How much are double glazed windows?

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How much are double glazed windows?

The adage “Two is better than one” has always been relevant. It has stayed true to almost all aspects of our lives, and homemaking is but a prime example. For those who are building their dream home or dreaming it up (for now), this is the best application of the two-vs-one principle.

Enter the double glazed window. Before bringing out the budget books, let’s first define what it is. Notably popular in countries with colder climates, this type of window doubles the glass material versus its singular counterpart. Its popularity is due to its insulating properties, which protects the home from various conditions. 

The average cost of a double glazed window ranges from £150 to £600, but a price of £2,000 and above is not uncommon. Ultimately, it is a bit pricey, but winter’s temperature makes it a good reason to invest. Still dubious? Set the frets aside -- We have put together a quick guide to get to know this type of window and what will fit best for your home. 

What are the advantages of double glazing windows?

The double glazing windows cost can surely take you aback, especially since it is steeply priced to get into. But living in a cold country like the United Kingdom will not spare you from its otherwise near-freezing temperatures, so it is better to consider this as an investment rather than an expense. 

But aside from insulation, what are the other advantages of having a double glazed window?

Added protection

The strength of a double glazed window will not only keep the heat in and out of your home, but the burglar beatniks too. Due to the added second layer, the probability of intrusions within your house will lessen because breaking in two glass panes is hard to come by.The breakages will lessen as well, which will contribute to a higher amount of savings in the long term. 

Long-term savings

When you think about double glazing windows costs, it might make you reconsider at first. But if you look and envision farther than your cost calculator now, you will realise that you saved more in repairs than you’ll ever dream of. 

In fact, the English Housing Survey reveals that more houses have subscribed to the double glazed window. If 80% had the windows in 2013, the number must have significantly marked up since then. 

Not only that, you save a lot on energy costs. Rather than having your heater constantly on blast to accompany the shivers, a double glazed window acts as your first layer insulator. It will also have you switching on the radiator occasionally rather than always, which can help lower your electric bills come the succeeding months. 


The busy streets and bustling crowds are tolerable in the day but can be troubling to your sleep cycle during the evening. If noise-cancelling headphones are not what you have, a double glazed window is the surest deal to have in your arsenal. 

Its insulating properties drown out the noise heard outside, so you can get a good night’s sleep while the world goes on outside. 

What are the types of double glazed windows?

Before diving deep into the process, it is also essential to know the different types of double glazed window styles. This is because differing styles incur different prices. However, this type of window can also be customized.  

Type of glaze


Average cost

Awning window

One of the most requested types; hinged on the top and opens outwards

£229 to £630

Double awning over fixed

Type of awning window that cannot be opened

Casement window

Hinged at the side and open outward

£300 to £400

Casement window over fixed

Type of casement window that cannot be opened

French door

Contains light construction panes


Casement door

A casement door that swings open like a door

£300 to £1,000


If you are unsure of what window best fits your house, hiring a glazier will definitely be your best bet. Not only can they determine the perfect pick, but they can also give you advice on how to properly maintain and maximize the windows that you have. 

What are the types of double glazed window material?

There is a sizable range of materials used to double glaze your windows, but these are the most common. 


Dubbed the most cost- and energy-efficient of them all, UPVC is your best bet. The acronym stands for unplasticised polyvinyl chloride; it is durable, cheap, and recyclable. 


If you are going for chic sleek, aluminium is the best material to work with. It is also durable and is lower maintenance than that of the windows made of wood. 


This type of material is more environmentally friendly since it makes use of wood versus plastic. While they last longer than UPVC materials, they require higher maintenance and care. 

What is the cost of double glazed windows?

The cost of double glazed windows varies according to several factors. A double glazing cost calculator may show these to you in an instant. But when you take apart the total cost of these windows, these usually range from:

  • Type of materials

  • Average area

  • Installer cost

  • Glaze style

These factors are just fractions of the total cost. When arriving at the final price of your windows, you also have to consider the type of house you have. Take note that the window cost is dependent on the number of frames you need per slot to fill in, but you can take a look at the average double glaze prices here:

Type of house

Average cost


£ 1,500 to £ 2,700

Small house

£ 3,300 to £ 4,900

Medium house

£ 4,900 to £ 7,600

Large house

£ 7,200 to £ 11,600

What is a glazier?

Now that you are aware of the average costs surrounding double glazed windows, let’s learn more about the expert behind that: the glazier

While their main role is someone who installs glass in windows, skylights, to name a few, they can give you the expert advice you need to fix your windows. Like their fellow members of the construction trade, they are experts in this specific field and also handle the following areas of repair:

  • Remove old glass for replacement

  • Fastening of glass into sash windows

  • Cutting and moulding glass into a particular size or shape

  • Sealing frayed joints in windows

Windows are the lightbringers to your home so it is also just as crucial to pay attention to when they need it most. We at Airtasker can help solve your double glazed window queries, from home instalment to replacement. You can hire your nearest glazier throughout the platform. 

What is the cost of double glazed window replacement?

Like with everything else, there is a time where repairs come calling. The average cost of a misted double glazed window replacement ranges from £ 500 to £ 1,230, and this is for the casement window type. 

But how do you know when to replace it? Here are some factors you need to look out for:

Frayed frames

Vintage frames look pretty in pictures but sadly decrease the effectiveness of your double glazed windows. When the wood starts to sag, it is time to call for a replacement. Frayed frames are not effective in insulating the home from cold air so best to ring in before winter. 

Condensing panes

The act of condensation is a process crucial to nature but can be damaging to your windows. When they start condensing or misting, that’s a sign of weak seals in your panes. Once this happens to your set, it is time to fully replace them. 

Increase in cold air

This is the most obvious sign of all is it runs counter to the sole purpose of these windows. Double glazed windows decrease the entrance of cold air into the home, so when the cold drafts become more bothersome, repair works should be on the way. 


How much is the cost of double glazing a 3 bedroom house?

The average cost of double glazed windows for a three bedroom house is between £ 3,000 to £ 5,000. It is important to note that the total cost takes into account a per-frame basis price and also includes the service rendered throughout the whole process.

Will doing the replacement process myself be more cost-efficient?

Having a glazier or a double glazed window replacement service versus doing the process DIY can save you more, since they have the expertise and the prior knowledge to determine the work needed to be done.

How much will it cost to double glaze sash windows?

Before we answer that, it is important to note that most sash windows are already double glazed in nature. But if yours needs a double layer, the average cost of such ranges from £ 620 to £ 980. To zero in on how much the total work will entail, you can hire a glazier to quote services.

Are uPVC windows double glazed windows?

Yes, UPVC windows are double glazed windows. In fact, they are the best kind of material to double glaze with. This is because they are both the most cost-efficient and energy-efficient materials out of the other types.