick the jobs that most people won’t do. Take a few minutes to list the kinds of tasks you know that most homeowners hate to do and decide if you’re willing to take them on.

handyman installing or repairing window outdoors

A simple strategy would be to choose 5 of these most profitable handyman jobs you think you can take on. Here are jobs that most people would prefer to let a handyman handle:

  1. Kitchen faucet replacement
  2. Light fixture replacement
  3. Repairing white goods
  4. Clearing clogged drains (kitchen and bathroom)
  5. Rain gutter cleaning
  6. Dryer vent cleaning
  7. Moving furniture
  8. Installing doors and windows
  9. Cleaning windows
  10. Installing home security systems
  11. Basement or loft clearing and cleaning
  12. Garage cleaning

Note that to do the more complex tasks, you would need to get licensed as a tradesman to do meticulous plumbing, electrical, or heavy construction work.

Electrician With Apprentice Working In New Home

If you feel the need to gain more experience, you could also get an apprenticeship to practise your existing skills and fill any knowledge gaps.

How much to charge as a handyman

On average, a handyman in Australia can charge about $50 per hour to do most handyman jobs. But note that this rate may change depending on factors like your location, the distance you must travel, and the complexity of the task. Other factors such as whether you're certified to do the task to not can also affect your hourly rate.

How to get more handyman jobs

1. Specialise in profitable tasks

A good strategy to employ so you make more money and get more work is to specialise in certain handyman projects. Here are some benefits of specialising in your services:

  • Customers will see you as an expert and you can charge like one
  • You become more proficient in your specialised service or services
  • Your reputation for specialised skills can get you more business
  • You can shrink the cost of equipment and materials
  • It’s easier to standardise your rates

2. Choose the right clients

Choosing the right clients is not only one of the perks of working as an independent handyman, it’s a sound business strategy.

Try to avoid clients that focus on finding the lowest-priced handyman instead of focusing on getting quality service. Clients that insist on haggling will undermine your efforts to make your business more profitable.

What’s more, word could get around that your rates are negotiable and you’ll only attract more clients who won’t pay you what you’re worth.

client thanking a handyman at home

Remember that you can always find clients that won’t mind paying your rate as long as you deliver your services at the level of quality they expect.

3. Price your services right

A good way to ensure that your handyman business remains or becomes more profitable is to price your services appropriately. Here’s what you can do as you figure out a profitable price for your handyman services:

  • Take into account your qualifications, the level of skill you have, and the quality of service you provide.
  • Factor in your operating expenses like the cost of materials, tools and equipment, transportation expenses, and the like.
  • Check the rates of other handymen in your area. Remember that prices for handyman jobs can vary from state to state or even area to area, so take note of what other similarly skilled handymen charge for the services you offer.
  • If you want a more detailed, in-depth analysis of what your services are worth and how to price them at a profitable rate, you can try hiring a business consultant.

4. Promote your business in real life

You can promote your business on days when you don’t have any work scheduled. The classic strategies for promoting your business can include:

  • Distributing leaflets or flyers door-to-door
  • Posting ads on community billboards and billboards of homeowners’ associations
  • Networking with real estate agents, property administrators, homeowners/landlords that lease on short-term rental platforms, and landlords that lease property long-term

5. Promote your business online

Thanks to the internet, you can promote your business to a wider, more specific audience. To promote your handyman business online, you can:

  • Put up a website
  • Make social media accounts for your handyman business and make the appropriate ads
  • Make informative, instructional videos or document your work on online video platforms like Youtube
  • Post your services on online forums or community websites
  • List your business on search engines and post your ads on them

handyman finding work online

Additional handyman tips to get more work done

Some people are born with handyman skills; others have great mates to help out. But what seems like a simple fix often goes from bad to worse. To get more work done for clients, here are some handyman tips to keep in mind:

Tip 1: Prepare for the job

You might think it’s a simple half day's worth of work, but soon enough your whole weekend has gone and you’re still at square one. So, just in case you do burst that pipe you didn’t know was there, always plan for the worst and allow yourself some extra time.

Tip 2: Use quality tools

Don’t skimp on quality tools. Buy or borrow from a fellow handyman. Already got the essential handyman tools? Make sure you keep them in top-notch condition by giving them a quick wipe with an oiled rag (not soap and water) to remove dirt and rust.

Tip 3: Make a list and beat the rush

Before you go buy everything you don’t need, do your research, make a list, and don’t leave the list at home (better yet, type it into your phone). If you’re going to need in-store help, visit the hardware store on a weekday rather than on a busy weekend.

Tip 4: Learn more handyman DIY tricks

It’s often said that you can do it the easy way or the hard way, but here are some tricks to do it the smart way: 

  • Tie multiple extension cords in a knot to keep them from separating.

  • Pour soda water on a rusted bolt to loosen it.

  • Use a Post-It note to catch dust when drilling.

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As an independent handyman who wants to increase profits, you’ll have to actively promote your services, apart from doing a good job to get repeat business or even getting upskilled as a licensed electrician, plumber, or carpenter.

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FAQs on finding handyman work

Yes! Handyman businesses can be profitable, but it takes time and effort to make it so. Like any business, you’ll have to make the effort to establish yourself as a reliable handyman and do what’s necessary to minimise operating costs. It may be hardgoing at first to price your services so you make a decent profit and give your clients the quality service they expect, but it’s not impossible.

The easiest way for handymen and most other businesses to get leads is by using Google My Business. All you need to do is create your business profile on the platform with all the relevant information like your contact details, operating hours, and a list of services. Potential clients can message you directly, so be sure to check your messages once your profile is up. The best part about using this is that it’s free!

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