How much does garden levelling cost?

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How much does garden levelling cost?

Levelling a sloping garden helps reduce soil erosion and flooding while creating a more usable space for the whole family. If you are fond of gardening, it also encourages better plant growth for your flowers, shrubs, and lawns through a more efficient drainage system and healthier topsoil.  

Garden levelling costs £100 to £200 on average, but this could go higher or lower depending on the size and slope of the garden and materials and equipment to be used. If you want to know more about how much it costs to level a garden in the UK, we have created a comprehensive price guide. This will help you save time researching and simply focus your energy on making your ideal garden come to life.

What factors affect the price of garden levelling?

Numerous factors affect the cost of levelling a garden. While it is tricky to put a price on each of these factors because it differs per case, it is best to understand each factor to avoid surprises when hiring a garden designer.

Size and accessibility of the garden

The more square metres, the more expensive levelling a sloping garden will cost in the UK. Indeed, a bigger land area would take longer to clean, fill, and prepare and will need more manpower to complete. In some cases, it might also need bigger equipment such as bulldozers and excavators, which will be an added cost.

If you are located within the countryside, this may also add to the cost as transporting a big piece of equipment could be tricky. Potential obstacles such as gates, fences, or other factors that may affect the location’s accessibility must also be flagged with the contractor before the site visit.

Slope, soil, and terrain

Each slope is unique, and some can be more complicated than others. Steep slopes will require more time and materials to accomplish than shallow slopes. If trees, shrubs, rocks, and fences need to be cleaned, removed, or rearranged, it adds to the project’s complexity. Big trees and rocks could take time to be excavated and transported. You might need services from an earthmoving contractor, especially if elements need to be moved. Of course, this would also entail additional costs.

Materials and equipment to be used

Garden levelling includes two necessary materials to accomplish. First, you will need dirt and soil to fill the slope. Second, you will need a retaining wall to hold the dirt together and secure the land. 

Materials to fill up the land, such as dirt and topsoil, can affect the average cost. Since the goal is to create a productive and bountiful garden, having quality topsoil is essential. Besides topsoil, fill dirt is another important material in levelling up your sloping garden. Although fill dirt is often cheap, the cost to transport, dig, haul, and remove is another matter. 

Aside from dirt and soil, a retaining wall and materials to build it are important in calculating levelling garden costs in the UK. Concrete blocks are often pricey but sturdier than other materials. Breeze blocks are a cheaper option; however, more difficult to disguise. If your goal is to have a finish that would match the build of your house, house bricks and natural stone are additional options.

Keep in mind that the structure must be sturdy enough to withstand heavy rainfall and future wear and tear in building a retaining wall. Having to replace a retaining wall could get more expensive than initial costs and would also be inconvenient in the future.


The cost to level and turf a garden also differs per location. London and the South-East often have higher rates than North or West of the UK for most lawn care services. Of course, bigger garden servicing companies would also add a premium on their services compared to local self-employed gardeners. 

If you are curious about the exact rates of levelling a garden within your area, put up a task on Airtasker, and get a quote from locals ready to handle all your garden related needs.

What other factors affect the cost?

Additional factors that might add to levelling a sloping garden cost in the UK are building pathways, adding sprinkler systems, and seeding lawns. Although often overlooked, moving trees and shrubs and other materials in your backyard can also add to the costs. Expect to pay a maximum of £1500, including labour costs.

What are the benefits of levelling a garden?

Levelling a garden has various benefits. It protects your home from the dangers of flooding, soil erosion, and drainage problems that often cause muds and puddles. It also helps make your existing lawn more usable by having a delightful garden space with proper drainage and suitable topsoil. A properly executed garden levelling project would have a lawn that is easier to mow and encourage plant growth through better water absorption.

Suppose you are wondering about the next steps after having your garden levelled and beautifying the space further. In that case, Airtasker can also connect you to landscape designers and hedging service providers nearest your area. Skip the hassle of browsing through endless websites to find a landscape gardener. With just one post, you’ll be ready to start your garden makeover project.

What is the difference between DIY and hiring a professional?

While you might be tempted to DIY to save up on the cost of levelling a sloping garden in the UK, hiring a professional will pay off in the long run because:

  • A professional would know the exact measurements of the slope and the exact thickness and specifications of the retaining wall to withstand years of changing weather conditions

  • A professional would have access to equipment such as bulldozers, bobcat machines, and excavators

  • A professional would know the areas to be protected from soil erosion and quickly source dirt fill and topsoil

  • A professional could easily test the state of soil quality in your land to help prepare the necessary type conducive for plant growth

  • A professional would know the necessary permits and permissions needed for the project and help you apply and prepare for it

Hiring a professional would help make sure your project is executed well and will withstand years and decades to give you the best bang for your buck. It will also save you the time and hassle of digging up dirt, transposing land, borrowing heavy machinery, and sourcing various materials.

If you are ready to take it to the next level and wonder how much it costs to level your garden, put up a task now. Indicate your needs and ideal budget, and we’ll connect you to the best garden experts in your area.


Do I need to apply for planning permission before starting my garden levelling project?

In some cases, planning permission is needed before starting a garden levelling project. It depends on various factors such as the height of the retaining wall, the complexity of the levelling project, and pipe works, cables, or other structures that would be moved or buried in the process. At times like this, it is always best to consult with your local planning office before starting the project to avoid any future inconvenience.

How much does it cost to dig up a garden?

Digging up a garden usually costs around £70 for labour but could get higher or lower depending on the season. Generally, winters are more expensive in the first hour, while summers are usually cheaper. In addition to labour, accessibility might also affect pricing, especially if heavy machinery is needed to dig up the land and transport the dirt. Quick tip - it is always best to dampen the soil at least a day before digging. This makes the ground easier to break down and makes the job run faster.

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