How much does a wedding photographer cost?

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£600 - £3,000







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A wedding is a huge turning point in a couple’s life, and investing in good photos allows you to relive that fairy-tale moment for a lifetime. But how much do wedding photographers cost these days? 

On average, basic packages cost around £1,500, but if you’re asking how much wedding photography is per hour, some wedding photographers offer £150 per hour, depending on their experience level. 

Wedding photographer price list

Here’s a list of wedding photographer prices based on Tasker listings:

Wedding photography package prices

Estimated cost


£600 to £1,000


£1,000 to £1,500


£1,600 to £2,000



wedding photoshoot in the farm

What factors affect average wedding photographer costs?

Many things affect the average cost of wedding photographers in the UK. We’ve listed the most important ones:


Wedding photography prices could go higher or lower depending on where you are. Typically, professionals in bigger cities charge more, but expenses also increase if you’re in an outlying or remote area. Wedding photographers often carry large, expensive equipment. You might also need to work with a wedding coordinator if you need photos in multiple locations. 

Wedding date

In the UK, the wedding season is from May to October, with July to August as the busiest months. Costs are higher due to the demand and tighter schedules. So if you want to save money, consider having a winter wedding on a weekday.

Photographer’s level of experience

The average cost of a wedding photographer or videographer also depends on their expertise. More established photographers naturally charge higher than part-time ones. Newbie photographers are still building their portfolios, so they usually offer discounts to customers.

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Number of photographers

The more photographers and assistants you need, the higher the cost of wedding photography. However, a second photographer is ideal if you have many guests and a big venue. They can capture the warm smiles of your family and friends and take beautiful photos with perfect lighting.

Number of service hours

Wedding photographers also charge by the hour, starting at £150. You must pay more to get extras, such as digital copies, albums, etc. Typically, weddings last eight to 10 hours, resulting in 1,200 to 1,500 pounds worth of photography services.

Wedding photography packages and their costs

Wedding photography costs depend on the package you choose. Whether you want a basic or luxury one with bespoke album inclusions, we’ve outlined the costs to help you plan for your big day: 

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Expect to pay £600 to £1,000, the usual price range for part-time or starting photographers. The package includes complete coverage of the wedding ceremony and digital photos. Some also cover the reception.


This includes the basic package with more professionally edited photos. The photographer usually covers the whole wedding ceremony and some speeches. Mid-range photography packages cost £1,000 to £1,500.


This costs £1,600 to £2,000 and is the most common package covering the entire wedding day, pre-wedding shoots and consultations, and expert post-processing. Photographers who fall into this range are usually more experienced, have advanced equipment, and sometimes come with an assistant. The package includes professionally processed photos, digital copies on a USB, and physical albums.


This has the perks of a full package. However, it has additional bespoke items, like a specialised album and prints or an online app or gallery showcasing your photos. Luxury photographers are fully equipped to cover more guests. Their fees start at £2,100 to £5,000.

Additional costs when hiring a wedding photographer

More things can increase the fees of wedding photographers:

  1. Administrative costs: These include the coordination or planning that happens before the wedding. Photographers spend time and creative energy to make your creative vision come to life.
  2. Transportation: Booking a photographer for a destination wedding can be costly due to travel expenses and more landscapes or sceneries to capture.
  3. Equipment and software: Quality and more expensive equipment lead to higher photography rates. High-end editing software will also affect costs.

an outdoor wedding photoshoot

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A wedding can be costly. Thankfully, wedding photographers often offer two or three payment schemes, including deposit, pre-wedding, and post-wedding payments. You can get discounts if you pay the price in full.

It depends. Looking at the price alone might not be the best indicator of expertise. It's best to research and look at their portfolio, reviews, and other references.

Post-processing usually takes 20 to 40 hours per wedding. However, this is just a rough estimate that depends on the volume of photos taken and the number of guests.

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