How much to reupholster a chair?

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2021 Chair Upholstery Price Guide

Who says breathing new life into your home means buying new furniture? Make like the members of ABBA and take a chance on your old pieces by reupholstering them. In this case, let us take a more extended look at the chairs that occupy your very home right now. Are they frayed but still doing the job? If you said yes to this question, re-think it filling a space in your landfill when it’s appropriately filling up space in your home still.

The average chair upholstery cost is dependent on the kind of chair you want to fix, but it can range from £ 425 to £ 900. It may seem like it could break the bank but think of it as more of an investment than an expense. Other than that, you are contributing to lessening your carbon footprint too. Are you still feeling uncertain? Don’t worry. We put together this easy-to-browse recommendation list so you can ring in the right expert to get the job done. 


Signs you need to reupholster your chair

First and foremost, how do you know that your chair needs repair? A distressed look may be what you are going for, but there is a difference between style and smashed. While there are many indicators of a chair in need of care, here are three of those that immediately give it away:



A smell can tell. If your house is normally spick and span yet a stench can be traced from the home goods, there is a-fixing that needs to get going. 

Stenches can come from worn-out fabric, pet smells, unused furniture that grows dusty and mouldy from varying temperatures, and a failure to maintain. Stains can also accumulate on the chair itself. So if the stink gets tough, it’s time to check your stuff. 


Development of allergies

Mostly common in the spring and summer seasons, hay fever is something most people go through. But if you are generally at the top of your game and yet you find yourself inviting in more sneezes than you can count, it’s time to check around the house. Dust usually clings onto furniture, and if sweeping and dusting no longer help, it’s time to get it fixed. 

A greater indicator? If you find yourself grabbing anti-histamine medication during the non-allergy season. 


If reupholstery has crossed your mind

Ever had a niggling voice telling you to get your chair reupholstered? It’s about time to pay attention to that. Chances are, that niggle might be spitting facts. So don’t wait until your furniture can no longer be fixed. Instead, get it reupholstered right now. 


What are the advantages of reupholstering a chair?

If you are hesitant to get it reupholstered, it helps to understand what reupholstering is. It is a form of repair and should not be mistaken as a replacement for something. Instead, it is a practice done to repurpose. In this case, we are talking about reupholstering a chair. But why opt for this instead of outright buying? 

Purchasing new items can give you that “new-buy” rush, but putting new fabric on a chair can be just as satisfying. Think of it as finally handing in new clothes of an emperor - you’ll still feel proper posh in your home. But not only that, there are three main reasons why it’s good to reupholster versus buying anew. 


Comfort over current, any day

This is the part where fashion and furniture clash. While we are up to sacrifice comfort to serve looks, this may not be the same for furniture. We all have our nooks and crannies we gravitate to, even if such areas have significantly aged. 

When shopping for new items, they may look visually pleasing, but they may not serve the levels of comfort that you desire. With that said, reupholstering a chair will ensure that same experience while giving new life to your place. 


Provides better quality

Yes, you heard it right. In today’s furniture market, most products are mass-produced. This means that quantity is prioritised over quality so that that furniture piece may be visually pleasing but easily malleable. 

If it’s the fabric that needs changing, toss out the old and reupholster with the new. You’ll thank yourself in the long term for that quick save. 


Lessening your carbon footprint

Allow us to delve a little bit deeper into the greater good. Think of reupholstering as a counteracting agent against excess waste. If you continue to purchase new items instead of reusing what you have, you are essentially increasing accumulated waste in the long run.

So instead of throwing it away, give it new life instead. Who knew fabric could be your chair’s saving grace? 


What are the different kinds of chair reupholstery costs? 

Chair reupholstery is ultimately dependent on the kind of piece you want to have re-done. Therefore, before calling up a furniture repair specialist to look at your chair, it is vital to identify the specific part you want re-done.

We detail five basic types of chairs. From here, you can somewhat get an idea of the average price range you will rank up:


Type of Chair


Average Upholster Cost

Dining Chair

Comes in either loose or fully upholstered kinds, this chair is used for dining purposes

£ 30

Wing Chair

A high-backed type of armchair with two “winged” rests at either side

£ 350


It is a chair with side supports specifically for the arms

£ 450


This kind of living room chair seats two people

£ 600

Three-Seater Sofa

This kind of living room chair is made to seat three people

£ 700


What are the different kinds of chair reupholstery fabrics?

One of the significant advantages of reupholstering chairs is that you can customise according to your preferences. With that said, you can make your dream chair a reality by browsing through the five most common materials to work with and the cost of fabric.  

Type of Fabric




Average Upholster Cost (per metre)


A microfibre that can give your chair an instant luxe upgrade

Soft material, easy to clean, dries easily from spills

Easily flammable, cracks during varying temperatures, easily worn out

£ 8.45


A soft luxe fabric that is characterized by its dense yet evenly cut fibres

Great insulators, accentuates the chair volume, has an array of rich colors

High maintenance fabric, expensive, suitable for formal furniture

£ 33


Most popular and affordable natural fabrics in the market

Smooth, fade-resistant, eco-friendly material

Wrinkle-prone, attracts dirt, not suitable for everyday rough use

£ 15.25


A natural, fluffy fibre and one of the most commonly used fabrics worldwide

Abrasion-resistant, hypoallergenic, breathable

Easily wrinkles, prone to absorbing spills, easily attracts dirt

£ 26.95


Fabric made of tanned cattle hide material

Sense of grandeur, non-spill absorbent, easy to maintain

Discomfort prone, damaged when in contact with sharp objects, expensive

£ 28


Disadvantages of DIY upholstery

Running through the cost calculator of chair reupholstery can take a toll on you, and you may be tempted to DIY the entire process. But take note that reupholstery is a thorough process that requires the following from you:


Full attention

Just like cooking, furniture reupholstery is its own kind of ball game. But what do they have in common? They need your full attention. This is the type of work that will require every ounce of your blood, sweat, and tears, plus commitment to finish this through. Who would want to sit on a piecemeal job, right? You wouldn’t either. 


The right materials

Seeing the materials is different from coursing through the whole process. While we did give you a rundown of the basic materials, it is a whole other league to handle it throughout. Assessing which materials best fit your chair requires an extra set of eyes, and they may belong to that of an expert. 



This is not just mere knowing. You must have at least an intermediate eye for this kind of stuff. Reupholstering requires breaking down a specific material, entirely stripping it of its old self, and repairing it anew with new materials. But it’s not just pasting fabrics together. It requires fitting it correctly in every nook and crevice, and it may need a specialist to put that together.

Ultimately, investments like these do cost initially, but the long-term results will save you a ton. For example, hiring a furniture repairs specialist can get things done in a snap, mainly because they already know how to do it just by mere assessment.


Where can I get my chair reupholstered near me?

Booking through Airtasker can not be easier. Just click through the link above, and you can check which specialist resides in your area, and that’s it!

What goes into the cost of reupholstering a chair?

The cost to reupholster a chair involves several factors, some of which include the fabric to be used, the service fee, and the type of chair you want to be reupholstered.

How much fabric does it take to reupholster a chair?

It is dependent on the size of the chair, but the average amount is at least a yard of fabric.