How to move a treadmill safely and easily

Learn how to move your treadmill without the risk of injury and property damage.

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Moving treadmills, regardless of type – whether manual, motorised, folding or commercial – poses different challenges. As they are heavy and bulky, it’s important to know how to move a treadmill properly, as neglecting to do so can damage your walls, furniture, floors and the treadmill itself. When done improperly, moving a treadmill can also cause serious injury! 

To avoid damage, making the necessary preparations and precautions are vital. In this guide, learn how to move your treadmill safely and efficiently.

The tools you’ll need

treadmill moving supplies. dolly, moving blankets

Before you start moving your treadmill, it helps to have a few items to make it easier and safer: 

  • Safety gloves
  • Comfortable, non-slip shoes or steel-toed safety boots
  • Comfortable work clothes (not loose-fitting to avoid snags)
  • Furniture dolly or hand trolley
  • Furniture moving blanket
  • Spool of non-slip fabric
  • Adhesive tape
  • Zip ties
  • Screwdrivers for door disassembly
  • Ratchet straps

An essential part of how to transport a treadmill safely is obtaining the right equipment. A pair of safety boots with steel toes is indispensable should you need to wheel the treadmill up or down steps. A set of screwdrivers may be necessary for temporarily unhinging any doors. If your treadmill has wheels, a length of non-slip fabric can protect floors and stairs from scuffing or marking.

How to move a treadmill to another room

Step 1. Disassemble the treadmill

Some models require that you partially disassemble the treadmill for moving. Refer to its instruction manual and follow any instructions on taking apart your treadmill. This step can be essential for how to move a heavy treadmill downstairs or upstairs or part of moving a heavy treadmill to another house. 

Do the steps in the exact order and manner as the manual recommends. Partial disassembly may mean separating the console from the frame. So, handle these parts carefully and place any screws, nuts and bolts in a plastic bag for safekeeping.

Step 2. Map out your route

Plan out where you need to push the treadmill through – this is especially important if you have to transport the treadmill a long way. Determine which doorways and paths you must pass to get the treadmill to its new spot, and make the appropriate preparations.

Step 3. Remove obstructing doors and fixtures

removing door to clear obstructions, preparing to move a treadmill

Check for doorways that are too narrow and take note of any obstructing fixtures along the route – this is one of the strategies for how to move a treadmill through a door. You can hire a professional door installer to remove doors temporarily and then reinstall them after moving the treadmill. Remember to move any furniture out of the way, too – don’t forget you can hire someone to help move the furniture.

Step 4. Prepare the treadmill for transport

Unplug the treadmill if it’s motorised, wrap up the cord and secure it with a zip tie or tape to keep it from dangling. Remove the safety key and store it in a plastic bag, then tape the bag to the treadmill. If it’s a folding treadmill, fold it up and ensure it’s locked in the folded position. 

Some treadmills may have their own wheels for transport, but if yours doesn’t, lay the treadmill on its side, then place it on a furniture dolly or hand trolley with the treadmill centred. If the treadmill was partially disassembled, start with the frame, retrieve the console and transport it afterwards. To know how to lift your treadmill, always lift with your knees; never stoop, as you can injure yourself!

Step 5. Prepare the route

If your treadmill will pass through carpeted or wood floors, lay down some non-slip fabric to keep the treadmill from damaging the floors. Check the route again to make sure there are no obstructions.

Pro tip: If you don’t have any non-slip fabric, you can use several thick towels to protect your floors from scuffing or marking as you move the treadmill or the dolly.


Step 6. Wheel the treadmill to its spot

Have another person assist you by holding onto the treadmill as you wheel it through. Move the treadmill slowly, as rushing may bring the treadmill crashing to the floor – note that you can hire a treadmill repair specialist if this happens, but this can cost a pretty penny! Do the appropriate reassembly or unfolding once you’ve safely moved your treadmill to its new spot.

How to move a treadmill upstairs or downstairs 

Moving a treadmill up or down a staircase is the same as wheeling it to another room, only now you have to account for gravity and the treadmill’s weight. Remember to lay down the non-slip fabric to protect the staircase.


Moving a folding treadmill

folding treadmill for moving

Lock the treadmill in the folded position. Folding treadmills usually have wheels; use a dolly or hand truck if they don’t. Moving a folding treadmill can be done by one person – as long as they’re careful in wheeling it up or down steps.

Moving a non-folding treadmill

professional non-folding treadmill for moving to new location

Refer to the user’s manual to partially disassemble the treadmill and transport the parts one after the other. Place the treadmill parts on the dolly sideways. You’ll need another person to assist, as someone else has to stay in front of the treadmill, holding it securely and moving with it as you push the dolly. 

How to transport a treadmill to another house 

When moving a treadmill to another house, do the same steps but wrap the treadmill in a moving blanket, and secure it inside the moving van or truck with ratchet straps. Note you can also hire a professional moving service to do this. 

How to get rid of a treadmill

If you have a treadmill that still works but is no longer used, you have a few options to get rid of it: 

Move your treadmill yourself or get expert help

Knowing how to move a treadmill by yourself can be cost-efficient, but it’s also time-consuming. When you don’t have the time, the right tools or the energy to do it yourself, remember that you can always book fitness equipment removals

Hiring someone to do the job offers several benefits; you can rely on someone who already has the tools, skills and experience to do the job, allowing you to prioritise other tasks. You can look up treadmill removal costs to get the best price when hiring, and don’t forget that you can hire other Taskers who specialise in other moving jobs!

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FAQs on moving a treadmill

Yes, it’s possible to move a treadmill without taking it apart. However, you have to exercise more caution and have another person assist. The bulkier the treadmill is, the more you’ll need someone to keep it on the dolly or hand trolley. Other treadmills that can be moved without disassembly are folding treadmills; these can be easier to move as most folding treadmills have wheels.

That can depend on several factors. Moving a treadmill is easier if it’s the folding type, and you have the right equipment like a furniture dolly or hand trolley. Moreover, the task will be easier if the area you want to move it to isn’t far or on a complicated route (such as one not needing to go up or down flights of stairs). A person who is physically fit will also find moving a treadmill to be a much simpler task.

The weight of the average treadmill can range from 27 to 113 kilograms. Moving a treadmill as heavy as that and doesn’t fold up or have its own wheels can be difficult for anyone who can’t handle the weight. Besides the weight, most treadmills can also have a bulky or awkward shape; hire a professional mover if you think the task will be difficult. 

Yes, it’s possible, but you must be strong enough to lift and place the treadmill on a furniture dolly or hand trolley. Moving a non-folding treadmill requires another person to keep it steady and prevent it from falling off the dolly – most treadmills weigh over 23 kilograms and are bulky. While you can move a folding treadmill by yourself, you should be strong enough to fold it up and wheel it around.

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