How much does carpet fitting cost?

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How much does carpet fitting cost?

Sprucing up your space does not need a total home overhaul. Sometimes, existing pieces are enough to breathe new life into your place. In this case, let’s talk about the power of carpets. We are not talking about simply laying them on, but the beauty and art of fresh, new material on your floor, on the stairs, or in your room. 

There are several reasons why carpets make for a good change in your home. If you have been bearing with plain hardwood floors and need a design upgrade, carpets are your best bet to uplift your space. 

The average carpet fitting cost per m2 in the UK ranges from £15 to £20, but it could also shoot up to as high as £30, depending on the factors that comprise the quotation. If you want to know exactly how much it costs to fit a carpet, we have created this easy-to-refer price guide for your convenience.

What comprises the cost of carpet fitting? 

Let us discuss in-depth carpet fitting costs per metre. It is important to note that the materials of the carpet and the measurement are only just parts of the whole sum. Several aspects affect how much it costs to get a carpet fitted, and we discuss each one of them below. 


There is no fixed average cost for a specific area. It varies and is dependent on the space that you want to fit out. While carpet installers will take into account the area in their quotation, you can find out the area by simply calculating this way:

To get the area, measure the length and width. After getting the figures, multiply the length by the width, and you will have your total area. You can then get a rough estimate, but it is also still best to consult a specialist to get an idea of how much you’ll expect to pay.

Material used

As mentioned previously, the material is also essential in the total cost breakdown. Some materials (like those detailed above) differ in their level – meaning, there are premium and cost-efficient ones. 

Service fee

Carpet fitting is not an easy feat, especially since the process itself requires manual labour. What usually goes into the service fee? It can range from the payment of the labour itself to the time and effort during the work. The service fee will already be integrated into the quotation your specialist will hand over. 

What are the different types of carpet material and their costs? 

Now that we have convinced you to get a carpet fitting, the next step is to move forward with the kind of material you want for your carpets. We look at the top five materials that you can move forward with when getting that fit. 

Carpet material




Price (per sqm)


A synthetic fibre made of polymer and is considered to be a thermoplastic

Durable, wear and tear-resistant, resilient

High cost, prone to static electricity, not so soft



A resin fibre used chiefly to make synthetic fibres of all kinds

Stain-resistant, easily recyclable, cost-efficient

Resistant to colour dyes, prone to stains, loss of crimps



A synthetic fibre made of acrylic acid

Hypoallergenic, cost-efficient, flexible

Low lifespan, prone to stains, prone to browning



A natural fibre made from animal hair, particularly sheep

Environment-friendly, retains colour over the years, easy to clean

Flammable, absorbs water easily, hard to clean



Also known as velvet, it has a smooth and soft texture to it

Elegant-looking, durable, diverse in style

Leaves indentations, prone to absorbing spills



Why should you go for carpet fitting? 

If you are looking for both visual pleasure and comfort in your home, carpeted floors provide both in several ways. Specifically, here are three reasons why:

Carpets provide warmth

Think of it as having a coat for your bare feet. This especially applies to homebodies who love walking sans slippers around the house. While the cooler seasons await at the tail-end of the year, the temperatures could very well drop during those times and could leave your feet yearning for heat. But the fibrous material of the carpet provides instant warmth and can ease the sometimes freezing atmosphere. 

Carpets provide quiet steps

If you have been at the gruelling, receiving end of noisy footsteps above you, you wouldn’t want your downstairs neighbours or the people below to hear you stepping to it often. Homes and flats with hardwood floors are subject to that, and sometimes noise-cancelling headphones can only do so much. 

Carpets reduce potential safety hazards

Accidents do happen. Sometimes, we are in the middle of things, and the next thing we know, we are back (or face) flat on the floor after a nasty fall. Slips like these could be caused by various things, from strewn laundry to banana peels. Carpeted floors provide non-slip results and can therefore protect you while walking. Such materials are also helpful to senior homeowners who live alone, and such accidents can be avoided.

When should you change your carpet?

Carpets are said to last five to 15 years after installation, but their life span is inevitably shortened due to several factors. Whether caused by the environment, dust, stains, or others, don’t let the ick factor increase by putting the task off.  A carpet fitter is just within reach, so don’t fret. But when should you do it? We detail three foolproof determinants. 

Mould development

Not only is mould heralded to the utmost disgust, but it also subjects you to respiratory problems. The spores develop from consistent water that either drips on the carpet or constant dirt that isn’t cleaned off properly. If you have signs of mould appearing on your carpet, there is no minor or major category here. It is time for a carpet overhaul. 


When there’s a stench running amok, you would want to get rid of it. Smells can come from everywhere, and your carpets are but an exception. A stench certainly doesn’t add value to your house, so it’s high time to change the carpets. 


What is one indicator that the carpet has shown its age? The wear and tear of it. If the carpet is not holding ground as much as it used to, then it’s time to give it the old toss. Aged carpets also affect the overall visual aesthetics of your house and will drag the look you were going for way down.

How do you know if you need carpet fitting or cleaning? 

While it is an exciting time to get new carpet fits, there are times where we have to hold back, especially if our budgets are tight. If you feel like your carpet can still last for a few months or years more, here are ways to determine if they just require a little spick and span treatment. 

If you are getting allergies

Seasonal allergies are nothing to be worried about, especially if you expect it anyway. But if your nose starts getting runny and your eyes are getting itchy outside of that season, then it is time to find the culprit. Like most furniture pieces, carpets are host to several environmental elements, including dust and dirt alike. If the colds are getting more frequent, it is time to wash your carpet. If it seems like a bit of work, getting your carpet steam cleaned is always a good idea.

Your carpet smells

If a foul stench runs rampant throughout your household, then it’s a must to find a solution. Aside from being a home for dust and dirt, your carpets are embedded on the floor and are prone to the lays of the land. Your pet could declare its territory there, the mud from outside cakes through, and others. The smell won’t go away if you leave it be and will even worsen. So if there is something funky coming from your carpets, it is time for a clean-up. 

If the carpet has not been cleaned in over a year

Besides the regular sweep-through during your household cleaning, experts also recommend a deep cleaning session every 12 to 18 months to ensure utmost care. The process can be done in the comforts of home, of course, but if you want to save yourself the trouble, you can opt to have your carpet dry cleaned by a nearby specialist.

We at Airtasker want to ensure that the job gets done, and at the same time, make it a convenient experience for you. If you wish to remove your old carpet and make way for a new one, skip scrolling for carpet fitting cost calculators in the UK. Instead, put up a task on our platform and receive a personalised quote from a carpet fitting specialist near your area.

Price guide

£15 - £30







Low, median and high bar chart distribuiton

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There is no fixed cost for a specific area because the material is quoted on a per square metre basis.
While we do not discourage homeowners from trying out the process for themselves, it is still best to have an expert come over. Not only will they help you save time, but they also know the process best due to experience and expertise.
There is no fixed cost for a specific area because the material is quoted on a per square metre basis.
While we do not discourage homeowners from trying out the process for themselves, it is still best to have an expert come over. Not only will they help you save time, but they also know the process best due to experience and expertise.

It's free and takes only a minute.