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£45 - £75







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Are you tired of maintaining your verdant lawn? Artificial grass can help you lower your water bills. Moreover, it requires minimal maintenance and withstands foot traffic without wilting or becoming brittle throughout the year. On average, artificial grass installation costs £45 to £75 per square metre, depending on the project scope.

If you're planning to install artificial grass, this guide will help you set the right budget. 

Artificial grass installation price list

How much does fake grass cost? Here's a simple table you can refer to:

Artificial grass type

Price per square metre




5mm – 750gr/m²



20mm – 2000gr/m²



30mm – 2400gr/m²



30mm – 2700gr/m²



42mm – 3500gr/m²

landscaper measuring and installing artificial grass

What are the factors that affect the cost of artificial grass?

Here's what influences artificial grass fitting costs so that you know what to expect before starting your lawn project. 

Artificial grass type

Artificial grass comes in different types and specifications (pile height/grass weight). Basic and budget grass cost £5 to £8, while premier grass costs £18. Elite or luxury grass is the most expensive, at about £25 to £30 per square metre.

Although it is tempting to save and go for cheaper artificial grass types, having premium grass pays off in the long run. Premium or luxury grass types are more durable and can withstand high foot traffic, from sports and recreational activities to harsh and extreme weather. The overall look, texture, and feel are also more authentic than cheaper artificial grass.

Lawn size and shape

The installation area is measured in square metres, and the measurement determines the amount of grass needed and the cost of the installation. 

Squarish or rectangular lawns are easier to measure. On the other hand, lawns with unusual shapes and curves are trickier, and professionals must measure them inaccurately to prevent wasted grass during the installation. Consider this when planning for your artificial grass project.

Land preparation and cleanup

Besides the shape and size of your garden, the cost of laying artificial grass can increase due to turf removal or area changes.

Removing old grass is easy for Taskers. Tools such as a spade or a cutter could help make the job faster, especially if it’s a big garden. What takes time is clearing the area and removing rocks, bushes and other elements. After this, the foundation is ready to be laid out.

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The next factor when calculating artificial grass costs is the different materials. Taskers would need to prepare a base made of crushed limestone, dried sand, and good-quality artificial grass to complete the project.

Aside from these, the specialised tools to be used can also increase the cost. If you have a big lawn and heavy equipment is needed to prepare the area, transport materials, and dispose of soil, expect additional fees. 

If you need more information on artificial grass landscaping costs, professional landscape contractors and architects can help build your dream garden.

Reasons to install artificial grass 

Although it's more expensive than real grass, artificial grass offers several benefits: 

  • It's easy to maintain and install. Aside from occasional brushing, it requires almost no upkeep at all.

  • It will help you save up on water bills, garden equipment, fertilisers, and pesticides.

  • Kids and pets are free to run on it without getting dirty and muddy. It will still look good even after people play high-contact sports.

  • It lets you achieve a vibrant lawn even during cold winters and scorching summers. Unlike natural grass, it can also survive in shaded and indoor areas.

  • It’s easier to work with when designing your garden or space. You can pick from different colours, lengths, and other specifications. 

a man cutting a roll of artificial grass

Post a task for artificial grass installation 

It takes special skills and attention to detail to install artificial grass correctly. Hiring a professional artificial grass installer is a good investment because your new lawn will last longer. And now that you know how much it costs to replace lawns with artificial grass, you can post a task on our platform and receive offers shortly. Here are some details to include in the request form:

  • Your budget

  • Your location

  • Lawn size and shape

  • Preferred artificial grass type

We can help you find professional fitters for your synthetic grass. If you have other gardening goals, like building a retaining wall or creating hedges, you can book Taskers in your area and make your home projects easier. 

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Artificial grass usually lasts 10 to 15 years. However, more expensive, luxurious types can last up to 25 years. Artificial grass companies often include a guarantee or insurance together with the product to ensure you are getting the most out of your purchase.

Artificial grass requires almost no daily maintenance at all! However, it would help to do some occasional brushing to ensure the hygiene and cleanliness of the lawn. This is particularly helpful, primarily if the property is used with pets or during high-impact sports.

Artificial grass pertains to landscape grass that mimics the natural grass we have in gardens. It is usually longer than turf and is more natural in terms of appearance. On the other hand, turf or artificial turf has a shorter length than artificial grass and has a less natural feel. This is often used in sports and can withstand high foot traffic and lots of friction.

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