How much does letterbox installation cost?

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$70 - $170







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You’ve got mail! If you don’t have a letterbox yet, it’s time to install one to keep your mail safe and secure! Letterboxes come in various types for people's needs. Thus, letterboxes cost differently. 

A residential letterbox costs around $70 to $170, with an average price of $99. It depends on the letterbox type and material. You can buy letterbox kits in construction, home improvement, and hardware stores. You can also get fully assembled letterboxes and those with locks and keys.

Price list for letterbox installation

If you need an estimate of the overall postal box cost, here is a breakdown of possible expenses.

Letterbox costs according to type



Residential letterboxes

Around $156

Mail slots

$49 to $82

Wall-mount letterboxes

$62 to $135

Post-mount letterboxes

$29 to $293

Decorative metal boxes

$76 to $81

Architectural-style, curbside letterboxes

$50 to $127

a woman getting a letter from a letterbox

Letterbox costs according to material



Cheap steel 

$23 to $56

Quality steel

$109 to $200


$99 to $251

Stainless steel

$125 to $220


$34 to $65


Letterbox post, accessory, and installation costs





Install post and pillar letterboxes

Starting at $140

Numbers and letters

For customisation of your letterbox

Starts at $25

Concrete Mix

20 kg



1 cubic yard of gravel

$55 to $120

Spade or posthole digger

For installation

$49 to $160


4 lb

$20 to $71


Labour costs for installing a letterbox




Minimum fee from handyman services for an hour of work

Simple installation processes, such as digging a hole in soft soil, setting a post, backfilling with concrete, attaching the letterbox, and installing the house number on the box or post

Starts at $99 per letterbox

a postman putting a letter in a residential letterbox What factors affect the cost of letterbox installation?

Here are the factors to consider when determining how much it costs to install a letterbox for parcel delivery:

Letterbox type and quality

Some letterboxes are steel and plastic, while others are resin, copper, and stainless steel. On the more expensive side of the spectrum are hand-painted metal and handmade wood letterboxes. 

Post type and quality

Pressure-treated pine and simple steel are some of the cheapest types of posts available. There are also moderately priced PVC and metal ones with a wrought-iron appearance or other decorative flairs. High-end posts include faux ledge stone, stucco pillars, and box enclosures.


You can purchase letterbox kits with a steel post driven into the ground. With these kits, you don't need additional supplies. Usually, you just need a bag of concrete mix to support a letterbox with a wooden post. Do you have posthole diggers, saws and other tools? If not, you have to buy and add them to the overall cost.


Customising your letterbox might involve sticking house numbers and letters for your name. These are the usual options. If you want a more sophisticated look, wood and metal in different finishes are also available. 

Labour costs

Are you hiring a handyman to install your letterbox for you? The cost will depend on the estimated time for the project. The handyman will check how much assembly is needed, how hard and firm the ground is for digging, and how far your home is.

What are the types of letterboxes and their advantages?

  1. Residential curbside letterboxes are the most common. You can find them at the end of driveways. You can attach one to a vertical post and put a flag letting the mailman know there’s mail for pickup. This makes it easier for you to send and receive mail.
  2. Door slots are prevalent in highly urbanised cities with limited spaces. They take minimal space and are usable regardless of the weather, as you don't need to go out to get your mail. However, sending mail is a bit challenging; you have to hang it outside the door in the hopes of the mailman noticing it. Aside from that, a mail slot might allow strangers to peek inside your house.
  3. Lobby letterboxes are often in multi-unit buildings that don't have individual letterboxes. One advantage is security. Your mail is in a locked box, preventing theft.

Letterbox installation quotes from Taskers

Depending on the type of letterbox, post type, and accessories, letterbox installation from Taskers costs around $79 to $170. You can get a more accurate quotation. Just reach out to a Tasker and provide your requirements.

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Are you ready to hire a Tasker for letterbox installation? Create your first task now! Taskers will reach out to you with offers. After you review them and pick someone, they’ll come and complete your letterbox installation project. If you need to send letters to your family or friends, Airtasker can help you find a courier service near you. Explore your options and learn more about how it works.

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You can visit online or brick-and-mortar stores. Check your local post office to ensure your letterbox meets industry standards. Plus, if you’re installing a letterbox near the street, it should withstand bad weather.

Letterboxes are vulnerable to wear and tear, so conduct an annual letterbox checkup to prevent damage. Over the years, try to resolve issues as soon as you notice them. For instance, tighten loose hinges and replace rusty or loose parts. Keep the path to your letterbox clear for easy access.

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