How much does it cost to clear land?

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These days, land clearing costs are often forgotten when setting a budget for property development. In reality, it's important to ready the land for construction or farming before anything else. Landowners can easily exceed their budget when leaving this out or trying to do it on their own. 

While the cost of clearing land starts at $250 only, it can go as high as $15,000 for a wooded lot. On average, clearing land costs $7,625, depending on several factors. A Tasker can make this process cost-efficient and hassle-free.

Land clearing cost per acre

Most Taskers will give you a quote per quarter or full acre based on the state of the land. Is it lightly or heavily wooded? Removing a few shrubs here and there is cheaper than clearing a wooded lot.


Debris Amount/Level

Average Cost

Clear light brush and grub roots

87.5 yd3


Clear medium brush and small trees, grub roots

105 yd3


Clear brush and trees to 6" trunk diameter

455 yd3


Clear wooded area, pull stumps

490 yd3


Clear light underbrush & grub roots

350 yd3


Clear medium underbrush & small trees, grub roots

420 yd3


Clear underbrush and trees to 6" trunk diameter

455 yd3


clearing grassy land for new structures

What affects land clearing prices?

Here are some things to consider when computing the total price of your land clearing project:

Preparing the site

While land clearing might entail a carefree afternoon of bulldozing debris on barren land, prepping the site actually requires much effort. The cost of clearing a block of land can increase or decrease after site preparation, as this determines the work that needs to be done. If you don't have the land title, it's best to start there and have a professional survey the land. This tells you the property lines and what kind of land clearing and leveling is needed.

Locating underground utilities

If you intend to build a residential or commercial property on the land, underground utilities are essential when determining the cost of clearing trees and land. Roots and rocks can impede plumbing, construction, and electrical work later on if not cleared ahead of time.

Acquiring a land clearing permit

It's essential to consult your local government about the necessary permits before demolishing structures, digging out the land, and clearing trees. These tasks can be messy and disruptive, especially without a professional. It's best to work with a team that has the experience and skill to handle the job - which includes preparing and getting a permit.

Renting equipment

Complicated land clearing needs big machinery. So what's the best equipment to clear land? You'll need bulldozers, excavators, dump trucks, and chainsaws. Renting these out per piece might cost more than just hiring a team that has already invested in equipment for land clearing. 

You can reduce your expenses if you only need to prep empty land by removing rubbish and weeds. But if you're clearing land for a building, set your expectations accordingly because the project might require the removal of an acre of trees.

Securing manpower

Aside from equipment, a team of professionals is needed for land clearing. More so if you plan to have the property landscaped. Operating a bulldozer and dump truck requires special licenses, while excavators and chainsaws are a safety hazard. Don't scrimp on the people working on your project to ensure that the job is completed safely.

Additional land clearing expenses

While these services aren't necessarily included when calculating site clearance costs, you can request them depending on the state of your land:

clearing land for construction

Soil testing

To ensure that your planned crops will grow, it's crucial to test the soil and look for possible toxic chemicals. These can make farming impossible or cause sickness. If you intend to build something on the property, soil testing can be done to check if the soil is prone to erosion and what kind of structure can be supported. 

Stump grinding and removal

Stumps need to be removed or ground down to fully prepare land for agriculture and building. This can be done through manual removal, burning, or chemical rotting. Each of these has different costs and project durations. 

See also: Stump Removal Cost Guide


Landscaping can make your place more appealing and increase its value, whether you're clearing property to build a house or commercial space. However, it can be expensive, especially when hiring a popular landscaping artist. Give local Taskers a chance by reviewing their portfolio and checking their quotations. They know the weather, soil, and foliage best.

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Yes, it does because it prepares your property for future developments, like building or farming. However, the natural features of the land have value, too! You might want to have the area surveyed before the clearing project.

There’s no definite computation since it depends on the factors listed above. A minor project will take a few hours, but heavily wooded land can take two to three days to clear fully. If possible, share a photo with your Tasker to get an accurate estimate online.

Yes, some logging companies will remove trees from your land for free, as it’s a cheaper way for them to get wood. However, they might leave your property with stumps or roots that need to be removed. This can, at the very least, reduce the cost of clearing the land.

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