How much does gutter guard installation cost?

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If gutters save you from untimely roof repair projects, gutter guards save you from frequent cleaning and unclogging. They are designed to protect gutters by keeping out leaves, debris, moss, and snow. But how much should you spend on their installation?

The average gutter guard installation cost is $1,750. Fortunately, this is only a starting point. Read on to learn how to set the right budget.

Average gutter guard installation costs

Gutter guard size

Average cost (material + labour)

7.5 metres


15 metres


30 feet


45 feet


60 feet


75 feet


What affects gutter guard installation costs?

a gutter guard with leaves on top

Gutter guard type

Different kinds of gutter guards are available for home installation, depending on the type of roofing material and budget. Some popular options include the following:

  • Steel screens. Typically made of heavy-duty powder-coated aluminium or galvanized steel, these are among the top three cheapest roof guards, costing around $2.35 per metre. They can also protect against leaves and debris. However, they might not be as effective in larger rain events.
  • Plastic screens. The most affordable in the market, plastic gutter guards are worth a little over $0.50 per metre. They are lightweight, resistant to rusting and corrosion, and easily installed by DIYers. However, the material is less rigid than steel and might not hold up for many years.
  • Mesh screens. A mid-range option in terms of cost, with an average price of $2 per metre, mesh gutter guards usually feature built-in UV protection or stainless steel construction. They are very effective in keeping out leaves and other debris. However, pine needles and small pods can clog them because of their small openings.
  • Foam inserts. The average cost of foam guards is around $3.25. Foams are popular because they fit snugly into the gutters and allow water to pass through while catching debris well. On the downside, they can retain water, causing seeds and pods to take root. 
  • Brush. Gutter brushes contain heavy-duty bristles inserted into the gutters, blocking out leaves and other debris. Although they require occasional cleaning, the brushes are easy to attach and maintain, but the installation costs might also set you back at almost $4 per metre.
  • Perforated aluminium. The aluminium gutter guard installation cost is around $1 per metre. These covers feature small stamped or punched holes stamped or punched that allow water to pass through while trapping debris. But they also collect sediment and require cleaning every few months. 

Gutter guard type

Average cost per metre

Steel screen


Plastic screen


Mesh screen


Foam inserts




Perforated aluminium


Labour cost

You can install gutter guards yourself to save on labour costs. However, this is not advisable if:

  • You are scared of heights.
  • Your home has two or more storeys.
  • The roof is challenging to access.
  • You are uncomfortable with the size and type of ladder you need for the job.
  • You want to avoid costly mistakes, such as incorrect measuring and installation.

In these cases, hire a professional installer. On average, the labour cost to install a gutter guard is around $40 per metre. Depending on these factors, you might spend more or less:

  • Gutter coverage. Installers charge per linear foot or metre, so the wider the coverage, the higher the cost.
  • Accessibility. The cost can also increase if your roof is hard to reach and requires extra equipment or more time to install guards correctly. For instance, if the sections are small, the price can increase to over $150 per metre.
  • Materials or guard type. Most gutter installation experts already supply the materials. The per-hour rate could rise if you prefer a mesh or gutter helmet over plastic or steel.
  • Location. Those who serve more popular urban cities could charge more because of higher demand and cost of living.

Additional gutter guard services

a man installing a gutter guard

How much do gutter guards cost? The price also varies if you want other services to go along with it:

  • Gutter cleaning. Cleaning the existing roof and gutter is a necessary step before installing guards, and it usually costs an additional $300, depending on the size of your home or property.
  • Gutter replacement or repair. If some gutter sections have holes, rust damage, or weak spots, the provider should replace or reinforce them before installing the guards. The cost of gutter repair or replacement usually ranges from $150 and up.
  • Gutter maintenance. Keeping the gutters in top condition requires regular inspection and cleaning, costing around $50 per hour for the labour. You might also have to pay extra for materials if the guards have to be replaced or adjusted.

Post a task for gutter guard installation

If you want peace of mind regarding roof and gutter maintenance, attaching a gutter guard is necessary. But who installs gutter guards also matters. If you need professional gutter guard installation help, post a task on Airtasker. Here is how it works:

  1. Describe your task. Include the size, type, and condition of your gutter guards and the additional services you need.
  2. Get offers from Taskers near you. You can view each profile and rating to find the most qualified person for the job.
  3. Agree on a price. You can communicate with the Tasker to receive a fixed quote that fits your budget.
  4. Schedule the task. Once you have chosen the best Tasker for the job, arrange a convenient time and date for them to complete the installation and other tasks you requested.

Overall, installing a gutter guard system is a smart way to protect your home from water damage, making the cost worth it. If you need help installing gutter guards, Taskers can do it for you safely and efficiently.

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Yes, gutter guards are worth it. They help keep leaves and other debris from clogging your gutters while preventing overflow or water damage. They can also reduce the need for regular maintenance and extend the life of your gutters and roofs.

Installations usually take one to two days, depending on the property’s size and the job’s complexity.

The cost to install gutter guards can range from $1,500 to $2,000, including materials and labour. The overall price depends on the size of your home, the type of gutter guards you choose, and how much labour is involved.

Gutter guards usually last between 10 and 20 years, with proper maintenance and cleaning. You can also get a warranty to spend less on repair and replacement. But do gutter guards increase home value? Yes, because they reduce the need for costly maintenance and keep your roof and foundation in excellent condition for years.

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