How much is decking?

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How much is decking?

Deciding to start a decking project can be daunting because of the time, energy, and money you need to spend. Finding the right contractor can reduce unnecessary expense and stress. It’s best to have an idea of how much garden or caravan decking will cost to set the right budget. A total decking project ranges from £800 to £3900 depending on the size and material used. This includes the raw material and installation.

Additional costs may come from having a professional designer or needing permits to be secured. A rushed timeline will also require more people. That’s higher labour costs, but it can also shorten the expenses from the disruption of having construction done on the property. The possible unforeseen costs are the loud noise, the dirt and the lack of privacy. If you work from home or have kids studying at home, that may mean that you will need to find a place to stay during the installation.

Benefits of decking

Before we dive in and calculate how much decking boards are or how much caravan decking costs, we want to highlight the many benefits of having decking installed on your land. It’s a major project that can give you a new space for your family to lounge in. It doesn’t even have to be built from scratch. How much it costs to replace roof decking may not be far off from installation, all with plenty of benefits. Here are a few for you to consider:

  • Improvement to your property’s exterior

  • Adds value to your home

  • Increases your square footage

  • Provides a lounge area for occupants and guests

  • Encourages spending time outdoors

  • Enhances the view in your home

Is decking expensive?

Decking is an investment when done right. However, the final number when computing how much to fit decking can surprise you if you don’t plan ahead. You need to consider size, material, location and other factors. For example, comparing how much it is to deck a garden and how much caravan decking costs will make a considerable difference because of its size. Take a look at this table to give you a better idea:

Decking type

Area size

Average cost






























What type of decking do I need?

The material used in your deck will largely affect the overall cost. Naturally, some materials are cheaper than others. However, consider that durability and aesthetics are also factors that can influence your choice on what kind of decking to have made. It’s possible to discuss this with your Tasker. You can request mockups or photos of previous work before accepting their offer. Here are some top choices for you:

Natural wood decking

Wood is a classic and traditional material. It is one of the most commonly used decking materials in residential properties. There’s a wide range in pricing depending on if you use softwood or hardwood. The availability of your preferred wood in your region can also affect the cost of the raw material. The treatment and maintenance can prolong the lifespan to avoid splitting, cracking and colour changing. However, the total cost can still be cheaper when you add up how much composite decking is compared to wood.

Composite decking

Composite decking is a kind of synthetic decking that is an excellent alternative to wood. It’s a wood-polymer composite that has become popular over the past years for being the more environmentally-friendly choice. However, the budget can be a concern considering how much composite decking is. It can be almost double the price of high-end wood like cedar and redwood. Also, while it’s low-maintenance, it isn’t completely resistant to mould and mildew. The overall appearance can also look fake or cheap if not done right.

Teak decking

Teak wood is a type of wood that is naturally resistant to extreme heat and cold temperatures. This is why numerous contractors and property owners prefer teak decking over other types of wood decking. It’s low maintenance, can last up to 40 years and looks attractive while ageing. It also is pest resistant because of the natural oils produced by the wood. The high demand, however, has increased how much teak decking costs.

What other factors affect the overall decking cost?

There’s no doubt that quality decking can improve and protect the land of your property. That’s why the money you spend on how much the decking is can be a worthwhile investment. Regardless of whether you intend to have the property rented, flip it for a higher price, or simply want to use it as your home, a decking installation or renovation can add to the overall property value.

If you’re worried about how much a deck costs to replace or install, look at the other factors that can add up to your total project cost.

The scope of your project

Not only will smaller improvement projects be doable in a shorter time and require fewer materials, but it also doesn’t need planning permission. On the other hand, a bigger renovation project needs a licenced contractor and regulatory permits. The UK government, through local councils, requires a property owner to apply and obtain a Planning Permission before building something new, making a major change, having an extension built or changing the use of the building. 

On top of the planning permit, you may also need one or more authorisations, such as Vehicle Crossover Licence, Building Control, Listed Building Consent, and Demolition in a Conservation Area Consent. 

Location of your property

Because the requirements for planning permissions vary per local council, some areas may have more fees or miscellaneous expenses. Newcastle, for example, requires decking and raised patios that are above ground by more than 30 centimetres to have a planning permit. Meanwhile, in South Lanarkshire, the height limit before needing a planning permit is 50 centimetres. These documents help people in the area ensure that any construction or renovation is done by knowledgeable contractors and quality material is used. Without the proper approval, your project may be served an enforcement notice ordering you to remove any additional fixtures or undo any improvements done.

The location can also add to the cost depending on the average rate in the area. For example, work in highly urban locations can be more expensive because of pricier contractor rates and high-end material.

The state of any pre-existing or adjacent structure

Garden decking cost can be more expensive if the area itself or the surrounding structures need more work done. For example, properties that have not been maintained in a long time will need a more thorough cleaning and preparation even before the land itself is assessed. Likewise, asking your Tasker to maintain vintage timber bases or brick walls may require more than composite decking.

While these are a few things that can affect the overall cost, the most important consideration is finding the right contractor. Booking with Airtasker means a property owner or manager can check the profile, reviews and ratings of a Tasker from previous projects. It’s also possible to ask Taskers for proof of licensing and business permits before accepting their offer.

All you need to do is list down what you need and wait for highly-rated Taskers in your property location to send you offers. A contractor with lower rates but has poor work output will be more expensive than an experienced Tasker with decking expertise.


Is there a way I can measure how much decking I’ll need?

Once you know how much decking is per square metre, it’s important to know how big the deck will be. There’s a simple formula on how to work out how much decking you need. Multiply the length of your deck by the width to get the square footage. If you need help getting an accurate measurement, you can ask your Tasker to inspect and measure the site for your new deck. This can be included in deck fitting services, but it won’t hurt to confirm first.

Should I lay my decking boards horizontally or vertically?

When choosing which direction to lay decking boards, most property owners and design professionals prefer the boards to be laid horizontally perpendicular to the adjacent wall. This is an aesthetic choice. However, you must discuss this with your Tasker before starting the decking installation work to be sure that the direction of the boards does not hinder water drainage and quicken the decay of the decking.

How do I maintain my decking?

Once you have your deck, it’s important to avoid habits that can damage the material, such as pushing heavy furniture across the deck surface or using harsh cleaning solutions. These can cause visible scratches or discolouration. Instead, opt for a gentle cleansing solution to avoid mould and mildew from forming. Having minor deck repairs done as soon as possible can also prevent a costlier renovation in the future.

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