How much does clutch replacement cost?

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Most modern consumer cars come with an automatic transmission these days. But the stick shift isn’t dead yet. High-performance cars, older vehicles, and a few new models come with a manual variant. And as long as manual vehicles are still running, people still need clutch services. So how much does it cost to replace a clutch, then? 

These days, clutch replacement costs £300 to £1,500, depending on several factors, which will be discussed later. A full clutch change includes replacing the clutch plate, master and slave cylinders, and fluids and springs. 

However, it’s important to note that clutch repairs are also not uncommon. Sometimes, your vehicle might only need a fluid change, a cable adjustment, or even just a clutch cylinder replacement. Note that clutch repair costs are generally lower.

What is a clutch?

In layman’s terms, a clutch is a mechanism that disconnects the engine from the transmission and allows you to change your gears or put it on neutral. Though manual and automatic transmission engines have clutch mechanisms, only vehicles with a stick shift have an actual clutch pedal.

Clutch replacement price list

How much does a new clutch cost? We’ve prepared a quick guide for your reference. These are only estimates, so speak to a mechanic for an accurate assessment.

Make and model

Clutch change cost

Vauxhall Corsa


Toyota Yaris


Nissan Qashqai


Peugeot 308


Peugeot 208


Audi A4 




Clutch kit

  • Between £150 to £500

  • £235 on average

Oil, liquids, cables, and minor parts

  • Between £20 to £100


  • Between £400 to £954

Signs that your car needs a new clutch

a mechanic holding a new clutch

Here are some signs that your clutch is nearing the end of its service life. If you notice any of these, get your car diagnosed by an expert as soon as possible.

  • Difficulty in shifting gears

  • A burning smell coming from your engine

  • Hard clutch or unable to depress the clutch pedal

  • Vehicle shudders during gear change

  • High engine RPMs but no increase in speed

  • Clutch pedal stuck or not returning to its original position

What affects the cost of clutch replacement?

Vehicle age

One major factor is vehicle age. For everyday, mass-market consumer vehicles, you shouldn’t have a problem sourcing parts, especially if many of the same models or generations are still available. A clutch replacement could be costly for newer cars if you’re forced to source parts from the brand dealership. Finally, the necessary parts eventually become scarce for older vehicles, but you can use a rebuilt clutch or reach out to original equipment manufacturers.

Vehicle make and model

It would help if you also considered your vehicle’s make and model. Clutch replacement for a 4x4 or SUV will be more expensive than for a small hatch or a mass-market sedan. Clutch repair and replacement services will cost much more for luxury and high-performance cars.

Clutch accessibility

During clutch replacement, mechanics will most likely have to remove the transmission. Cars with intricate systems that limit clutch and transmission accessibility require more care and labour, driving up the project’s overall cost.


Parts and repair and replacement kits might cost the same in several areas. On the other hand, clutch change labour costs range from £50 to £78 per hour, depending on the area. Since there isn’t standard pricing for labour when it comes to clutch replacement costs, mechanics can set the prices

Does professional clutch replacement save you money?

a mechanic replacing a clutch

DIY jobs and apprentice mechanics are affordable, but some things are worth spending on. It’s better to hire an experienced mechanic with the right skill set for a successful clutch replacement service. Essentially, you won’t have to worry about rookie mistakes if you seek professional help. Even minor errors could make you spend more in the long run and compromise the safety of your vehicle. 

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FAQs on clutch replacement

Your clutch can last up to 60,000 miles. But you’ll likely require repairs and a replacement earlier, depending on your driving style and terrain.

Yes, especially if you’re planning to keep your car for a long time. If you choose not to repair or change a damaged clutch, your car will become practically useless. Then, you’ll have no choice but to sell it off for scrap and purchase a new vehicle.

Changing a clutch isn’t simple because of the part’s placement or location. Your mechanic must remove the transmission and drive shaft, which could entail heavy lifting to provide adequate space between the gearbox and the engine.

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