Double bed vs queen bed vs king bed - Interior of a beige bedroom with a bed

Double bed vs queen bed vs king bed: Which one to choose?

Comparing double, queen, and king beds based on bed and mattress sizes, sleeping capacity, cost, and more.

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Key Facts

  • A double bed is a compact option for individual sleepers or smaller rooms.
  • A queen bed offers a bigger surface suitable for couples or individuals who need extra space.
  • A king bed provides ultimate space and comfort for couples with room for children or pets.


According to a study, there’s a clear link between sleep problems and mental health issues. It suggested that having a big enough bed and comfortable sleep during childhood can play a role in preventing anxiety and depression.

This is why choosing the right bed is now more critical than ever. As adults, we spend a third of our lives in bed, so it just makes sense to consider it for our overall well-being. However, comparing double bed vs queen bed vs king bed can be undeniably hard.

No worries—this article is here to help. This guide will discuss the key differences between these bed types, their pros and cons, and which one might be suitable for your needs.

What is a double bed? 

Double bed vs queen bed vs king bed - Scandinavian style bedroom with a double bed

A double bed, often called a full bed, is a type of bed that’s slightly bigger than a single bed. If you’re sleeping solo, this bed gives you that extra sprawl space for a more comfortable sleep. Plus, it doesn't eat up the room like the bigger beds.

It's about 54 inches wide x 75 inches long, making it cosy enough for one person to stretch out. It's a perfect fit for smaller bedrooms or guest rooms. 

What is a queen bed? 

Double bed vs queen bed vs king bed -  A close up of a queen bed with a wooden headboard

A queen bed is a type of bed with dimensions of about 60 inches wide x 80 inches long. It’s bigger than a double bed, making it an ideal choice for any single sleeper who likes to spread their arms and legs. For couples, this bed will give you plenty of room to move around without kicking your sleeping partner or falling off the edge.

Queen beds also strike a perfect balance between size and comfort. They're big enough to accommodate two people comfortably but not so huge that you'll feel like you're drifting apart. Plus, they fit nicely in most bedrooms without hogging all the space.

What is a king bed? Double bed vs queen bed vs king bed - Light and cozy modern hotel room with comfortable king-size bed

A king bed is a whopping 76 inches wide x 80 inches long, which means you’re getting a lot of bed space. It's perfect for couples with children or pets who appreciate sleeping together at night.

However, king beds require a lot of space. But, if you've got the room, the sleeping experience king beds offer is worth it. You can ensure that everyone has plenty of room to stretch, turn, and snuggle with the king-size bed dimensions. They're also great for taller individuals who need that extra length to sleep comfortably.

Double vs queen vs king size bed: What's the difference? 

Choosing the right bed size depends on many factors. It's not just about fitting your room or your budget. It also needs to match your sleep style, who you share it with, and how you value your space at night. This guide will break down these factors and help you decide which bed to invest in.

In terms of bed and mattress sizes

Double bed vs queen bed vs king bed - Happy couple on bed with comfortable mattress at home

When we talk about mattress dimensions and bed sizes, it's clear there's a giant leap from one size to another. Typically, a double bed measures  54 inches wide x 75 inches long. This size is perfect for singles or close-knit couples who don't mind cuddling up. They’re also a practical choice for smaller rooms, ensuring enough floor space is left for other furniture.

As for queen beds, they usually measure around 60 inches x 80 inches, providing that extra width and length many couples appreciate. They're often seen as the go-to for adult bedrooms and moderately sized rooms. This size hits a sweet spot for those who want more room to stretch without overwhelming the space.

Then there's the king bed, the biggest bed size in the UK, stretching to dimensions of 76 x 80 inches. It has ample space to roll, stretch, or even let pets or kids sneak in during the night. 

Recommendation: A double bed's your best bet for those tight on space but craving comfort. If you can spare more room, go straight for a king. 

In terms of sleeping capacity

A double bed comfortably accommodates single sleepers or couples who prefer a snug fit. On the flip side, a king bed stands out as the ultimate choice for families with children and even pets who want the same sleeping quarters without feeling cramped.

The queen bed is a versatile middle ground suitable for couples with limited room space. It provides more bed space than a double but won’t take up as much room as a king. It's also a popular choice for solo sleepers who want extra room to spread out but don't need the added width of a king bed.

So, when comparing things, the decision usually falls on double bed vs king bed. Ultimately, everything's a matter of personal preferences, but the latter's sleeping area is usually a decisive factor. 

Recommendation: A king bed offers the largest sleeping capacity. 

