How much does it cost to clean solar panels?

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Solar panels provide much-needed light and energy to homes without connecting to power grids. They make energy more accessible, especially in remote places. However, investing in solar panels can get pricey. Cleaning them regularly ensures that your hard-earned investment will remain efficient. But how much does solar panel cleaning cost?

The average cost of cleaning solar panels is $12 per panel or around $480 for 40 panelsThis could go higher or lower, depending on the size, number, location and condition of your panels. Learn more about solar panel cleaning service costs and make an informed choice for your home.

Solar panel cleaning price list

To help you with budget planning, we’ve prepared a list showing how much each solar panel cleaning job costs and how long it will take.

Solar panel cleaning

Estimated cost

20 panels

$240 to $600

40 panels

$480 to $1,200

More than 40 panels


Solar panel repair

Estimated cost

Panel cracks and damage

$200 to $400

Loose wiring


Broken panel glass

$75 to $400

Broken inverter

$1,000 to $2,500

Panel corrosion

$200 to $500

a man cleaning a solar panelFactors affecting solar panel cleaning costs

Solar panel location

Solar panels on the ground floor are much cheaper to clean than those on the roof. If your roof is much steeper than average, expect to pay more.

Property location

Solar panel cleaning service prices also depend on property location and accessibility. If you live in bigger cities or remote areas, the cost of living, admin, and gas will affect your budget.

Solar panel condition

Solar panels are exposed to dust, leaves, soot, and animal waste. If your panels haven't been cleaned for a long time, they might perform poorly. It’s ideal to clean solar panels and your entire roof every six months to maintain efficiency and prevent costlier repairs.

The benefits of hiring a professional

If you plan to save on solar panel cleaning by doing the job yourself, you need to think twice before starting. Here's why asking a professional to clean your solar panels is a good investment:

Quality assurance

Although home cleaning seems straightforward, solar panel cleaning is a different matter. It requires specialised tools and products. A specialist knows what works best for your brand of solar panel and has the equipment or materials readily available.

Solar panel cleaning isn't for the faint of heart. Fortunately, professionals are prepared to deal with heights and angled planes. One wrong move might result in a huge safety issue. Also, they can clean up animal droppings and other thick layers of dirt.

Better solar panel performance

Hiring a professional to clean your solar panels will make them last longer. Since professionals have experience handling different types of solar panels, they can diagnose potential issues and repairs right away.

a handyman cleaning solar panels

Posting a task for solar panel cleaning

Overall, improve your home life by cleaning your solar panels. Whether they're on the ground or on the roof, you can get a personalised quote when you post a task on our platform. Just remember to provide the details of your cleaning project. Explore your options and learn more about how it works.

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It usually takes around half an hour to two hours, depending on the panel’s location. Panels located on the ground floor will take faster to clean compared to panels installed on the roof. Wherever your solar panel system is installed, specialists are trained to handle and clean them efficiently.

Commercial solar panel cleaning costs depend on the size and location of the panel. However, many specialists offer discounts especially if there are more panels to be covered, or if the service is needed on a regular basis.

Yes. Some companies have specific instructions on solar panel cleaning that should be strictly followed to avoid potential problems with the warranty. Before booking any solar panel cleaning job, make sure to check your booklet or consult with a specialist knowledgeable about your solar panel brand.

Many things will help you determine if it’s time to have your solar panels cleaned. First, if you notice a drop in energy or power usage. Second, if you see visible dirt and dust on the panels. Lastly, if you hear animal noises through the roof.

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