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There are many reasons to move your mattress. It can be time to upgrade, or you’re changing your place of residence. It can be easy to hire local removal services for your other furniture, but moving a mattress requires a service of its own. 

First, you need to know what to do with your old mattress. There are many options available for you. In Australia, mattress removal costs about $50 - $200. Most companies charge $50 per mattress when left for pick-up. Continue reading to learn about the different kinds of mattress removal services. 

Factors affecting the average cost of mattress removal

When having a mattress removed, you need to consider the following: 

a man carrying a mattress

Mattress condition

If your mattress is still in good condition, then you can try donating it instead of disposing of it. This can reduce the price for removal. 

Mattress size

Larger mattresses not only take a longer time to remove, but they are also harder to dispose of. When that’s the case, prices for mattress removal services increase. 

Alternatives to mattress disposal

Recycle your mattress

Instead of asking removalists to take your mattress away for disposal, you can have it picked up for recycling. Across Australia, there are many credible recycling centres. The average price to have your mattress collected and recycled is $50 and around $40 for additional pieces. 

You can also consult your local council if they offer kerbside collection for mattress pick-up. 

Hire a skip bin

If you have multiple mattresses for disposal, hiring a skip bin can be a cost-effective way to have them removed from your home. Skip bins are big open-topped waste receptacles used for getting rid of large amounts of waste.

Since skip bins are meant to hold bigger amounts of trash, they come at a higher price. Renting a skip bin service costs $270 - $1,000. The smallest skip bins measure 2 cubic metres, while bigger ones can measure as big as 18 cubic metres. 

Donate your mattress

Your old mattress might still be in good condition. Many foundations or charities will take your mattress for free. Just make sure that it’s free of rips, tears, or stains. Choosing to donate your old mattress to charity ensures Mother Nature that it won’t just go to the landfill.

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Things to avoid when having your mattress removed

There are methods of disposal you must avoid when it comes to your mattress. 

a man removing a mattress

Don’t leave or dump your mattress along the kerb

There is a difference between leaving your mattress for pick-up and just leaving it there. This is called fly-tipping, and it’s illegal in cities like Sydney and Melbourne. You might end up paying a hefty fine when caught. Remember that you must inform your chosen recycling centre before leaving it on your kerb.


Don’t burn your mattress 

Burning any form of rubbish in the open is also illegal in Sydney, Wollongong, and Newcastle under Clean Air regulations. In addition, mattresses contain toxic materials, such as synthetic latex and flame retardants, which harm Mother Nature when burned. 

Post a task for mattress removal

Now that you know how much it costs to have your mattress removed, you can post a task! Include the following information on your request form for Taskers to see:

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  3. Number of mattresses to be removed
  4. Your preferred schedule or time frame

You’ll soon receive offers from Taskers near you. Be sure to compare their different profiles, reviews, and ratings before making a final decision. 

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It’s important to seal all old mattresses in a plastic or green bag. This is the only way collection services will accept them.

It depends on the size and number of mattresses that need to be removed. It can take as quick as an hour to remove smaller mattresses, but it can take a few more hours for bulkier beds.

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