How much does an electric car service cost in the UK?

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Do electric cars need servicing? Even with all the high-tech equipment that enables them to run efficiently, EVs still require periodic maintenance and servicing. You probably think that EVs cost more to maintain, considering that they’re more advanced than regular petrol or diesel cars. Surprisingly, the average electric car service cost, including tax, is £350. The electric vehicle service cost for an annual maintenance check is £390 to £490, depending on your vehicle’s make and model.

Certain parts, such as the lithium battery, electric motor, and regenerative braking system, are costlier to repair and replace. Since EVs are more high-tech than regular cars, EV servicing and repair costs for these components can be much higher. However, EV owners save a ton on electric car maintenance and running costs. Since EVs don’t have a traditional internal combustion engine with moving parts, this means less maintenance and more savings. You won’t ever have to worry about fuel filter, oil, and fluid changes.

What’s the difference between car service and maintenance?

Most people use the terms vehicle service and maintenance interchangeably. Both mean getting work done on your car, but there’s a slight difference. Simply put, vehicle maintenance is the scheduled service intervals your car needs to ensure it runs in tip-top condition. On the other hand, vehicle service entails getting your car fixed or inspected outside your regular maintenance intervals, primarily for unexpected mechanical or electrical issues. 

List of EV service costs

a charging electric vehicle

EV maintenance costs


Average cost in the UK

Coolant change


Brake maintenance


Electrical testing

£100 to £200

Electric car window repair

£150 to £350

EV wall box charge installation

£800 to £1200

Battery replacement (after the warranty) 

£6,000 to 10,000

Electric car service cost for a 3-year/30,000-mile service plan

Vehicle make and model

Average service cost in the UK

BMW i3


Kia e-Niro


Kia Niro


Nissan Leaf


Renault Zoe


VW e-Golf


Average cost comparison: electric vs petrol cars


Electric car

Petrol car


Upfront purchase price








EV maintenance costs and taxes








Annual running cost




Lifetime cost




Yearly cost




Yearly CO2 emissions




What makes EV maintenance costs low?

Here are a few factors affecting electric vehicle maintenance costs:

Low running costs

On average, drivers spend £1,153 on petrol. On the other hand, EV drivers only spend £309.65 per year to charge their cars. That’s a massive £843.35 in savings.

What car parts need maintenance?

Electric vehicles still need regular maintenance. But because they have no internal combustion engine, you only have to worry about the following: 

  • Tire rotation

  • Brake pad change

  • Cabin air filter replacement

  • Cooling system flushes

  • Transmission fluid replacement

  • Windshield wiper replacement

What parts don’t you have to worry about? 

As mentioned earlier, because EVs don’t have a traditional internal combustion engine, you save more on EV maintenance because you don’t have to spend on the following:

  • Tune-ups

  • Engine oil change

  • Fuel filter change

  • Coolant change

  • Spark plug replacement

  • Drive belt replacement

  • Transmission fluid replacement

What factors affect electric car service costs?

a mechanic servicing an electric car

Here are a few things that affect EV servicing costs: 

Vehicle make and model

An EV’s make and model also affect its maintenance costs, just like its gas-powered counterparts. Luxury cars from Porsche and Audi will cost more to service than small or consumer-friendly cars.

Investment in new technology

Electric cars are still a fairly new technology compared to conventional cars with internal combustion engines. Sadly, this adds to the overall electric car service cost. To properly service EVs, repair shops have to invest in additional facilities. Moreover, mechanics and auto electricians require additional training to handle advanced technology. 

Expensive electronic components

Electric vehicles are loaded with sensors, driver assistance systems, and other advanced technology that’s generally more expensive to replace when broken. If you need to repair any of these parts, expect higher EV servicing costs.

Vehicle battery

Your battery is arguably the most important component of your electric car. A new battery can cost between £6,000 to £10,000. Thankfully, most manufacturers provide an eight to 10-year warranty or up to 100,000 miles.

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An EV requires at least an annual maintenance check on its system and the rotation of tires. Depending on your manufacturer’s prescribed service intervals, you can also get your car checked twice a year.

Charging an electric car at home will cost you around £15.10. This costs around 28p per kWh, the average domestic electricity rate in the UK. A full charge lets you drive for about 200 miles.

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