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A kitchen that is both beautiful and functional is a joy to use. The right tiles can make all the difference, adding a touch of elegance and style while making your kitchen more practical. If you're looking for a way to update your kitchen, consider changing your tiles. With so many different styles and colours to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect look for your space.

Whether you’re building a new kitchen or upgrading your existing cooking space, choosing the right kitchen tile ideas for your walls and floors is one of the most important design decisions you can make. 

From classic to trendy designs, here are some kitchen tile design ideas to spark your imagination and help you find the perfect ones for your dream cooking space. 

Kitchen floor tile ideas

Natural stone

If you want to incorporate a modern rustic look into your kitchen, use natural stone floor tiles. The natural tones and pattern of the stone can add warmth and texture to your kitchen. It also provides versatility for the rest of your space. To offset the rough textures of your flooring and add a fresh touch, you can match the natural stone floors with crisp walls and white stone countertops.



Among the most popular kitchen tiles ideas includes using cement encaustic materials to replace your tiles. Cement floor tiles create movement and add texture to your kitchen, making the rest of the room simple and easy to decorate. You can opt for simple colours so it’s easier to add personality to the overall space, or go bold with the patterns to make a statement. 


Want an intense, dramatic look for your kitchen? Installing slate floor tiles might just be a good idea! Dark slate floors are the best for making a small kitchen appear larger, particularly when you pair it with white cabinets for that light-and-dark colour contrast. 

In addition, slate floor tiles have a beautiful pattern that conceals mud and dirt, so you don’t have to clean them frequently. To make your slate flooring more fun and eye-catching, choose light or bright-coloured kitchen furniture to contrast the dark slate grey tiles.



This tile option features a natural, earthy red pigment, which makes a space feel welcoming, comfortable, and familiar. Terracotta tiles give an organic, rustic look—perfect for a country farmhouse or Mediterranean-style kitchen. 

Furthermore, terracotta tiles are timeless and versatile. You can pair them with either neutral or bolder hues. Just note that terracotta is a naturally porous stone, so make sure your floor tiles are glazed or sealed to maximise their water and stain resistance. 

Farmhouse flagstone 

Planning to turn your existing cooking space into a farmhouse-style kitchen? Flagstone floor tiles are your best bet. The uniqueness of each stone creates patterned tiles that can add texture, depth, and personality to your kitchen space. 

Moreover, flagstone floor tiles are highly durable and hard-wearing, which is perfect for a busy area like a kitchen. For a totally rustic look, you can match your flagstone floors with shaker kitchen cabinets and wood grain furniture and finishes.



Black and white checkerboard tiles are typically known for their retro, nostalgic vibe. However, this kitchen tile design is versatile. For a contemporary feel, you can lay the checkerboard floor tiles parallel to the walls. You can also spin the tiles 45 degrees into a diagonal orientation to create a more classic look, referred to as Harlequin. 

Penny mosaic 

Penny mosaic tiles are among the kitchen decor that has become popular in recent years. They are first used in contemporary home interior designs in the early 20th century. The best thing about mosaic floor tiles is that they can be laid in various patterns using various coloured tiles, creating a unique look.

Kitchen wall and splashback tile options


If you’re not a fan of coloured kitchens, you can still make your kitchen more interesting by incorporating textures instead. Use handmade tiles with beautiful, intricate patterns to add depth yet subtle visual features to your space. These tiles are designed with uneven edges and surfaces, allowing them to catch the light to brighten any room and create unique aesthetics.



Subway tiles gained popularity among homeowners due to their moisture-resistant, hygienic, and easy-to-clean surface. These tiles have been used for over a century, remaining to be one of the most timeless and versatile kitchen wall tile options available. 

Moreover, subway tiles come in different sizes, colours, and prices, making them easy to incorporate into any kitchen design. To reflect a current design trend, you can opt for a marble subway tile or use coloured grout.

Large format

Considered one of the most popular modern kitchen wall tiles, you can find these large-scale wall tiles available in various styles and sizes. 

Whether you want an elegant, luxurious marble look or a modern concrete vibe, large-format tiles are the way to go. These tiles boast a seamless, grout-less look and are easy to keep clean. Moreover, large-format wall tiles are non-porous, making them a safe and ideal option if you frequently cook. 



Hexagon-shaped wall tiles have been a favourite for many homeowners because of their unique yet relaxing appeal. These tiles feature amazing symmetry, making any kitchen space more visually interesting. 

Additionally, hexagon-shaped tiles introduce patterns without overdecorating the entire space. Despite having slightly clear geometric lines, you can easily soften and conceal them by incorporating a monochromatic or lighter palette.

Engineered marble and stone 

These are two materials you could use for splashback ideas. If you want your walls or splashbacks to have a traditional, old-world, and homey appeal, opt for engineered marble or stone tiles. This tile option requires minimal maintenance, giving you the best of both worlds.



If you want a sleek, modern-looking kitchen, glass tiles are an excellent choice. These tiles come in many colours and sizes, which is perfect if you’re keen to create a bold statement or a subtle accent. They reflect light, making any space appear brighter and more spacious. Despite being vulnerable to showing dirt and splash marks, glass tiles are easy to clean and maintain and highly durable.


Is your budget a bit tight at the moment for an accent wall? Consider ceramic wall tiles, an affordable yet elegant wall material. Ceramic tiles are durable and easy to clean, making them the perfect splashback material for seasoned cooks. 



Another budget-friendly option, porcelain tiles have many similarities with their ceramic counterparts. They also come in various colours and sizes and work well with classic and contemporary-style kitchens. 

However, installing porcelain tiles requires the right equipment and experience to create the precise alternating or herringbone pattern you like, so make sure to hire an expert kitchen renovator to get the job done right.

Start building your dream kitchen now!

Surely, you’ll find inspiration for your upcoming renovation project with the kitchen tile ideas above. But if you think you’ll still need expert insights on the design or material to help you choose the best one suited for your home, you can always get a professional to help out! Book a kitchen renovation specialist for your upgrade planning and turn your dream kitchen into a reality! 

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FAQs on kitchen tiles

For kitchen splashbacks, ceramic tile is the top choice because of its superior durability, versatility, and ease of maintenance. On the other hand, natural stone and porcelain are the most popular options for kitchen floors because they have more density, are built to last, and require very low maintenance. 

The latest trend in kitchen floor tiles involves hexagon patterns and dark, dramatic colours like navy blue, dark green, and variegated metallics. However, remember that general styles don’t always work for everyone – it’s always better to consult your kitchen renovator for the best style suitable for your home.

For most homeowners, porcelain tiles are the best kitchen floor tiles in the market because of their proven durability, scratch- and dent-proof qualities, and ease of maintenance. Ceramic tiles are also a viable option but may require more care and maintenance because they’re easily scratched and get damaged relatively faster.

Glossy tiles are highly recommended. The glossy finish makes them easy to clean and maintain, while engineered marble or stone is more durable and has a traditional look. However, the best choice for your kitchen will depend on your individual needs and preferences.

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