How much does it cost to remove rubbish?

Average prices

£40 - £500







It can be a huge job to sort through your belongings and separate the trash from the treasure. But it can be equally disheartening to take away that trash once you’ve figured out what it is. So, maybe you should save yourself the hassle? There’s a range of options available for cheap and easy rubbish removal. Rubbish removal prices may vary on the items you want to be removed. So, keep in mind what your needs are and how much you’re prepared to spend. 


Should I hire a rubbish removalist?


Probably yes - if the thought of picking through your trash or carting it around fills you with dread. Some regular situations in which people tend to hire rubbish removalists include: 


  • When there is a large pile of materials that you can't accommodate in your vehicle

  • If you don’t have a car, van, or truck to take your rubbish away

  • Situations in which you have to transport your trash long distances

  • When there are other ways you’d like to spend your time

  • When the time spent moving your rubbish would be more profitably spent doing something else

  • When there is material to be moved that requires specialised skills - for instance, hazardous material or asbestos products


But paying for rubbish removal fees is not for everyone. You might think about doing the job yourself in a bunch of situations:


  • There’s only a small volume of stuff that needs clearing away

  • You have friends who are happy to help with the job

  • You’ve easy access to a truck or other conveyance


What sorts of things can I hire a rubbish removalist for?


If something’s no longer of use, you can pay to take it away.


More specifically, though, there is a range of common situations in which people are happy to pay out for a rubbish removalist. These situations often involve some form of building work or renovation around the home or office. If you’ve ever renovated, you’ll probably know how quickly the off-cuts, old bricks, and saw-dust can pile up around you. So, it’s handy to pay someone to get it away fast. 


Other common situations in which people hire rubbish removalists are if they need green waste taken away; if a lot of household waste has built up; if they’re helping a friend or relative with hoarding habits; or if the office is getting a makeover.

Can I ask a rubbish removalist to sort out my rubbish?


It depends on who you’re hiring and what's included in the rubbish removal cost. 


In general, the more specialised the removalist that you’ve engaged, the more chances they will be prepared to muck in and determine what exactly is your rubbish. Plus, some specialists charge for rubbish removal by the hour. You might be better off sorting your stuff so that they work on only the bits you can’t do yourself.


Having said that, the majority of rubbish removalists would be prepared to sort your rubbish and take it away. However, you just need to remember that the more you get your rubbish removalist to do, the more you’ll likely end up paying. 


What questions should I ask my removalist?


If you’re thinking of hiring a removalist, or have already engaged someone, there’s a bunch of questions you might want to ask them. Consider if any or all of the below are appropriate to your situation:


  • Where will they take your rubbish? (This question is more important than you think. If you’re having material removed that requires specific treatment - for example, asbestos waste - knowing that it’s being taken somewhere appropriate is important for legal and ethical reasons)

  • How do they charge? (Some removalists charge per piece or a set rate. Other removalists charge per hour for their work. It’s important to know what you’ll be up for)

  • Do they clean as well as remove? (The situation can easily arrive in which your rubbish removalist takes away everything you’d like them to, but leaves your property dusty or dirty. It doesn’t have to be that way. It’s a good idea to confirm with your removalist about the condition you want your place to be left in before they get to work.)

  • How long will they expect to take? (The answer can be important if rubbish removal is just one task in a whole string you have to get done.)

  • Will they wrap your trash? (This is another question that’s probably more appropriate if you have trash that poses a safety problem. You would not like your asbestos-laden material marched through your property without anything covering it).

  • If they are wrapping your trash, do they supply plastic or sheeting? (If they don’t, you will probably have to. And this will increase the cost of the operation).


How do I determine what to pay a removalist?


Your removalist will generally have some idea when it comes to the price of rubbish removal services. But do your own search and know the average cost of rubbish removal in your area. In general, expect to pay more in the following situations: 


  • If the material you need removing is hazardous or requires experienced or specialist handling

  • If the material you need removing is heavy or large in volume

  • If there’s a particular place you need your rubbish to go - for instance, long-distance travel


Should I be concerned about where a removalist takes my rubbish?


In some situations, you should be. Those situations are generally if you know or suspect your trash is likely to be hazardous - for example, some type of chemical waste or if it’s asbestos-laden building materials.


In these situations, it’s good to get someone who knows what they’re doing and where they can safely and legally dump your rubbish. They’ll probably pass on the fees attached for doing so.

If you’ve got green waste that needs removing and you want to make sure it ends up in an appropriate location, it’s also good to follow through on where your removalist intends to go.


In other scenarios - say, if you just need household goods taken away - you might as well let your removalist do what they want with the stuff. (Provided you don’t think they’re illegally dumping it, of course).


Estimated costs of rubbish removalists  


How much does rubbish removal cost in the UK? It depends on different factors. The item you're planning to dispose of, as well as the distance you need the item moved, are likely to determine how much your rubbish removalist will cost. We’ve had a look at the typical prices charged on a range of common rubbish removal and waste clearance tasks to give you some sense of how the market looks.  


Removalist Service

Price Guide

Removalist Service

Price Guide

Asbestos removal


Soil removal


Brick removal


Pallet removal 


Green waste removal 


Scrap metal removal



Some examples of rubbish removalist listings from Airtasker 


There’s a whole bunch of listings around in which people have advertised for others to come and take away their rubbish. So, if you’re stuck on what to include in your listing, have a read of those who’ve done it before and know how much they charge for rubbish clearance.



FAQs about rubbish removalist prices

What does a rubbish removalist cost per hour?

There’s a range of prices you can expect to be quoted for rubbish removal. For basic and uncontroversial building waste, expect to be quoted from as little as £70 an hour to around £160. But prices rise if you need more complicated items removed. Or if you need someone to sort through your rubbish before taking it away.

Should a rubbish removalist take steps to protect my property?

Of course. But it’s a good idea to let your removalist know the risks around, and where you want them to tread lightly. If you’ve almost finished a home-building project, and getting the building waste removed is one of the last tasks on your list, it would be a shame to have the removalist muck up your work on the way out. Even more importantly - you don’t want a building waste removalist to traipse loose asbestos around. So it’s a good idea to have a conversation about clean working.

What’s a fair price for a rubbish removalist?

Ultimately it will be whatever you and the removalist are happy with. But don’t think you have to break the bank. A simple job like getting some bricks removed should not cost much more than £290 - depending on how many bricks there are. And remember that sometimes the removalist may be able to sell or pass on the goods that they’re taking away.

What is the average cost of moving different types of rubbish?

Asbestos-laden trash, for obvious reasons, generally requires the highest price to move. You could be looking at a few hundred pounds at least, and potentially much more, depending on how much rubbish you’ve got to get away. But smaller office rubbish, or green waste, should be pretty cheap to get rid of. If you think about paying for the work on an hourly basis, about £15 to £30 for getting rid of green waste probably sounds about right.

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