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Keeping a vibrant, well-maintained lawn is the dream of many homeowners. However, the meticulous work of lawn maintenance can be costly and time-consuming, especially when homeowners don’t know the best methods for preservation. One of the easiest and most affordable secrets to a healthy garden is lawn aeration. If you’ve heard of this term before but are unsure if you need to aerate your lawn, this guide will help you learn and decide how much to charge for aeration. 

How much does lawn aeration cost? Professional lawn aeration typically costs between £30 to £350 per project. This service can also be done by the homeowner for around the same cost. You can rent a lawn aerator by the hour, the day, or the week all for affordable prices. However, because most landscapers offer this service, it makes sense to include it in your regular professional landscaping care.

What is lawn aeration?

Most homeowners know that watering and fertilisation are key to a healthy, lush lawn. However, aeration is often skipped in this process. This essential step contributes significantly to improving your lawn and lowering your costs for both irrigation and fertilisation. 

Aeration is a process of removing dead grass and compact dirt from the top layer of your lawn. When this top layer of dry dirt and dead grass is removed, it gives the soil more access to water and nutrients to keep it healthy. This allows grass roots to grow deeper and make your entire lawn healthier. 

A lawn aerator works by removing “plugs” of dead grass and soil from the top layer of your lawn to improve water absorption, fertilisation, and air flow. The machine creates pores in your lawn so that more can water penetrate the soil. Most aerators look and work like a push mower or ride-on mower. Instead of cutting the grass, however, the aerator will poke holes a few centimeters apart. This is why lawn aeration rate may depend on the equipment used by your landscaper.

When does my lawn need aeration?

Aeration is a less common lawn care service than trimming grass and shrubs. Because of this, many homeowners are unaware their lawn may need aeration, or when to get it done. If you have not aerated your lawn, it needs treatment immediately. This will also improve your lawn’s appearance without the grass looking patchy due to shallow roots and weeds. 

gardener inspecting lawn lush green grass lawn

If you’re unsure of whether you need a lawn aeration service, take a shovel and dig approximately six inches into the ground. If the grass roots are less than two inches or so into the ground, your grass is not getting proper nutrients to grow, and your lawn needs aeration. 

It’s important to plan your aeration service according to season. The best time to aerate is in the late summer or early autumn. During these months, grass is likely to grow the most without unwanted weeds. In the spring and early summer grass grows a lot, but aeration during these months can give weeds the opportunity to take root. 

Factors to consider for your lawn aeration price

The price for lawn aeration is relatively affordable. If you aerate at least once a year (twice a year is even better), you will see major improvements in your yard over time. To get a better estimate on yearly lawn aeration cost, you’ll want to consider the following factors:

  • Lawn size. Lawn aeration services are priced either by the hour or the size of the lawn. If you have a small front yard that needs aeration, you can expect a price of £50 or less. However, if you have a large landscaped backyard, you may want to leave more room for your budget.
  • Slope. The slope of your lawn can make it more difficult for the landscaper to aerate properly. If you have a sloped lawn or if your home is on a small hill, factor this into your aeration budget. The landscape professional will likely explain this and add it into your estimate when they see the property. 
  • Type of soil. Not all soils are the same when it comes to lawn aeration. Clay soils, sandy soils, and highly compact soils make it more difficult to perform a complete aeration. These soil types may need more than one sweep for proper aeration. Clay can also increase maintenance costs for the aerator. If you have one of these soil types in your lawn, then you should expect a slightly higher lawn treatment price. 
  • Fertilisation. One of the main benefits to aeration is that lawn fertiliser can easily penetrate the soil. Many landscapers prefer to aerate and fertilise at the same time, and may encourage you to include both in your service. This will save you money, as you don’t have to spend as much on fertilisation over time.

Including aeration in your annual lawn care plan

Now that you have a better understanding of the lawn aeration process, it's time to start planning it in your annual lawn care maintenance. It is best to plan for lawn aeration services twice a year - one during the late summer and another one right before spring. However, if you have never aerated your lawn before, your landscaper may recommend a few months of regular aeration to fully remove the dead grass and dried soil from your lawn. 

Aeration and fertilisation services should be included with your regular moss removal and flower care. Combined, these services will do wonders for your lawn health and longevity. With regular fertilisation and aeration, you’ll begin to see greener, thicker grass and healthier plants. 

If you combine these services and schedule them regularly, your landscaper may provide discounts or bulk deals on lawn care services. To save more, ask your landscaper if they can offer you a better rate for combined services rather than scheduling them individually. As your lawn health improves, you’ll need to spend less and less on fertilisation and irrigation. 

Comparing lawn aeration costs to get the best price

It can be tricky to know how much to charge to aerate a lawn if you have never done the service before. The national average cost of lawn aeration services is approximately £80 for a midsize yard. However, small yards that need lawn aeration may cost around £30. You also need to know about the lawn aerator hire price, as professionals may charge you extra for the equipment. Aerator rentals may cost around £15 to £200, depending on the type of aerator. Large yard spaces or yards with complex landscaping and sloping can average up to £300. 

Typically you’ll find cheaper per-square-foot costs for larger yards. Some companies offer a flat rate for a yard up to a certain size (example: 2,500 square feet), and charge extra for every additional 1,000 square feet. However, there is no one way that landscapers price these services. You will need to consult and get a quote from a lawn care expert to find out the exact costs based on the size and needs of your yard.

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The short answer is yes. Almost every homeowner needs aeration. If you prioritize your lawn health and appearance, lawn aeration is a quick and affordable way to improve it. Lawn aeration will also help you save money on fertiliser costs because you’ll get better results for less.

Aeration ideally should be scheduled twice a year. Schedule at least one service in the late summer or early fall, and another service right after winter if possible. If you have never aerated your lawn before, you may need to schedule additional services to remove the years of buildup in the dirt.

Aeration can actually reduce your irrigation costs, if done regularly. If you’ve never aerated your lawn or have just started, you’ll only notice short-term results. However, if you start a regular cycle of twice-a-year aerating, your lawn will have greater access to water and you can reduce water usage.

Do not worry if you can’t see the plugs after your first service. it takes time to see results if you haven’t aerated your lawn in a while. If you have very dry soil or a thick layer of dead grass, the plugs will fill in very quickly. With consistent aeration, however, you’ll see better results over time.

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