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£9 - £20







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Have you ever had to buy a pair of trousers even though they didn’t fit you? It might have been the last available pair you've been eyeing. Or do you have old trousers that need adjustments? Despite all the different fashion trends today, a pair of trousers is still the most comfortable to wear, especially in corporate or formal settings. 

If your trousers need to be lengthened or shortened for improved comfort and style, you can request trouser alterations. We've compiled the costs of trouser alterations to help you prepare a budget for the service.

Trouser alteration price list


Price guide


£9 to £12


£10 to £15

Hem turn-ups

£10 to £15


Around £8


£12 to £18

Waist in/out

£11 to £13

New pockets

£15 to £20

Remove pockets

Around £10

New zipper

£10 to £15

Fit new hook and bar

£3 to £5

Buttons for braces

£15 to £18

a man wearing newly altered trousers

What kinds of trouser alterations can you request?

Trouser alteration prices depend on task difficulty. Some simple fixes can quickly be done by a professional. However, they might ask for an additional fee when the work is more challenging. These alterations are grouped into three categories: easy, intermediate, and hard. 


Easy alterations are usually the kind of fixes you expect to have when you buy a pair of trousers since one size rarely fits all. Here is a list of simple trouser alterations:

  • Shorten or lengthen

Tripping due to the length of your trousers can be pretty embarrassing. To save you from such awkward situations, you can have your trousers shortened, It's usually affordable, as this is the most common kind of fix. You might spend £9 to £12.

  • Waist in/out

If you feel like you've gained or lost weight, your tailor can adjust your trousers for you. Just make sure to discuss the most comfortable size for you. The cost of trouser waistband alterations is £11 to £14.

  • Crotch in/out

A roomy or tight crotch area can make you feel uncomfortable when wearing your trousers. You can talk to your tailor so that they can work on the easiest way to adjust it. The cost of trouser inseam alterations is £15.

  • Taper

If you want to push for a slimmer look, you can have your trousers tapered. This will make your trousers tighter in the thigh area, giving them a skinnier fit. A good tailor can provide this alteration for around £12 to £20.

  • Add braces

Avoid major boo-boos by using clip-on braces! Ask your tailor to put suspender buttons on your trousers so that you can don a slender look by highlighting the length of your torso. If you already have a pair of braces, bring them to your fitting appointment so that your tailor will know exactly where to place them. Having braces added to your trousers can cost £10.

  • Replace the zipper

This is considered more of a repair than an alteration, but you might need it once in a while. Since zippers are always moved, there is always a tendency for them to fail. You may spend around £30 on this fix. 


Intermediate alterations are a bit more complicated but still very doable by tailors. Prepare to spend around £50 on these fixes.

  • Swing crease

This type of alteration is usually done in a tailor’s store. The crease should vertically line up at the centre of your leg. A good tailor can fix this for you to correctly line up your trousers' creases.

  • Belt loops

You can ask your tailor to add another belt loop to your trousers, provided there is enough material to do so. However, they might recommend adding suspenders instead.


Hard alterations are expensive because they require more effort and attention to detail. Most of them are also considered repairs. Prepare around £50 to £75 for services under this category.

  • Pleat removal

’90s pants are usually pleated, so if you have a pair with a sentimental value and badly want to use it, you can ask your tailor to remove its pleats. However, prepare a hefty budget for this difficult job. Pleat removal is only recommended for trousers of high value. 

  • Size reduction

If you've lost a few pounds and need to alter your pants down to more than one size, reducing might mean cutting or reducing a chunk of cloth. To shorten trousers, the price is a bit lower, as the tailor only needs to alter the bottom of the trousers. However, it will most likely need a re-cut of the entire material.

a woman wearing altered trousers

Things to remember when having your trousers altered

Are you unsure sure how trousers should fit? Here's a list of things to look out for when bringing your trousers to a tailor for alterations: 

  1. The waistband should not be too tight or loose; it should sit around the high hip bone. At least one finger must fit in the waist area.
  2. A saggy or tight bottom area is a no-no. Make sure your trousers fit well without making you feel like there’s too much cloth or something is about to get ripped.
  3. Knowing your body type can help you choose a trouser style. If you're on the slimmer side, ask your tailor to taper the area near your calves. Otherwise, request a straight cut down to the bottom, like how you might alter your jeans.
  4. A slight break (or quarter break) in the hem and cuff is recommended for a better look.
  5. Pair your trousers with a good top and jacket. You can also have your top adjusted and jacket altered so that they complement your trousers.
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When looking for a good tailor for altering your trousers, choose someone with skilled hands and a good eye for detail. Each tailor has different expertise, so specify what you want to be altered. However, give them ample time so that they can provide you with quality services.

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It depends on the difficulty of the alterations you want. Easy alterations can be done in a day or two, while the more difficult ones might require more than a week.

Considering the dynamic nature of fashion, trousers can be worn well by both men and women. Basically, you can schedule fittings or alterations for trousers without worrying about gender stereotypes or connotations.

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