19 Garage conversion ideas for every type of home

Want to use your extra space? Transform your room with these big and small garage conversion ideas.

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The garage is one of the most versatile areas of your home. You can turn the vacant portion of your parking space into a fully functional room fit for your needs, whether a home office, a personal gym, or even a creative studio. 

With a garage conversion, you can fully maximise your living space with a new space dedicated to your work, passion, or wellness. Turning this existing area can also eliminate the need for added building costs compared to extending your home and add as much as 10% to your home’s value should you choose to sell it in the future.

The possibilities are endless for what you can do with the new room. Find inspiration in these garage conversion ideas to transform the space into a fitting, functional place.

19 Garage conversion ideas

1. Convert your garage into an extended entrance.

Garage converted to enhance home entrance

If the entrance in your home isn’t as open as you’d like, then why not extend it by knocking your garage walls down? This super open entranceway with lots of windows lets in a lot of natural light. 

The white walls and ceiling look good with the timber hardwood floors. There’s so much space that you can put on a couch, a black rug, and a desk. Also, there’s room to create an entranceway leading to a different part of the house.

2. Convert your garage into a home office.

home office

Home offices are today’s essential, especially if you work from home or need a quiet space to study. A home office is also great for a small garage conversion idea; you don’t need too much space to make it work. 

What’s important is that you can add elements that create a productive work environment. This includes illuminating the space with both natural and LED light, enough desk space with storage to keep it clutter-free, and comfortable seating.

3. Convert your garage into an extra bedroom. 
spare bedroom

 Creating an extra bedroom allows you to accommodate family, friends, or another housemate without compromising your bedroom. You don’t need to add too much; a cosy bed, a simple dresser, and flowy curtains alone can turn it into an instantly relaxing bedroom.

4. Convert your garage into a walk-in closet.

Garage converted into a sleek walk-in closet

If your garage is close to your main bedroom, consider converting it into a walk-in closet. The colour scheme of muted grey walls and light timber floors matches the endless variety of storage options across the walls. 

5. Convert your garage into a home gym. 

home gym

Getting into shape becomes much easier when your workout space is more accessible. By adding a home gym, not only will you be able to exercise as much as you need, but you’ll also have enough space to move without bumping into random furniture in your living room. 

Plus, having your fitness equipment like dumbbells, kettlebells, and jump ropes can help ensure proper hygiene and care goes into the things you use.

6. Convert your garage into a playroom for your children.

Colourful playroom with a cabinet, chest of drawers and table for a child

Do you feel like your kids and all their toys are taking up the house? Why not create a playroom for your kids to spread out in? This bright and colourful garage conversion screams fun! There’s even a chalkboard on the wall for the kids to get creative!

7. Convert your garage into a homeschool area.

Garage converted into a home school classroom

Do you homeschool your kids? If so, check out this awesome garage conversion. The chalkboard walls are the perfect place for kids to get creative, and the large open space leaves room for various activities. 

Having your homeschool room a little further away from the main areas of the house will make your kids feel like they are going to school for the day.

8. Convert your garage into a home theatre. 

indoor home theatre

Love watching movies with good company? A home theatre may be perfect for the extra garage space. If you don’t want to splurge on a giant flatscreen TV, you can opt for a projector to cast your movies on a blank wall. Add cushioned seats, many pillows, and maybe even a mini refrigerator and cupboard for all your favourite snacks.

9. Convert your garage into a pool room.

Garage converted into a pool room

This wouldn’t be a garage conversion without a man cave. If you enjoy playing games like snooker or pool, converting your garage into a pool room is a no-brainer.

Look at this pool room idea below, where the pool table is front and centre in this space, with additional lighting up above to ensure all the balls are well-lit. This makes this garage conversion feel like a cool place to hang out.

10. Convert your garage into a workshop space. 

workshop area

If you’re into DIY projects or crafty activities, you can turn even a narrow space in your garage into a workshop. Put up a shelf or pegboard for all your tools, and bring a spacious desk to work on all your projects.

11. Convert your garage into a storage space. 

storage room with boxes

Free up more space in the house by turning your old garage into a well-organised and practical storage room. Be sure to have enough shelving space to accommodate the items you’ll be keeping.

