How much does garden decking cost?

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£800 - £22,000







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Before bringing out your new patio furniture for your new garden deck, it’s good to be familiar with how much it costs to deck your garden. That way, you can get the most out of your set budget. 

The average cost of garden decking is £1,500 for a 15m2 space. The cost of decking your garden depends on the material you use, the size of the deck, and the cost of labour. This guide will walk you through decking prices and some things you need to know before going ahead with construction.

Garden decking materials and their costs

The most significant factor in the price of your deck is the material. Garden decks come in various materials, which have pros and cons. The most popular material in the UK is softwood, and this costs up to £1,000 for a 15-square-meter deck. 

Below is a chart to give you an idea of how much each type of material will cost for your garden deck. Note that installation and labour fees are not part of this price list. 

Decking material

Average cost (15m2  - 30m2 )


£1,000 - £2,000


£1,500 - £2,950


£1,900 - £3,700


£800 - £1,600

a woman on a garden deck


Softwood costs about £3 to £6 per metre. This kind of wood is made from pine or spruce. Many people prefer it because of its low price. It's also effortless to install. Pressure-treating protects it from decaying over time. However, it will require regular maintenance.


Hardwood decks are made from deciduous trees, such as oak and maple. It comes at a higher price of £4 to £10 per metre. Compared to softwood, this is more durable and fire-resistant. It comes at a higher density, providing stability over time but requiring regular maintenance to prevent rot and decay. 


Many people choose composite materials because of their resistance to moisture, warp, rot, and decay. They have a longer life span of up to 25 years since they're made from wood and plastic. Expect to pay £8 to £11 per metre for this material. 


Made entirely of plastic, you can expect PVC to be the most accessible and affordable material for a garden deck. Expect to pay £5 to £10 per metre. However, its low price means that it doesn't have the same sleek finish you can get with wooden decking materials. 

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Factors affecting back garden decking costs

When figuring out the price of your garden deck, consider four factors:

Your terrain

Building a garden or deck is not as simple as laying out wooden panels. Carpenters will look at whether your garden is flat or sloping. It can affect the time or labour it will take to install your garden deck.

Decking size and material 

Extensive gardens require more materials for decking. Also, the type of material you choose has a significant effect on your total expenses. 

Additional Features 

Installing more features on your deck adds more to its price. These additional features can come in the form of elevation and railings.

Additional feature

Average cost


£2,800 - £13,000


£3,800 - £22,00

Garden decking installation costs

Once you’ve decided on your deck's materials and additional features, you can now consider the labour cost. A landscape gardener, carpenter, or joiner can install this garden deck for you. On average, they charge about £150 per day. You can also expect a professional to charge more if you live in London.

Material of a 15m2 deck

Average cost of labour

Softwood deck

£300 - £400

Hardwood deck

£600 - £800

Composite deck

£500 - £620

PVC deck

£300 - £350

a fully furnished garden deck

If you're installing a 30m2 deck, expect to pay £1,800 to £2,200. All the materials will take up to three days to install.

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It depends if your deck needs local council approval. If you need planning permission, your garden deck builder needs a license. However, installing a simple deck installed doesn't require government permits.
Planning permission depends on the deck. You need permission if your deck is more than 300 mm from the ground. You also need planning permission if you live near a highway or conservation area. Consult your local authorities before starting the installation of your deck.
It's easier to spot repair issues on wooden decks than on other materials. A big sign that you need to repair your deck is wood rot. You also need to watch for damaged deck boards, stains, and loose stairs.

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