How much does it cost to replace a catalytic converter?

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How much for a catalytic converter?

The cost of a catalytic converter ranges from £150 to £500, with some high-performance or specialized converters costing even more. It can vary depending on factors such as the make and model of the vehicle, the type of converter needed, and the supplier. It’s advisable to consult with local automotive shops or suppliers to get accurate pricing and find a suitable catalytic converter for your vehicle.

Defining the catalytic converter

A catalytic converter is an important car part. It’s fitted inside your exhaust pipe before the muffler to reduce harmful emissions and turn unused fuel particles into harmless gases. The outside of a catalytic converter has a steel shell, and the inside looks a bit like a honeycomb. This 'honeycomb' does all the work of filtering gases.

Catalytic converter prices for different car models

Depending on availability, you can get a new catalytic converter or save some money by buying a secondhand/reconditioned one. Your mechanic will advise you on specific costs and help you source the right parts. The average cost of replacing a catalytic converter is £150 to £800. However, if you’re looking for a converter for a specific brand, refer to the list below:

Car make and model

Catalytic converter price

Citroen C1


Vauxhall Corsavan


Ford Fiesta


Volkswagen Caddy


Mazda 6


Audi TT


Peugeot 308


You can also get universal catalytic converters. Their prices depend on unit shape and size. They can be a good option if your converter is difficult to source in the UK and is no longer manufactured.

Catalytic converter replacement costs

You can estimate your total catalytic converter replacement costs with this simple formula: converter cost + (hourly rate x total time) = total cost. First, check the table above for the cost of your converter. Second, add it to the product of your mechanic’s hourly rate* and expected project duration. 

*Mechanics usually charge £40 to £120 per hour. If your mechanic is a specialist or works for a dealership, they’ll be on the higher end of the scale. Private and independent mechanics tend to charge lower hourly rates.

a mechanic replacing an old catalytic converter

Factors affecting catalytic converter replacement costs

  • How complex the replacement job is for your car type
  • The year your car was made
  • Whether it’s a diesel or petrol model
  • Whether you or your mechanic will source the parts
  • Extras (like a car service or engine flush)
  • Your location/suburb
  • Whether you book a mobile mechanic or bring your car to a workshop
  • Whether you need them to work on a weekend or weekday

Signs of catalytic converter damage

The only way to know if your catalytic converter needs replacing is to consult a mechanic. They’ll check your car and run some tests. Before then, here are some warning signs:

Car issue Description
Your vehicle isn’t performing like it used to If your converter isn’t functioning well, it will make your engine dirty and sluggish.
Your check engine light is on This could mean a lot of things, including converter damage.
Your exhaust is smelly If you smell rotten eggs coming from your car’s exhaust, perhaps your catalytic converter isn’t burning all the particles and pollutants properly.
You refuel your car often If you’re going through fuel a bit faster than usual, there’s something wrong with your engine, and this might be due to an ineffective converter.

The process of catalytic converter replacement

When you book a mechanic to replace your catalytic converter, they will:

  • Use their equipment to confirm if your catalytic converter is the problem

  • Raise your car to work underneath it

  • Unclamp, unbolt, or extract (depending on the make and model) your old catalytic converter from your exhaust pipe

  • Fit your new convert securely

  • Lower your car and run the engine

  • Perform tests, including a road test, to make sure it’s working properly

Other services after replacing your catalytic converter

Your mechanic can look at your car's other parts and offer more services. You can request the following:

Service Inclusions
General car service an oil and filter change, a fluid top-up, a safety inspection, and a brake check
Full car service spark plug replacement, component QA, logbook entries, and suspension adjustment
Tire service wheel alignment, rotation, repair, and tyre replacement

If you're planning to sell your car, some mechanics can provide roadworthy certificates. You can book these services simultaneously for a better deal.

a new catalytic converter

Post a task for catalytic converter replacement

The best way to get an accurate price is to ask for some quotes or post a description of what you need on Airtasker’s marketplace. Just post a task, review offers, and choose someone who meets your requirements. If you’re curious, check out how it works.

Here’s are some details to include:

  • Timing and budget

  • Location

  • Car make and model

  • Issues noticed

  • Equipment and parts provided

  • Additional services required

The more info you include, the easier it will be for your mechanic to give an accurate quote. They’ll rely on your task description when they start working on your car.

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Usually, catalytic converters fail due to engine problems causing too much heat. Using the wrong fuel can also cause converter failure.

Your converter breaks down exhaust fumes from your car. If it breaks, your car’s exhaust will be a lot smellier than usual. Moreover, your engine will run less smoothly.

Many catalytic converters last indefinitely (longer than many other parts that need replacing). Still, if you experience engine or exhaust issues, you might need a new catalytic converter. Don't delay the replacement for too long because it can impact your engine.

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