12. Convert your garage into an art studio.

art studio

Every artist’s dream is to have a studio. Take the opportunity to turn your extra space into your creative sanctuary for painting, drawing, and other artistic endeavours. You don’t need too many things to make it work. A desk or easel and enough storage for your tools and artwork will make all the difference.

13. Convert your garage into a yoga studio. 

home yoga studio

Need a quiet place to relax and unwind? A garage conversion worth the investment may just be your yoga studio. Because the practice utilises floor space the most, a few simple changes to the interiors could elevate the space.

14. Convert your garage into a cosy book nook.

A garage converted into a cozy foyer

If you’re running out of book space in your living room or bedroom, you can transform the garage into a cosy book nook. This idea can also be a great alternative to lounge and receive guests, especially if they love reading as much as you do!

The grey-coloured couch is complete with cushions, a furry rug underneath, and a quaint coffee table – just picture yourself curling up with your favourite novel with a cup of hot tea on a rainy afternoon.

15. Convert your garage into an indoor-outdoor terrace.

patio deck

If you want to take a more energy-efficient approach to your garage conversion, you may opt for an indoor-outdoor terrace. In this way, you can rely on natural airflow rather than air conditioning for cooling. You can use the new terrace as an alternative dining space or lounge area.

16. Convert your garage into an entertaining space.

outdoor entertainment area

Take hosting to the next level with a new entertaining space. Reupholster an old couch and add a coffee table for drinks and games. This can also help keep the area you’ll need to clean up concentrated in one room.

17. Convert your garage into a mudroom. 


A converted garage can make for an excellent mudroom. It can work as more than just a boot room but as a laundry room, open storage, or even an extra shower room.

18. Convert your garage into a loft space.

A loft space converted from a garage

Adding a loft is an excellent idea if you’ve ever wanted to double a space with high ceilings! This garage conversion utilises all the space from top to bottom.

The bottom level is perfect for the living room and kitchen (and possibly the bathroom), and the top is ideal for a bedroom to retreat.

19. Convert your garage into a sunroom.

Garage converted into a sunroom

Sunrooms are a great way to bring some sun into your home without worrying about elements like wind or rain outside. 

The garage doors in this space have been converted into multiple large windows, which helps to bring so much light into your living area. Plus, it’s perfect for indoor plants!

Tips for garage conversion

If you’re considering converting your garage into a living space, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind:

  • The size of your garage will determine the type of space you can create.

  • You must check with your local building department for permits and approvals.

  • You will need to budget for the cost of a garage conversion’s materials and labour.

  • You’ll want to check if the foundations in your home need reinforcements.

  • It’s best to consult experts before beginning the garage conversion.

  • Canvass your options by getting more than one quote from experts.

Careful planning and execution will go a long way when converting your garage into a valuable and functional new room in your home.

Getting ready for garage conversions

Converting your garage is a challenging feat. It takes time and careful consideration to all fall into place, but when planned well, the outcome is worth it. You’ll have more space to enjoy what you love and add value to your home.

While having a single or double garage can limit the work you can create for converting it into your living space, you should still find ways to make it work. Connect with a contractor or architect near you to discover what you can do to bring your brilliant garage conversion ideas to life.

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FAQs on garage conversion

Normally, garage conversions into habitable spaces do not require any permit from a local planning authority if:

  • You’re a homeowner working on an existing garage with no intention of expanding it

  • The new room/s are not separate from your house’s main living space and serve only as a secondary use facility

  • Any windows replacing an original garage door should maintain the same overall look of the house

  • You are not converting a detached garage into a new house

It is, however, still worth seeking approval from your local planning authority if you live in a residential neighbourhood.

The price for a single garage conversion can range from £6,000 to £20,000, while a double garage ranges from £12,000 to £50,000. It’s also worth factoring in labour and material costs when planning.

There are many different types of rooms you can work on, but the size of your garage will affect how much you’ll be able to do with the space. Some common garage conversion ideas are:

  • Extra bedroom

  • Kitchen

  • Living room

  • Toilet and bath

  • Gym

  • Home office

  • Entertainment room

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