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Adding water features to your home can increase your property's aesthetic appeal and overall value. It makes your home look good and creates a focal point in your garden or front yard. Water feature prices can range from $848 to $4541+, but prices can vary as low as $50 to over $8,000. Installation costs range from $40 to $65 per hour. 

There are significant benefits to installing a water feature in your garden or yard space. A water feature adds natural, ambient sounds to your garden. It also helps drown out unnecessary noise from traffic and neighbors. And some studies say that the sound of running water has a calming or therapeutic effect, reducing stress levels.

Water feature prices

Landscape contractor prices will vary depending on the type of water feature you plan to install. Here's a quick table illustrating the installation costs of different water features. The figures below may include installation fees, material expenses, and more:

Water feature service

Estimated cost

Garden/backyard pond installation

$300 to $5,500

Pool waterfall installation

$450 to $18,000

Waterfall kit installation

$450 to $3,400

Pondless waterfall installation

$1,500 to $5,000

Garden fountain installation

$50 to $4,000

a pond in a small garden

Factors affecting backyard or pool water feature costs

1. Pre-installation services

Pre-installation services such as land clearing, excavation, and leveling are required for landscaping contractors to install most, if not all, water features. Naturally, the clearing cost for a backyard pond is less than the clearing cost of adding a water feature to an existing pool. 

2. Water feature materials

Materials used to create your water feature also affect the overall cost. Review your options because quality materials cost more to purchase and install but last longer. However, that doesn't mean budget-friendly water feature options need repairs and replacements sooner. Overall, installing a bird bath or a simple 3-tiered water fountain costs less than installing a pond and landscaping your backyard.

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3. Sprinklers, water pumps, and irrigation systems

Quality and efficient water pumps are necessary for any water feature in your backyard. Smaller pumps might be suitable for a small bird bath or pondless water fountain. You'll need a higher-capacity pump for bigger water features. This means installation costs for an outdoor water fountain will be higher since it requires a bigger pump.

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4. Water feature design

It's not surprising that simpler, traditional pools cost less to install than backyard waterfalls or garden ponds. For more intricate designs, you'll require the services of experienced and skilled landscape designers. This means you might need the help and coordination of other tradesmen, such as electricians and plumbers, to complete your project. And you'll need the assistance of the same professionals for regular maintenance. 

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5. Size of the job

The size or complexity of your project will affect the overall cost of water feature installation. You'll definitely be able to save more when hiring independent contractors for smaller jobs or water features with simpler designs. However, suppose you plan to have some major landscaping and add bigger water features. In that case, you'll need the services of certified professionals with the right skill set and tools.

a water fountain in a backyard

What can Taskers do for those with existing water features?

For people with existing water features, Taskers also offer auxiliary services that you might need:

  • Water feature cleaning, draining, and removal

  • Garden pond maintenance

  • Water pump repair

  • Garden waste collection

  • Garden cleaning

  • Pool cleaning and repair

Post a task for water feature installation

Now that you've read all about the factors affecting the cost of water features, all you need to do is to hire a Tasker to elevate your backyard. All you need to do is log on, post a task, and wait to review offers that come in. Be sure to list all the info about the job:

  1. Water feature type or design 

  2. Your budget

  3. Size of the working area

  4. Preferred date and time

  5. Other requests or instructions

By booking through Airtasker, you can save time finding a reliable water feature contractor near you. No need to get a referral or look for water feature prices in person; just log on, and everything is at the tip of your fingers. Airtasker provides Tasker profiles, ratings, and reviews to help you make an informed decision before accepting an offer. 

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Most water features these days no longer require water to be pumped in. Water is stored in a sump, reservoir, or pond, and then a pump moves the water up to the spout. Once the water flows back down to the sump or pond, the cycle repeats. The sump is found either in the water feature itself or buried underground in the case of outdoor water features. 

You shouldn’t turn off your water feature. Water features and their pumps are designed to run constantly. Turning it off can cause stagnant water, algae buildup, and bacteria growth, attracting egg-laying insects. If you own fish in a pond, stagnant water is detrimental to their health.

Yes, you’ll need to attach your water feature to an electric supply to operate the pump. However, if your water supply runs on solar power, you don’t need electricity.

Most people agree that water features add aesthetic value to your home. As for monetary value, this is debatable since a water feature may or may not necessarily appeal to a prospective buyer. Instead, make sure that installing and owning a water feature is something that would please you or bring you joy.

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