How much does a tattoo cost?

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How much do tattoos cost?

On average, smaller tattoos may cost around £60 to £200, while larger or custom designs can range from £200 to £1,000 or more. Tattoo prices in the UK can vary depending on size, design intricacy, and artist experience. To get precise pricing and find a reputable tattoo artist, it’s recommended to research local tattoo studios, review portfolios, and schedule consultations.

Tattoo price list 

A variety of factors will influence tattoo prices. But the most important factor is the tattoo's size. If you’re wondering how much a small tattoo costs in the UK, it will be relatively cheaper than a large tattoo.

Tattoos no larger than your palm or face are considered small, while a tattoo that is half the length of your leg or a quarter of your upper body is considered medium. Anything bigger than those two can be viewed as a large tattoo, such as full-back tattoos or tattoos that cover nearly the entire upper part of your body.  

Tattoo size

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Small tattoo


Medium tattoo


Large tattoo


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Factors affecting the cost of getting a tattoo


The cost of getting a tattoo in the UK varies greatly depending on where the tattoo artist is located. This is so that the artist or studio can change their fees to reflect local market rates. 

For example, an artist’s hourly rate in London is about £150, while a tattoo in Leeds would cost you between £80 and £100. In the north of England, the daily rate is typically around £500, whereas, in the south, it can range from £600 to £800.

Tattoo design 

The complexity of the design will determine the time it takes to tattoo it, which also affects the cost of getting a tattoo. So consider the level of detail and precision required to carry it out. 

Tattoos with delicate shading will take more time and skill to complete than those with uniform colours and fine-line tattoos. It will take more skill and time to tattoo cartoon characters or photo-realistic designs. Even small tattoo prices can increase with complicated designs and necessary colours.

Tattoo colours

Choosing a full-colour tattoo makes the design more challenging because the artist needs to think about where to place the colours and how to mix them for the desired look. When designing a full-colour tattoo, the artist has many more stylistic options than when making a grayscale tattoo design.

Body placement

Another key deciding factor is the body placement of the tattoo. For a tattoo on a challenging body area, some artists charge 10% to 25% more. These include the face, foot, elbow, and neck. 

a tattoo artist tattooing a woman's arm

Tattoo artist’s skill and experience

Getting a tattoo from an experienced and well-known artist is more expensive. They typically charge by the hour but will charge for the cost of the tattoo if it is small and can be completed in one sitting. Famous tattoo artists and tattoo shops can also charge higher rates. When appointments are limited, the cost is almost always higher.

Professional equipment

Going to a safe, sanitary parlour that follows proper protocol will cost more than going to a sketchy, mediocre studio, but you should never compromise safety to save money. You should go with a tattoo parlour that has a good reputation and is licensed in your city. 

Tip: Before booking a tattoo artist, make sure they follow best practices, such as using a new needle from a sealed container for each client and sterilising reusable equipment. The same is true if you’re getting a mobile tattoo artist.

How to save on tattoo costs

Getting tattoos is a big decision and can be costly, but there are a few ways how to save on tattoo costs:

  • Timing: Many people are unaware there is a slow season for tattoo artists. In many tattoo shops, the winter months are the slowest. This can be an excellent time to work out a deal with a tattoo artist.
  • Pre-paying in instalments: Ask the tattoo artist if they offer the option of full and instalment prepayment for a tattoo. This can be helpful if you’re getting a large tattoo that costs a lot. 
  • Flash designs: If you’ve been itching to get a tattoo but are unsure about the design, wait for your artist’s flash designs. These usually come at fixed prices and are cheaper than customised ones.

Aside from getting inked, you can also try getting a body piercing service from the same team as part of a package or get an ear piercing if you want subtler accessorising.

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Now that you have a general idea of tattoo prices, the next step is to find a tattoo artist to get inked! To receive more accurate quotes while searching for a Tasker, you can write down information like your budget, location, tattoo size, complexity, and body placement. Look over their profiles, ratings, and reviews to choose the expert for your tattoo needs.

The skills needed for tattooing come from years of practice and intensive training. Hire a qualified tattoo artist to ensure not only the aesthetics and quality of your tattoo but also your safety as a client.

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Tattoos are typically priced two ways: by the piece or by the hour. Some artists will give you a firm quote on the piece, especially if it is a piece they can predict the duration to complete it. If you bring in a sketch or work with the artist to create one, they will likely give you a set price for the entire work. 

For around £500, you can get a detailed half-sleeve tattoo. As for the cost of a full-sleeve, it starts at £1,500. Consider the design and size of it when calculating costs.

Depending on the design, a half-sleeve tattoo often takes three sessions, or a total of 10-15 hours over two to three sessions. While still a significant commitment, this takes considerably less time than inking a whole sleeve, which can take anywhere between 25 and 40 hours over at least 4 or 5 sessions.

While not required, it could definitely help the tattoo artist. Think about how long the tattoo artist worked on it. Consider how much effort you believe your tattoo artist has put into it, and tip appropriately. 

Depending on the size and complexity of your tattoo, a single session of laser tattoo removal can cost anywhere from £60 to £400. For a series of treatments, most clinics offer discounted pricing.

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