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If you want to keep your yard or garden looking nice, you should have its trees pruned regularly. Aside from making your tree look beautiful, pruning removes dead or broken branches that pose serious hazards. Booking other tree maintenance services can make your garden healthier than ever.

The cost of tree pruning in the UK usually ranges from £250 to £1,500, depending on various factors. This guide will help you set a budget for your upcoming tree pruning project.

Average cost of tree pruning

The price of tree pruning depends on the method used. After all, pruning involves more than getting rid of dead branches or pests. When you hire a tree surgeon, their work can also involve cleaning, lowering, and thinning branches to ensure that the lower layers receive adequate sunlight.

Tree pruning method

Average cost

Crown cleaning

£500 - £1,500

Crown raising

£250 - £1,000

Tree thinning

£350 - £1,000

Crown reduction

£350- £1,500

a man pruning a tree

Tree crown cleaning

On average, tree crown cleaning costs £500 to £1,500. The tree’s crown is cleaned, and dead, dying, or sick branches are cut. This service prevents dead branches from falling onto cars, houses, or fences and only needs to be done every few years.

Tree crown raising

This costs £250 to £1,000. Raising is the process of removing lower tree limbs to make room for moving vehicles or persons. It helps prevent roof damage by keeping low branches away from buildings. As a result of the canopy being raised off the ground, grass growing underneath the tree will receive more light.

Tree thinning

For those who require tree thinning, the cost ranges from £350 to £1,000. To improve light and air distribution across the tree’s crown, particular branches might be pruned or removed. It helps the tree maintain its shape and reduces the weight of some branches to prevent breakage. You can prevent roof or car damage by booking a service for tree thinning.

Tree crown reduction

The average cost of tree crown reduction ranges from £350 to £1,500. Reduction focuses on shrinking the size of the tree, usually to create room for utility lines. Since some trees are difficult or risky to access, tree crown reduction is one of the priciest pruning services. After the job, tree debris needs to be removed as well.

Factors affecting tree pruning costs

a tree being pruned

Tree size

The bigger the tree is, the more expensive it is to prune. This is because more hours of labour are required to prune larger trees. You must consider that pruning big trees produces more garbage or branches that need to be disposed of.

Tree type

Not every tree has straight, easy-to-reach branches, making some challenging to prune. Cypress trees are usually the cheapest to prune, followed by palm trees, spruce, pine, and sequoias. Fruit tree pruning costs are also lower than those of fir trees or evergreens.

Tree location

Tree pruning cost estimates depend on where you are in the country. Some cities, like London, have higher tree pruning rates than others. On top of that, your tree’s position in the yard can affect the total cost. Trees near power lines, buildings, or other structures require more care than those in open fields. The use of bucket trucks and the effort of climbing a tree raises the cost of pruning.

Tree health

Pruning and pricing are affected by the overall health of the tree. Garden trees that are pest-infested or diseased require additional attention and are more challenging to prune. On the other hand, healthy trees require less pruning unless the branches interfere with power lines or threaten to damage your home.

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Tree pruning can be expensive mainly because of its complexity and unpredictability. It’s a bit risky as well because pruners might fall, collide with overhead power lines, and use loud and dangerous tools such as chainsaws.

Pruning involves removing diseased, dead, drooping, or otherwise unhealthy branches. It can be done for cosmetic reasons, as dead branches are unsightly. However, it’s mostly done for human safety.

Mature trees are typically pruned every three to five years. Younger trees require more frequent pruning, so every two to three years is ideal. You should also consider the type of tree you'll be pruning. Fruit trees generally require pruning to produce a harvest each year. Fir trees and evergreens can often go years without being touched. As a general rule, the best time for tree pruning is winter.

Never remove more than 15% of the foliage at a time. A tree should be removed rather than over-pruned if you need to make room for other plants. Bear in mind that over-pruning is extremely unhealthy for trees.

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