15 Must-try pallet furniture ideas

Seats, tables, beds, you name it; furniture can be made from recycled pallets.

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Traditionally used in shipping and airfreight, creative DIYers have long been turning pallets into furniture for homes, restaurants, and offices.

In addition to looking cool, pallets are cheap and easy to get. With a bit of know-how (or handyman services), they can be transformed into almost any piece of furniture.

Here are 15 great ways to add pallet furniture to your home:

1. Pallet Bar

Use pallets to create fantastic alternatives to the traditional expensive bar tables at home.

2. Wedding Decoration DIY

Pallet furniture for a wedding

Thanks to websites such as Etsy and Pinterest, many brides are finding inspiration for personalised DIY for their special day. Pallets can be turned into backdrops, signs, bars, seating and decoration.

3. Bookshelf

Pallet bookshelf

Use pallets to make a shelving unit. This can be a great way to organise books, display ornaments, and store your favourite crockery.

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4. Coffee Table

Pallet coffee table

If you're a first-timer with pallets, perhaps the easiest project to start with is making a coffee table.

5. Storage Chest

Create a pallet storage chest in any size you need for toys, winter throws, or anything else you want to be tucked out of sight.

6. Children's Furniture

You don't need to spend a lot on children's furniture which won't be used for long. With some pallets and bright paint, you can easily create fun furniture for your children's room.

7. Plant Boxes

Pallet plant box

Whether it's a huge pallet vertical garden wall or a simple plant box, this is the perfect DIY project to start with.

8. Stairs

This is a much more ambitious project, and you'd need an architect and professional handyman to look over and help design it. But it's sure to make your home stand out.

9. Outdoor Seating

Pallet outdoor seating

Pallets are commonly used to make outdoor furniture. You can create your bespoke garden furniture to suit your outdoor space and dress it up in a variety of colours.

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10. Wine Rack

No need to hide your wine collection when you can display it in a simple and elegant way using pallets.

11. TV Unit

You could build a TV unit with storage using pallets.

12. Chandelier

How about a light fixture like this chandelier? You could swap out the candles and replace them with fairy lights for a pretty outdoor ambience.

13. Office Furniture

Add a bit of fun to a bland office space with a break-out room set-up, or even a quirky pallet boardroom table.

14. A Bed

Bed made out of pallet

A pallet bed isn't too hard to assemble and gives you the chance to create lots of storage nooks underneath.

15. Garden Path

Pallets look great in a garden path, such as this Asian-inspired garden.

Have you got any more DIY pallet furniture ideas? Get some handyman help and local furniture assembly services to start your project. 

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