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A few essential pieces of furniture are needed in every apartment. There’s your refrigerator, your storage, and of course, your bed. When you move to a new place, one of the most challenging things to figure out is how to move a mattress. It’s big, clunky and hard to maneuver!

However, you don’t have to stress during your move. If you plan your move right, prepare your mattress, and learn some tips for moving a mattress, it can be pain-free and easy to manage. Learn the best way to move a mattress by reading this guide!

What you’ll need

Invest in mattress moving tools to have an easier time carrying a mattress and transferring it to your new apartment or home! Here’s a list of must-haves you need to help you with your move

  • Mattress bag - To protect your mattress from dirt and dust, wrap it up with a bag. Get the right size for your bed for a clean and hitch-free move.

  • Cardboard - If your mattress is a little floppy, reinforce it with pieces of cardboard to protect its integrity as you move it around.

  • Ratchet straps and ropes - Attach your mattress to your vehicle safely and securely with some ratchet straps and ropes! You can grab these materials in any hardware store.

  • Dolly or cart - Carrying your mattress to your vehicle can be difficult, especially if you’re figuring out how to move a mattress by yourself. Get a dolly or a cart to move your bed on wheels quickly.

  • Measuring tape - Know the measurements of your mattress and all the areas it passes through for a smoother move-out.

Time of completion

When done correctly and with everything prepped, taking out a mattress shouldn’t be more than 15 minutes. If you include wrapping the bed, clearing the path and strapping it onto your vehicle, allot 60 - 90 minutes for good measure.

Step 1: Pack your mattress

couple removing mattress from the bed frame

First, you should learn how to wrap a mattress for your move. The best way to put your bed into the mattress bag is by leaning it against the wall and then sliding the bag onto the mattress starting from the top. This step might be easier with the help of a friend.

Afterwards, ensure a tight fit for your mattress by laying it on the ground and pushing all the air out before sealing it up. Seal the open ends with tape for maximum protection.

Step 2: Clear your path and prepare the transport vehicle

Before moving your mattress out of your room, carve a path from your bedroom to the door. If you’re unsure whether it will fit between a space, pull out your tape measure so you know it can pass through. If you’re moving your stuff out, carrying the mattress out last might be best to avoid bumping into anything.

If you can hire a truck to move your bed, do it, as it is one of the easiest and safest ways to transport a mattress. If you plan to use a smaller car or your own vehicle, gather all the necessary equipment to secure it to the top before bringing your mattress down.

Step 3: Lift it to your vehicle

lifting a mattress outside the house

A mattress is heavy and hard to carry, as its size can topple you if you don’t lift it properly. Enlisting your friends and family members is best because you need help moving a mattress. 

After routing your path to the moving vehicle, carry the mattress with one person on each end lengthwise. Lift the mattress by gripping it with your hands from beneath, squatting low and lifting from your knees. This prevents you from throwing out your back as you move it to your vehicle.

Step 4: Secure the mattress

If you’re using a truck or a big enough van, lay it flat on the floor so it doesn’t topple over when you drive. However, if you’re using a small car, use a set of ratchet straps and ropes to secure it on top. Tighten it and tug at it before setting off so it doesn’t go flying when you hit a bump on the road.

Step 5: Drive carefully to your destination

loading a mattress into a moving truck

While carrying a mattress on top of a car is legal, it can be challenging. Move moderately, and avoid sudden turns and brakes, so your mattress doesn’t go flying. Even if you’ve secured it well, taking every precaution needed for a successful drive to your bed’s new home wouldn’t hurt.

Relocate your mattress with ease

Moving a bed is no easy feat, but with patience and preparation, it can be much less complicated, even the mattress! Just be thorough in your move and take every precaution necessary to make your move as painless as possible.

If you’re struggling to figure out how to move a mattress without a truck or don’t have people to help you move, call in the experts! Post a task on Airtasker, and you’ll have plenty of capable movers who can assist you in your big move, especially with your bulky mattress.

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FAQs for moving a mattress

The easiest way to bring your mattress to your new home is by hiring a truck or a van! Most professional movers use these big vehicles to reach their destinations safely and quickly. However, if you don’t have access to a truck or van, it will be best to tie it up on top of a bigger car, so it doesn’t slide off as you drive.

One way to avoid dirtying your mattress as you move is by securing it in a mattress bag. These bags can be easily found in local hardware stores or big supermarkets. If you can’t find a mattress bag, place it in a big plastic bag and cover it tightly with tape so no dust or dirt can get in.

Some mattresses can be folded to make the move easier, especially ones thin enough to go over themselves. However, if you have a thick mattress, folding it in half might damage it, so it’s best not to fold it during transport.

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