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A space to socialise, play, or relax? A composite deck can provide it all! But how much does composite decking cost to be installed? Composite decking costs in the UK range from £1,500 to £2,000 for a 15 m2 space. This can still go up depending on the size, type of materials you’re using, the complexity of the project, and labour.

Composite decking costs per m2 can quickly blow out and exceed your allotted budget. To avoid this, we have made a comprehensive price guide to help you learn more about composite decking installation costs.

Factors that affect composite decking costs

Having a safe and peaceful space to unwind after a long day gives numerous benefits to your well-being. But how do composite decking vs wood costs compare in the UK? Let’s first look into the factors that affect the cost to build a composite deck. 

Size of deck

It’s all about the size. Bigger decks would naturally take longer to finish, while smaller decks can be done faster. Bigger decks will also consume more materials. Hence, they’ll be more expensive. For reference, a composite deck around 15 sqm would start at £1,500 while a 30 sqm deck could reach up to £2,700. If you need help preparing your area before installing your new deck or cleaning it up after the job, this will add up to the costs.


Composite decking prices vary depending on the type of material used. The top three types of composite decking are wood plastic composite (WPC), capped composite, and PVC composite. WPC is the cheapest type at £20 to £50 per m2 while PVC is the most expensive at £40 to £80 per m2. Despite the pricing differences, all three materials offer an excellent alternative to wood or timber decking due to their durability, convenience, and resistance to pests and moisture. Suppliers also provide a warranty that could last from 10 to 25 years, ensuring the high-quality build of their materials!


Composite decking prices per square metre in the UK also differs depending on the location. For bigger cities, expect to pay more due to higher operating costs. If you live in a hard to reach location in the suburbs, this might also incur an additional fee that will cover transportation and gas.


For a composite decking project, labour usually costs £200 per day. The duration would depend on the size of your deck. To give a quick estimate, a 15 square metre space can be finished in one day, while bigger spaces can take up to three days.

Different types of composite decking materials and their costs

To calculate composite decking prices per m2 in the UK, you must first choose the type of material for your home. To help you decide, we’ve listed the advantages of each material and its corresponding costs below.

Wood plastic composite (WPC)

Wood plastic composite is a popular material option for decking. This material is ideal for buyers who would like to save on costs while also looking for high-quality material. It also offers better resistance to slippage and looks most similar to natural wood. WPC costs £20 to £50 per m2.

Capped composite

With its additional protective polymer shell providing continuous protection and high durability, capped composite costs slightly more than WPC at £35 to £60 per m2. This is a good option if you want a longer-lasting material that can withstand high traffic and social activities.

PVC composite

PVC composite is the most expensive of all composite decking materials at £40 to £80 per m2. Despite being costly, PVC composite remains competitive to other wood types like Ipe. Curious about Ipe vs composite decking costs? Ipe decking prices can reach £50 to £100. In addition, PVC is highly sustainable while being low maintenance. It’s resistant to rot, decay, mould, and insects, making it a good lifetime investment.

Skip crunching numbers in a composite decking price calculator, and check out the table below to help you prepare the right budget for your home.

Type of decking

Material cost

Installation cost (15 sqm)


Wood plastic composite (WPC)

£20 to £50 per m2


1 to 2 days

Capped composite

£35 to £60 per m2


1 to 3 days

PVC composite

£40 to £80 per m2


1 to 4 days

Other factors that affect composite decking costs

Aside from the factors mentioned above, other costs might come up while installing your new decking. If you need help preparing your space by levelling out the ground, this will cost around £200 to £800. If you have an existing deck and want this removed, this will cost about £100 to £400.
After installation, you might also want to beautify your backyard by installing artificial grass and outdoor lights. Artificial grass costs £30 to £100 per m2, while an outdoor light costs around £150.

Lastly, if you plan to do the DIY route, be prepared to have installation materials like decking posts, balustrades, composite oil, sealants, joists, and pins. If you don’t have the time or energy to purchase and learn how to use these materials, you can always hire a decking fitter to install your new decking for you. This will save you supply costs while also ensuring that your deck is made to last.

Benefits of installing a composite deck

Before calculating composite decking installation costs in the UK, why install one in the first place? Installing a composite deck has numerous benefits.

Long-lasting material

Composite decking materials are long-lasting and can withstand the test of time. Unlike wood, it’s not prone to rotting, moulding, or insect infestation. It can fare well with changing seasons and harsher weather without splitting or cracking.

Low maintenance

Apart from washing with soapy water once a year, a composite deck requires almost no maintenance. No need for pressure washing, scrubbing, or staining.

Aesthetic appeal

One benefit of installing a composite deck is its aesthetic appeal. It looks very similar to natural wood without having to cut down trees. It’s also available in various shades and patterns and maintains its colour for decades, even when exposed to long hours of sunlight.

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Wood or timber material is another popular option for decking. But how much does composite decking vs wood cost in the UK? Wood is typically cheaper, starting at £2 per m2. However, maintenance costs are also higher when using wood which can cost you more than installing composite. Aside from wood, you may also opt to install aluminium decking, which could last up to 100 years. Of course, costs would be higher, and your deck’s look and feel would be different when using this material.
Planning and preparation can help you save on composite decking installation costs. Before your fitter visits the location, make sure that the space is ready and free from waste and debris. It also helps to create a plan and keep the project simple. Complex structures and designs in curves or slopes will cost more.
When picking a decking material, you can either choose a brand that is hollow or solid. Hollow boards are a good option for DIY installation since it is lighter and easier to lay out. However, a solid decking board is usually more durable due to its structure and design. Whichever you choose, both types are easy to maintain and closely resemble natural wood.

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