21 Bedroom curtain ideas to style your space

It's time to ditch the old musty curtains and frame your windows with something beautiful.

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Curtains make a big statement in a bedroom but they're often one of the most forgotten design elements and they've definitely come in and out of fashion. Now's the time to have another look at your bedroom. With these bedroom curtain ideas, you can give your room a refresh.

Whether you're wanting to add some character to your room, create a bit of privacy, or let the light flood in, there are so many different curtain and blind designs to suit your style and taste. To help you get started, check out these inspiring curtain ideas for bedrooms - from light sheer fabrics and glamorous velvet, to everything in between!

Simple white

Simple white curtains for bedrooms

Let's start with classic white. Beautiful white curtains are a wonderful way to help add softness and light to a bedroom that contains lots of dark timber furniture or other dark elements.

Pro-tip: Keeping your white curtains clean is a must. Allocate budget on curtain cleaning costs, so you can keep your curtains in pristine condition.

Boho style

A Boho style bedroom is becoming another classic space and the ideal curtains for a Boho bedroom are muted, soft, organic tones. This bedroom is made very French Boho chic with the vintage gold leaner mirror, quaint bedside, and pretty details like candles and fresh flowers.


For a feminine but mature bedroom space, heavy striped linen curtains are a gorgeous choice. This bedroom curtain design would be perfect for adding texture to a crisp white space as well.

Brown curtains

Brown bedroom curtains

If you prefer a more muted or earthy colour palette, this might be the choice for you. The brown tone of the curtains matches perfectly with the neutral walls. Choosing brown for your bedroom window coverings is the ideal complement to a verdant view, as well.

Breathtaking blues

Keep things soft and classic with a calming baby blue and white colour scheme. This will serve as the perfect foundation for draping curtains, gold touches, and elegant photo frames. You can amplify the effect by choosing a navy blue painted metal bed frame.

For similar bedrooms, look at these blue bedroom ideas.

Navy blue bedroom curtains

Dark curtains are a great choice for offsetting a stark white room. Navy blue is the ideal colour choice when it comes to dark curtains, as the shade is not as harsh as black. Some would go for drapes, as they are effective in blocking out light. If you're deciding on drapes vs curtains instead, you can have other options and colour schemes to explore. 

Grey tones

Grey bedroom curtains

If you love a sophisticated aesthetic, grey curtains should be in your list of bedroom window treatment ideas. Grey certainly doesn't have to be boring! You can use textures and patterns to avoid flat drabness and bring everything to life.

Green and neutrals

Greens and neutrals are a match made in heaven. Whether you add a dose of greenery with a feature wall or with your curtains, enhance the organic flavour by adding a statement potted plant or two to your bedroom.


White on white curtains

Is light and bright more of your style? Take inspiration from this white-on-white room. The curtains make a subtle statement in this space, keeping it light and airy, especially since they are not full length.

Pro-tip: Be sure to know how to measure curtains, so you get the right length for your windows.

Scandi style bedroom curtains

White and timber are a match made in heaven. This colour combination is among the trending bedroom curtain ideas because of its minimalistic appeal. Thick white linen curtains are ideal for this space.

Bold coloured bedroom curtains

Bold tones for curtains

Make a statement with a bright coloured bedroom curtain like these salmon pink (or might they be Millennial pink?) ones. I'm not one to go for coral tones but I've got to admit, these curtains look absolutely amazing in this space.

Textured curtains

When you think of curtains, you may immediately think of something that's simple, plain and white. But you can still stick to a light, white colour palette and have a bit of fun while you're at it. Textured curtains do just that – providing the right amount of interest and adding a bit of fun to an otherwise plain room. These help in keeping natural light out and giving you some privacy while providing an aesthetic appeal to your space.

Monochrome style

Monochrome style curtains

There's something so elegant about a white and black colour palette – it's so chic. And your curtains play a big part in finishing off this kind of style. If you want to go for this look, choose curtains that are in that colour scheme – think black, white, or a shade in between like grey!

Dark grey tones

Grey and white colours for your bedroom window treatments are gorgeous! I'm a sucker for floor-to-ceiling curtains, and these ones sure are grand. What I love about these curtains is that they perfectly compliment the darker grey tone of the walls, as well as the lighter grey bed frame.

DIY drop cloth curtains

Want to get a little creative? Make your own curtains from scratch! DIY drop cloth curtains are all the rage right now, and they look great in a classic or farmhouse-style home. To get started, you'll need drop cloths, curtain rings, and a curtain rod. From there, follow a step-by-step tutorial and create!

There are plenty of DIY tips going around on blogs and YouTube. Alternatively, if you'd rather hand over the work to an expert, hire a handyman to install your curtain rods for you.

Moss green

Moss green curtains

For a space that's a little bit more moody, and that's totally on-trend for 2022, moss green linen curtains are the perfect choice. And it's a colour that works beautifully with light timber touches on your window frame.

Pro-tip: Need help in installing curtains? Check out how much it costs to install curtains, so you can have the right budget for your curtain installation project.  

Keep it neutral

Sandy tones are popular right now and it's easy to see why. A simple shade like this will go with any colour palette but especially other organic tones and soft furnishings.

Sheer silver linen

If you have a beach abode, why not keep things simple and sophisticated with a design that's pale but not stark white? Sheer white curtains with a little grey or silver provide a bit of contrast to plain white walls. Luxe it up by allowing them to run a bit longer than your usual curtains and drape over the floor!

Classic style

Classic gold curtains

Here's another classic bedroom design. Go for neutral tones with a subtle touch of black and gold. I'm all for gold – the more, the better.

Sheer linen

The more natural, the better! There's nothing more refreshing than having the windows open and feeling the gentle breeze against your face. If you love to enjoy the best of nature, then sheer linen curtains are ideal as they'll gently flow in the wind.

Bright bedroom curtain idea

Bright aqua curtains

Add a pop of colour and texture to your simple bedroom with bold aqua velvet ones. When it comes to choosing bedroom curtain colours, you might simply go for your favourite colour. After all, your bedroom should be a space that you enjoy.

There you have it, 20+ bedroom curtain ideas. It's amazing how a simple change in curtains can completely transform your room. If you're ready to try any of these modern bedroom curtain ideas, you can DIY the work or get help from curtain and blinds installation experts. Whether it's sweet, simple linen or bold tones, you'll never run out of options. 

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FAQs on Bedroom Curtains

Curtains come in different types of fabric material. The most common is cotton. Many prefer this option as it is lightweight and has an excellent feel. When it comes to convenience, you can go for machine-washable curtain fabric. For better insulation and thicker fabric, velvet is a great option.

It starts with your own style. Choose curtains that match your personality and can complement your space. Different curtain headings can also have distinctive aesthetic appeal for a room. For example, black curtain poles can match well with neutral curtain fabric and a white bedroom. If you have a plain wall, go for patterned curtains to add visual appeal.

This will depend on what colour you have. Most interior designers suggest choosing dark curtains for light-coloured walls, such as cream or grey. Matching dark curtains with dark walls might make your bedroom appear smaller. Dark curtains are your best options if you have spacious interiors or high ceilings.

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