How much does a sink installation or replacement cost?

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If you’re planning a kitchen renovation, you may need a new sink or basin for the makeover. There are many types of basins, and this will vary depending on where you will have them installed. Whether you’re upgrading your kitchen basin or bathroom sink, it will still be best to leave it to the professional rather than turning it into a DIY project. 

The average cost of sink installation is $790 and could be lower or higher depending on the sink material. In this sink installation cost guide, we’ll talk about the various factors that affect the total price for the service. 

Sink installation price list

There are many kinds of sinks at home. You may be having a kitchen sink installed or one for the bathroom. But what’s important is you include the materials and labour when budgeting for the cost to replace a kitchen sink or other types of sinks. 

Type of sink

Cost estimate (materials and labour)

Apron sinks


Tile sinks


Metal rimmed sinks


Stainless steel sinks


gray-stainless-steel-kitchen-sink-installationBasin prices by material

One of the factors that affect basin installation costs is its material. Some materials cost more than others due to better durability and unique features. Find out how much a basin is in the table below: 


Cost estimate

Stainless steel








Factors that affect sink installation costs

Type of sink

The type of basin you want dictates the cost of the installation. Sinks come in different sizes and kinds. For instance, single-basin sinks like the ones in the bathroom and kitchen can cost less. However, expect the material and installation to be higher for multi-purpose sinks. 

Sink materials

You should also consider what the sink is made from. Certain materials, like quartz and cast iron, cost more due to their unique qualities. These can be more durable compared to stainless steel sinks. However, stainless steel sinks are a cost-effective choice despite their lower price. 


More experienced plumbers tend to charge more compared to newer ones. The complexity of the job also affects the cost of labour and overall sink installation cost. It will be more work and may take them longer to remove an old and damaged sink. 


Replacements or damage

If you’re installing a sink into a completely new kitchen, it should be able to fit easily based on the layout you’ve arranged for it. 

In the case of sink replacement, sometimes, removing the old sink can cause additional damage. It might be possible to remove an old sink without damaging the surrounding countertop, but if the kitchen itself is old, the counter may be damaged enough to be worth replacing as well.

Plumbing pipes below the sink may also need to be replaced, depending on their condition and age, so factor this into your budget if you may need new piping.

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What if you just need a sink repair service?

If you don’t need a new sink at the moment, but find it needs some fixing, plumbers offer various services to address many plumbing issues. The most common type of repair is leaks. When left unnoticed, this can lead to pipe damage. It can also lead to damaging the drywalls and floors because of the leaks. 

It’s good to get sink repairs immediately because faulty plumbing is a nuisance in every household. Not only does it disrupt daily chores, but it can also lead to higher water bills and structural damage. 

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Now that you know the factors influencing the cost of sink installation and repair, it’s time to create a task on Airtasker. When posting a task, include the following details so that Taskers have a bigger picture and understanding of the service you need. Here are some things you can include: 

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Having a professional sink installer ensures your sink will be repaired or placed properly. So, look for a plumber on Airtasker the next time you’re in need of various services!

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FAQs about installing a new sink

Yes, plumbers install and repair all kinds of sinks. They receive the proper training to get the job done right, so it’s best to call on a professional when you need this service done for your home. 

Plumbing projects come at a reasonable price. Depending on the pipes you need to replace or install, these can average between $2,000 to $5,000. 

Depending on the type, shape, and weight of the sink, it can take one to eight hours to install. 

The most common size of kitchen sinks ranges between 30 to 33 inches. However, it can be as small as 24 inches and as big as 36 inches. 

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