How much do swimming lessons cost?

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Getting involved in lessons for the summer or an after-school activity is always good. You can look for different classes, but a popular choice is swimming. It can be your child’s first swim or a course for yourself as an adult. Whatever the case, it's best to be prepared. Before purchasing all the gear you need, familiarise yourself with the prices of swimming lessons.

The average cost of one-on-one or private swimming lessons in the UK is £17. This can change if you enrol in two-on-one lessons or a group class. Group swimming lessons come at a lower price, from £8 to £20, depending on the swim school and class size.

Swimming lesson price list

How much are swimming lessons in the UK? It depends on more than the pool. You need to factor in the type of swim class. Will you be enroling your child? Or are you an adult looking to learn to swim for the first time? Here's an overview of the different swimming classes available in the UK:

Type of class

One-on-one lesson (per session)

Group lesson (per session)


(Adult and child)

£17 - £55

£6.50 - £25


£17 - £55

£8 - £35

4 years of age and up

£17 - £50

£8 - £20


£17 - £50

£20 - £75

a woman teaching a little boy how to swim

Factors affecting swimming lesson prices

One price does not fit all for swimming lessons. As you’ll visit different schools, you will learn that the cost of swimming lessons depends on many things, such as:

  • The class size
  • The facilities of the swimming school
  • The certifications of the instructors
  • The level of swim class you will be enrolling in

What to expect from baby and toddler swimming classes

Swimming lessons for babies and toddlers always require parental participation. The earliest age that an infant can enrol is at 12 weeks old. Swimming instructors nearby usually charge £6.50 to £55 per lesson if you register solo or as a group. The cost is already inclusive of adult and kid lessons. 

Going the extra mile for your young ones is essential. You can hire another Tasker to help you with the different things you’ll need. In baby and toddler swimming lessons, you can expect fewer instructions and more movement. 

You should remember that a baby’s breathing skills aren't fully developed, so they can't swim on their own yet. Think of it as music lessons for your baby but in the water. If they had fun here, why not try enroling them in music lessons, too?

Swimming school stages in the UK

Once your child hits five years old, they are ready to learn the basics of swimming! The average cost of swimming lessons for children is £8 to £50. In the UK, swimming lessons follow Swim England’s curriculum, which rewards students every time they develop new aquatic skills. They become more confident, competent, and safe in the water as they progress.

Here's a summary of the seven stages in different swimming lessons near you:

What to expect

Stage 1

Basic safety awareness

Movement and water confidence

Travelling 5m in the water

Stage 2

Safe entries into the water


Swimming 5 metres back and forth

Stage 3

Safe entries into the water with submersion

Swimming 10 metres in a basic style

Stage 4

Understanding buoyancy

Refining kicking and strokes

Stage 5

Developing sculling and treading water skills

Performing all strokes 

Stage 6

Coordinating breathing across all strokes

Developing further distance in all four strokes

Stage 7

Developing quality stroke techniques up to 100 metres

Completing obstacle courses

a man giving swimming lessons to a toddler

Reasons to take adult swimming lessons 

Swimming lessons are not just for children. It is never too late to learn how to swim as an adult. You can hire a coach to help you develop a better mindset. And once you’re ready, you can dive right into the water!

You can do this in one-on-one or group classes. Adult swimming lessons cost £17 to £75. Depending on your swim skills, you can join the following courses:

Swim England also has a lesson plan for adults. These include four progressive stages that help you develop your confidence and swimming skills.

What to expect

Be Water-confident

Safe entries into the water

Moving around the pool

Developing buoyancy, balance, and aquatic breathing

Be a Swimmer

Swimming short distances of five to 10 metres

Be a Better Swimmer

Swimming 400 metres independently

Trying aquacise and lane swimming

Be a Master Swimmer

Learning advanced swimming skills for competitions

Swimming 800 metres and one mile

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  • Other concerns

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No, you don’t. In the UK, many institutions offer classes outside. You can search for the swim school nearest you to check if it provides the type of class you are looking for.

Swimming teachers in the UK need to do a few things to teach a class. They should enrol in a workshop and complete on-the-job training. They should also have CPR accreditation.

It’s always best to start young. The ideal age to start swimming lessons is four or five years old. At this age, most children can already learn basic water survival skills, like floating and treading. By six years old, most kids can master the front crawl.

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