In terms of bedroom space

Double bed vs queen bed vs king bed - A spacious teenage bedroom with a double bed

When choosing the right bed to invest in, you also need to consider how much space it will take in your bedroom. 

A double bed can be a smart move for those squeezed for space. It's smaller than a queen and king bed but enough to accommodate two sleepers while still leaving room for essential furniture pieces and easy mobility around the room. 

TIP: If you have ample vertical space, you can invest in a double over double bunk bed to maximise your room.

However, if you have enough bedroom space, the choice will often lead to a queen bed vs a king bed. They're both large, and the difference seems small, so, understandably, many people are confused about how they'd decide.

The rule of thumb is to consider your comfort and sleeping space without overcrowding the room. For most standard-sized bedrooms, queen beds tick all these boxes. You can go for a king-size mattress if you have a spacious room. 

Recommendation: If you're after comfort and have the space, a king bed is the one for you. A double bed may be the better option if you have a tighter space.

In terms of long-term suitability

When choosing your bed, consider how your life might change over the years. Double beds are perfect for young individuals or in a child's room. They will only take up necessary space, leaving more room for play and work. However, it’s important to note that double mattresses won’t be able to adapt to significant life changes like kids growing up or other people joining you in the bed.

Meanwhile, queen beds can easily accommodate shifts in your sleeping needs or living situations. Couples who need more elbow room or those who imagine their family growing can benefit from them. Plus, they're adaptable enough to fit in medium-sized rooms without crowding the space.

However, go for king beds if you foresee significant changes like family members joining you in bed or a desire for greater personal space over time. They offer the largest sleeping capacity compared to the other bed types, so you're sure that an increase in room occupants won't require a hasty bed upgrade or two beds in the future. 

Recommendation: Queen-size and king-size beds offer more flexibility down the line.

In terms of assembly and mobility

Double bed vs queen bed vs king bed - Couple setting up bed together in new home

Given their compact size, double beds are relatively easy to manoeuvre and assemble. They can easily fit through narrow hallways or staircases without much trouble.

On the other hand, queen and king beds require more effort to be assembled. The larger dimensions mean you'll need extra hands to help guide the frame and move the mattress through tighter spaces.

The planning continues, though. You also need to think beforehand when you need to disassemble the bed frame. Double beds remain the easiest to take apart and move around, whether you're shuffling furniture within a room or relocating to a new home. Queen beds are more complex, although still manageable.

King-size beds, on the other hand, present the most significant challenge in terms of assembly and moving. Their size means navigating hallways and corners can become a real headache. You’ll need professional help to move and assemble them.

Recommendation: Double beds are the easiest to assemble and move.

In terms of cost

If you're wondering about how much you'll shell out for a bed, double beds are the most affordable option. You're looking at a range from £179 to £2,000, where the pricier options are typically those designed for extra support.

Moving on to queen beds, they offer a bit more variation. Frames start as low as £175, but when aiming for a complete set, prices can climb up to £3,000. It's a step up, but it gives you that extra space, and you get both the frame and the mattress.

King beds, on the other hand, are where things get a bit more lavish. If you're eyeing steel bed frames alone, prices start at around £130. However, for those looking to indulge in luxury bed frames, you might be forking out up to £3,500. And if we're bringing mattresses into the mix, be prepared to go from £295 to £6,500. It's the choice for those who don't mind spending more on a superior sleeping area. 

Recommendation:  A double bed is the most affordable option.  

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Double bed vs queen bed vs king bed

Double Bed
Queen Bed King Bed
Bed and Mattress Sizes
Smallest bed size; 54 inches x 75 inches
Average bed size; 60 inches x 80 inches
Biggest bed size; 76 inches x 80 inches
Sleeping Capacity
Comfortable for one, snug for two
Spacious for one, good for two
Very spacious for two; ideal for families
Bedroom Space
Best for smaller or medium rooms
Fits well in standard rooms
Requires large rooms
Long-term Suitability
Ideal for individuals or temporary solutions
Good for couples or long-term use
Best for long-term use; perfect for a growing family
Assembly and Mobility
Easiest to assemble and move
Moderate difficulty in assembling and moving
Most challenging to move and assemble
Most affordable option
Middle range; offers a good space-cost balance
Most expensive; paying for size and luxury

FAQs on double, queen, and king beds

Yes, two people can comfortably sleep on a double bed, though it offers less space per person than a king bed.

No, twin beds are smaller than double beds. Both twin and double beds are essentially designed for one sleeper, but a double bed can accommodate two.

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