How much do windscreen repairs and replacements cost?

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£40 - £420







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It only takes a small stone kicked up on the hood for a car's windscreen to crack or chip. That seemingly minor inconvenience can quickly become a problem because driving with a cracked screen is dangerous and illegal.

Uncontrollable factors such as temperature changes can also cause a crack, necessitating windscreen replacement. When a windscreen gets a crack, it is not only an inconvenience but also extremely dangerous. 

Windscreen repair costs between £40 to £75, depending on the type of damage (is it a chip or a crack?) and your location. Meanwhile, windscreen replacement costs around £120 to £425.

Windscreen repair price list

Windscreen chip or crack repair costs depend on various factors. How big is the crack or the chip? Where is it located, and how complex is it? You can assume that a cracked or chipped windscreen repair costs roughly £75. The job can also take only around 30 minutes.

Type of repair work

Average costs

Basic chip (bullseye, half-moon, or star)

Starts at £40



Windscreen replacement price list 

Car windscreen replacement costs are more complex, as they vary depending on the technological abilities of the cars on the roads. How much a new windscreen can cost varies on your car model and make. 

Another consideration is how much your car relies on Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) technology. The ADAS technology includes sensors, speed zone recognition, and radars or lasers in the windscreen. Here's how much windscreen replacement cost on average.

Types of replacement work

Average costs

Car front windscreen replacement


Side and rear windscreen replacement cost

£120 to £185

Windscreen replacement price list based on the car model

Replacement per car model

Average costs

Vauxhall Corsa

£190 to £380

Volkswagen Golf

£210 to £395


£280 to £425

Kia Sportage

£210 to £405


£205 to £420



a repairman fixing a small crack on windscreen

Factors affecting the cost of windscreen repair and replacement

Complexity of the damage

Some windscreen cracks and chips can be repaired. For example, if a crack is less than 25mm long when within your critical vision area. Outside of that area, cracks can only be repaired when up to 100mm. 

Similarly, a bullseye crack can only be repaired if it’s under 10mm inside critical vision and up to 20mm outside. On the other hand, stars and half-moon cracks are under 15mm inside your critical vision area. Finally, a crater can only be repaired if they are under 2mm inside your critical vision area and no larger than 5mm. Any damage that impedes the driver’s vision is a call for windscreen replacement.

Car model, year, and make

The model of your car differs in body, features and price. The built year is a significant cost driver; the same goes for newer models and premium makers with more features. 

The cost to replace a windscreen is more expensive if your car has ADAS, such as cameras, sensors, speed zone recognition, lane departure, auto braking, radars or lasers in the windscreen.

Your location

Your location can also affect the price of windscreen repair or replacement. Depending on your area, the windscreen fitter/repair tradesperson you will hire should also have a licence. 

a web crack on a windscreen

Should I repair or replace my windscreen?

The rule of thumb is to replace it immediately if the damage is big and/or affects the driver’s line of sight. It’s better to ensure that the windscreen protects the people inside the vehicle. Otherwise, the damage can incur serious consequences in terms of safety. 

An unrepaired windscreen could compromise airbag operation and result in serious wounds from broken glass. So it’s crucial to have repairs carried out in compliance with standards.

Do you also need to fix your car window film? Find out how much it costs to tint your car windows to set the right budget for this service. 

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A shattered or cracked car windscreen jeopardises your safety. That's why it's crucial to get it fixed and hire a windscreen repair and replacement expert to take on the task.

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Insurance claims can cover many repairs and replacement jobs. So don’t hesitate to call your insurance provider to see if you are windscreen replacement, chip repairs, and other types of damages are shouldered by them. 

You can get an offence for driving with a cracked or chipped windscreen in the UK, especially if the crack obscures the driver's critical vision area. Any damage, cracks, or discolouration on the surface, especially in the swept area of the windscreen, is deemed as damage

This is on a case-to-case basis. If the small chip or crack is small enough, does not distract the driver's line of sight, and can be repaired in 30 minutes, then you can fix it before replacement. You can consult your windscreen repair expert for a better recommendation. 

After an assessment by your tradesperson, the actual job can take 30 to 90 minutes, depending on the model and make of your car and the additional technology it requires.

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