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When properly maintained, rugs can make any room feel warm and cosy (not to mention pretty) for decades. But how much will hiring a professional to do the job cost you?

The average rug cleaning cost is £27.50 per square metre. You can always request a free quote, but it also helps to know the factors cleaners consider when creating a proposal. Use this detailed rug cleaning price list to learn more.

Rug cleaning price list 

One of the biggest factors that impact the cost of cleaning a rug is its fabric. Expect a high cleaning price for luxury rugs requiring special techniques, skills, or equipment. 

Rug type


Average cost


Made of wool or silk, authentic Oriental rugs are hand-knotted by skilled weavers in many parts of Asia. It features brightly coloured patterns and no hand-sewn fringes or edges. 

Oriental rug cleaning costs can be up to £30 per square metre. Because the material is water-absorbent, steam cleaning does not work. Instead, it requires a multistep process that includes handwashing to retain its colour.


Sheepskin rugs can be synthetic or natural. Fake ones feature acrylic or plastic combined with wool fibres. Natural sheepskin rugs are made of authentic wool.

On average, sheepskin area rug cleaning costs £40 per square metre. The price drops if it has a synthetic material. Cleaners can use steam to lift dirt from the rug and even wash it in a washing machine using wool-friendly detergent.


Authentic Persian rugs come from Iran, woven using traditional techniques handed down through generations. 

The Persian rug cleaning cost is similar to that of an Oriental rug. The price can double if the rug is vintage or antique. Usually, Persian and Oriental rugs last up to 200 years with proper care or maintenance.


This rug is made from tightly knitted silk and is famous for its comfort and sheen. 

Silk rug cleaning costs about £20. One cannot apply heat to the material. Otherwise, it will shrink.


Wool rugs feature sheared sheep fur. They are well-known for their durability and resilience. They can “bounce back” after being crushed or stepped on and usually prevent soiling. 

Wool rug cleaning costs at least £15. It is significantly cheaper than sheepskin rug cleaning, which, as its name suggests, includes the skin of dead sheep, preserved even after the tanning process. 

Other factors affecting rug cleaning prices

a woman vacuuming a rug

Cleaning type

How much does it cost to have a rug cleaned in the UK? It also depends on the type of cleaning you are looking for. A professional cleaner usually provides pre-inspection, where they examine the rug. They check for:

  • Pre-existing damage, such as frayed edges and discolouration
  • Smells, which can indicate mould growth or difficult-to-see stains, such as urine
  • Other stains, such as wine, coffee, or ink
  • Material issues 

The average cost of rug cleaning using steam is around £25 as long the fabric doesn’t have stubborn stains. The price can already include the following:

  • Pre-treatment, which speeds up stain removal 
  • Rinsing to help restore the material’s natural texture
  • Dry cleaning

Some cleaners offer add-ons, according to rug size or material, to help reduce professional cleaning services in the future. These include carpet protection and pet oil treatment, the price of which depends on rug size. You might need special quotes for the following:

  • Emergency rug cleaning, especially after a flood
  • Patchwork or repair 
  • Rug restoration

Rug size

cleaning a rug with detergent

Some professionals simplify their price list by focusing on rug size. For instance, rug cleaning prices in the UK for a small rug range from £20 to £25. Larger ones cost up to £55 to clean. 

Note that many professionals ask for a minimum fee on top of these costs. If they also have to deal with carpets, they may charge an hourly or daily rate, depending on the size of the room and job complexity. Spending at least £30 to clean your living room is not unusual. 

Hire a rug cleaner on Airtasker

Now that you know these factors, you are better prepared to hire a professional rug cleaner on Airtasker. When posting a task, include the following information:

  • Your location, budget, and timeline
  • Type of cleaning you’re looking for (e.g., standard cleaning, vacuum, pre-treatment, emergency, stain removal, or repair)
  • Sizes and numbers of rugs for cleaning
  • Rug size, material, or type
  • Questions, such as “What is the cost of dry cleaning a rug?”
  • Other details that can help rug cleaners give you the best estimate

In the UK, the average professional rug cleaning cost is £27.50 per square metre, but the good news is that you still have much control over your spending. Once you set a budget, use Airtasker to get good proposals from rug cleaners near you.

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Yes, but it might not be ideal for carpets and rugs with natural fibres, such as wool and sheepskin. To be safe, use it only for machine-washable materials. Read the labels to know the ingredients and the best way to apply the cleaner.

Yes, but it is not ideal for more delicate types, such as Oriental and Persian rugs. The heat can cause the colour to run, spreading to other rug areas. Too much heat can also damage silk rugs, causing the material to shrink. 

Yes, but only to rugs that require light treatment, like silk. The supplies they use, such as compounds and solvents, might not be suitable for all materials, especially vintage or antique, as well as Persian, Oriental, and wool rugs.

Yes, using a pressure washer can help loosen dirt, grime, and other debris in carpets. But make sure that it has the appropriate settings for carpets. Also, use a cleaning solution with the equipment to prevent damaging or overly wetting the rug.

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