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We might have our beautiful garden to enjoy each day but sustaining the lush beauty of that garden can be incredibly time-consuming. From newly laid lawns to established beds and architectural botanic displays, sustaining our garden comes down to installing an irrigation system: proper irrigation can mean the difference between healthy, lush growth and plants that don’t thrive. 

Irrigation is the controlled supply of water to land, plants, garden and crops at managed times. Essentially, irrigation helps to grow and maintain our plants while improving the soil during periods with less-than-average rainfall while conserving water resources and protecting water quality.

There are two types of systems. Firstly, you can choose between a manual system offering full control over when the garden is watered, and a full automated system allowing you to forget about watering the garden altogether.  

Costs can vary from $1,000 to $10,000+. The cost varies from setting up less expensive manual irrigation systems for small yards to the custom design and installation of automatic irrigation systems with timers for built garden beds. 

You can try to DIY but the expertise of a professional technician will install your system efficiently and correctly, allowing for design and water flow while avoiding any potential expenses with water damage and disaster. A great deal of work goes into the design process alone - one mistake or miscalculation could ruin the entire process and might cost you even more money in the future.

A professional will address significant details such as the water pressure, water volume, the system design capacity, the right products for the right area such as sprinkler heads, valves and pipes, controllers, regulators, transmitters, rotors driplines, sensors and other accessories. 

From making points of connections to installing the main line, valve manifolds, lateral lines, backfilling, laying pipes and understanding guidelines and regulations, professionals offer all the security and confidence the problems with design and installation, you have all the security and confidence the project will be professionally completed.

a man installing an irrigation system for growing plants 

Common Inclusions in Irrigation System Projects

The main factor to impact the price comes to a variety of services. Irrigation systems may include some or all the following services:

  • Lawn Sprinkler Services. If Mother Nature rained the same amount every day at the same time, we wouldn’t need a sprinkler system. If there’s one thing we can rely upon, it’s that the weather is inconsistent, so the only way to see healthy, lush growth is with regularly timed, measured water - from an automatic sprinkler system.

  • Irrigation System Installation. From supplying and installing all types of automatic watering and irrigation systems for turf, gardens, planters, pots, trees, vegetable gardens, vertical gardens, green walls and green terraces, a well installed irrigation system with adjustable timers or smart controllers will precisely distribute water without wasting a drop – wherever you are.

  • Irrigation System Design & Installation. Customizing a system for your garden starts with measuring the property and sketching out the area then plotting the details. The details need to start from the system’s capacity including planning around the water pressure, water volume – gauging the size of the water meter, to the size to the service line. The next step is selecting the right sprinkler heads according to the area size - be it large, small or micro; and whether the sprinkler heads pop up or rotate and are customised, according to the plants, their sizes and location.

  • Irrigation System Service, Maintenance & Repair. Like all mechanical systems, sprinklers, pipes, fittings, controllers, timers, rain sensors, leaks and components experience wear and tear, eventually requiring replacement. Generally, depending on design, build and components with regular maintenance every Spring and Autumn, systems can be replaced anywhere from 10 to 15 years.

Different sprinkler and irrigation systems will include difference services within their package and prices may vary accordingly. Depending on which services are included in the package you purchase, you might pay more or less than average.

Factors that Affect Irrigation System Prices

Aside from the service package, other factors also affect the costs of Irrigation Systems.

Area Size & Terrain. How long jobs take largely dictates what Irrigation System Installers charge. Dimensions and size of the garden also determines the size and number of sprinklers needed.

Types of Plants. Exotic and flowering plants may require more attention as opposed to deciduous or native shrubs which are sturdier and require less care. For example, For example, vegetable gardens will need more water than a bed of native plants. Costs can vary according to any of these factors.

Equipment & Material. Extra special jobs and installations requiring design, technical skills and hard labour will vary in costs. Generally, Irrigation System Installers rates include the labour and use of equipment to complete the job. But if expensive materials and specialist skills are required, these may incur additional costs as they are unlikely to be included in the standard rates. The latest technology can be a factor. 

Type of Irrigation Systems. There are two main types of irrigation systems: sprinkler systems and drip irrigation. Sprinkler systems need to be correctly positioned to avoid water wastage.  Sprinkler heads need to be pointed towards the garden while avoiding spraying onto driveways, roads, or buildings. The sprinklers also need to be spaced with a slight overlap to avoid leaving a dry area beneath. Sprinklers also need to be linked into different zones allowing areas of the garden to be evenly watered. 

Drip irrigation systems are extremely water-efficient, using less water, minimising evaporation, eliminating overspray, reducing run off while delivering water directly to the roots of the plant.  Additionally, there are three types of drip systems: water weeping hose, in-line drip tube, and plug in drippers.

Water weeping hoses is designed to run at a low pressure. In-line drip tubes are poly pipes with drip emitters built in at regular spacings. Plug in drippers can be fixed or adjustable and plugged directly into low density poly pipe.

Difficulty & Number of Tasks. How many services and labour intensive they are will influence costs. Installing Lawn Sprinklers will not be as expensive as repairing a leak or a package of services such as installation, with specialist services requiring a higher charge.

Change of Seasons. The upkeep and care for gardens, shrubs and plants may vary according to season where the availability of water according to season matters.

Change of State. Services differ from state to state. This is due to the varied climates, standards of living, expanse in areas to maintain and demand around the country. The cost of gardening services in NSW, VIC and QLD will vary greatly to those in Tasmania.

a man opening the valves of an irrigation system

Example Pricing for Irrigation System Installation

Now that you know all of the services a professional Irrigation System Technician performs and which factors impact the pricing for such services, it’s time to take a look at average grooming prices in the USA, broken down by the type of organisation that offers them.

  • Lawn Sprinkler Services. Typically the least expensive service, pop up lawn sprinklers are relatively easy to install and repair, though the area of large, small or micro is the final factor in determining final costs.

  • Drip Irrigation System Installation. Professional services are best for this service, where the supply and install of a drip irrigation system requires skills in water pressure, water volume for size of water meter and service line. Adjustable timers or smart controllers also require added costs.

  • Irrigation System Design. Customising a system requires a great deal of skill and know-how, including planning around the water pressure and volume to selecting the right sprinkler heads according to the area size - be it large, small or micro; and whether the sprinkler heads pop up or rotate and are customised, according to the plants, their sizes and location.

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