How much does an awning installation cost?

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Awnings are not just another accessory for your home. These can be attached to your door, deck, or window to protect your home from the heat, rain, wind and other external elements that might harm people or damage your property. 

In Australia, an awning installation cost start at $395 and can climb to $7,100, including labour and material. This depends on many variables, including the type of awning, material, and location. This cost guide walks you through the prices and factors you can expect to pay for different kinds of awnings at home. 

Awning installation price list

Awnings are priced differently across different cities in Australia. Below is a table that shows its average cost depending on where you’re from. 


Average awning cost (excluding labour costs)













a man opening an installed awning

Factors that affect awning costs


The cost of labour plays a major factor in the cost of awning installation. Installers charge more by the hour when tasks require more elbow grease. For example, simple fixed awning installation costs lower for labour than motorised awnings that need to be installed on the house's second story.

Type of awning

The type of awning plays the biggest role in the cost of awning installation. They come in many colours, designs, and mechanisms, depending on what style best suits your home and needs. The prices will differ depending if you'll need awning repair instead of installation. 

Type of awning

Average awning cost (excluding labour costs)



Straight drop


Retractable or folding arm




  • Fixed awning: Fixed awnings are one of the most durable and cost-effective awnings. Its frame is typically made from aluminium, with a canvas cover to provide shade for the window and door. It can't be retracted or folded and can withstand extreme conditions, thanks to its fixed and rigid frame. The price for a fixed awning ranges from $1,000 to $4,000
  • Straight drop: A straight drop awning looks similar to indoor blinds, where the blind drops straight down. They cost an average of $400. They are made from more durable materials that can protect your home from weather and harsh UV rays.  
  • Retractable or folding arm: Retractable awnings provide shared to larger outdoor spaces, so you can usually find these installed in patios and gardens. The cost to install a retractable awning ranges from $750 to $2,500. It can be motorised or manually adjusted, making it more flexible since it will not always be rolled out.  
  • Freestanding: Freestanding awnings are the most convenient type because of their portability. You can use it on your door or window of choice. Freestanding awnings cost around $250 to $3,500

Awning material

An awning is made from different materials, and homeowners can usually tell how durable it will be based on this. On top of that, the material also contributes to its style. The common materials used for awnings are canvas, aluminium, and metal.

Canvas is a water-resistant cloth in more colours, shapes, and styles. This costs, on average, $300 to $ 700. On the other hand, aluminium and metal are more durable awning types. However, it’s not as versatile in colour compared to canvas awnings. These are priced by square metres, starting at $6.50 and up to $10

Size of the awning

The larger the awning, the more expensive the installation costs will be. When an awning is bigger, it takes more time and probably more people to install. 

an installed patio awning for sunshade for a modern wooden house

Motorised or manual

Retractable awnings can either be motorised, electric, or manual. Motorised awning costs more than manual ones thanks to their high-quality automated parts. Since manual shades don’t require specific features and require the user to put more effort into using them, these come at a more affordable price. 

Location of the awning

Installers also consider the position of the awning before they get to work. If the area where you want it installed is more accessible, it should be a quick task for the specialist. The higher it is from the ground, the more expensive the labour costs and the more tedious the work. Safety equipment like scaffolding is needed for second or third-story window awning installation.

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Your high-quality awnings must be installed by a professional. You can find a qualified and experienced tradie on Airtasker to help you with the job! Start by creating a Task on Airtasker to find reliable Taskers up for the job. When making your task, be sure to include the following information: 

  • Location
  • Preferred schedule
  • Type of awning to be installed
  • Its size
  • Where will the awning be installed

It’s important to give potential Taskers accurate information so that they can provide you with a more precise cost estimate. 

Your awning is an investment for your home. It’s safer to leave the job to professional awning installers to ensure it’s positioned correctly and appropriately.

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This depends on the awning's size, type, and experience of the professional. It can take up to two hours or even two days to install. 

You can install an awning by yourself. However, certain steps in the installation process can be unsafe if you're left alone. The materials can also be quite heavy, and sometimes it can be tricky to do all the work yourself. 

Yes, it can. When installed on the correct window, it will be able to keep your home cool and protected from the sun’s UV rays. 

An awning should be installed at a minimum height of 2,500 millimetres. 

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