How much does fire damage restoration cost?

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Fires are stressful, devastating, and overwhelming. It can turn one’s life around 360 degrees, consuming everything that gets in the way – bushes, trees, houses. No matter how dim or dark your world may be after a fire, there are ways to restore your house and some properties. But how much does it cost to restore a house after a fire?

Fire damage restoration costs vary depending on the situation and extent of the damage. Often, tradespersons will ask to view the damage themselves to assess the repairs needed and properly estimate costs. It can be as low as $8,500 to as high as $60,000.

Restoring a house after a fire takes time, patience, and money. When you’re in the process of cleaning up and restoring your home, costs can dramatically increase especially if the damage has spread out. To avoid future surprises, read on to know more about fire damage cleaning costs and restoration prices.

Top factors that affect fire damage restoration costs

There are numerous factors affecting fire damage repair costs in Australia. Knowing these can help you in estimating fire damage costs and prepare the right budget for your home.

  • Property size. Before starting your home restoration project, tradespersons often ask about the size of your property and the number of rooms that you have. The bigger the space and the more rooms you have, the higher the cost to repair a fire damaged house.
  • Extent of damage. Fire damage clean-up cost will depend on the extent of damage in the house. As mentioned, a tradesperson will schedule an in-person assessment to check the level of damage brought by the fire, check which valued possessions can be saved, and which ones need to be disposed of.
  • Type of damage. The type of damage will also affect the cost to repair a fire damaged house in Australia. Whether smoke, soot, water, fire, chemical, or structural, these will have an impact on the final costs.
  • Cause of fire. Fire in the higher levels of the house is often more expensive since these can cause serious structural damages to the house. Fires that started in the kitchen or the garage might also be more expensive due to the higher risk of interacting with dangerous chemicals.
  • Location. The location will also affect fire damage cleaning costs in Australia. If you live in bigger cities, expect prices to be higher due to the higher cost of living. Aside from this, if you live in a remote location or a hard-to-reach area, it will take longer for the tradesperson to reach you, hence, the higher the costs.

Different types of damage repairs and corresponding costs

There are different types of damage brought by fire. Each of these differs in terms of the cost of repair.

  • Smoke damage. Smoke causes pollution and unpleasant odours inside your house. It can seep through materials and fabrics making it challenging to remove entirely. However, there are many ways to clean up smoke efficiently. Ozone treatment can break down and remove strong smoke odours from the source while thermal fogging can effectively remove smoke from a variety of fabrics and hidden areas in your home. While the cost to clean up smoke damage varies per situation, an ozone treatment kit is also available for purchase at around $3,000.
  • Soot damage. Soot ash stains and contaminates your walls, ceiling, and floors, and can lead to permanent damage when left untreated. Similar to smoke damage, the average cost of soot damage restoration depends on a case-to-case basis and visual inspection of a professional is needed to accurately estimate costs. Often, soot that is a by-product of grease fire called oily soot is more expensive than dry soot which is caused by fast burning materials.
  • Water damage. Water is used to put out the fire in your house. However, it can also lead to damages such as soaked ceilings and cabinets, water stains, and mould if not properly dried out. To prevent further damage from mould infestation and disintegrating materials, water damage restoration is needed. This usually works by extracting surface water then dehumidifying your home to dry it out. The last step is to deodorise.Water damage restoration costs differ per situation. While mould removal ranges from $200 to $400.
  • Fire damage. Fire damages anything it gets in contact with and can react violently when it interacts with harmful chemicals. When cleaning up after a fire, each item and each room will be checked and cleaned up making it a labour-intensive task. Despite this, bringing your items back to life can help save you costs compared to buying new ones.
  • Structural damage. Since fires consume almost anything that gets in its way, you might need to purchase or repair drywall, furniture, and carpet as you build up your home. Costs will differ depending on the number of items you are to purchase or have repaired.

Post-fire checklist

Fires are extremely devastating. To help you rebuild your home, we’ve made a checklist of the essential things to check post-fire. Aside from this, you may also seek government assistance for additional support during this challenging time.

  • Rebuild roof, ceiling, and damaged walls
  • Smoke and soot clean-up
  • Reconstruct rooms
  • Dry out walls, floors, and other valuable items
  • Clean useable items
  • Install new carpets, paint and plaster walls, and decorate
  • Replace damaged furniture and appliance

DIY or hire a professional

Fires can leave a ton of damage to homes, possessions, and livelihood. While you may be tempted to restore your fire damaged house yourself to save up on costs, hiring a professional has many benefits.

Faster restoration

Professionals have extensive knowledge of house restoration, structural repair and safety, and building regulations. This enables them to restore your house faster and more efficiently.

Avoid further damage

A fire damaged house is also fragile. One step can trigger a further collapse and might lead to more harm than good. A professional will know the best way to deal with this while minimising the risks.

Prioritise health and safety

Aside from these, spending time in a fire damaged house can be a health hazard since you will be exposed to different smoke, toxins, and chemicals that can be dangerous when inhaled.


Lastly, hiring a professional will help you have more time and capacity to process insurances that can help you obtain funds to rebuild and beautify your home. Some insurance providers also require professional contractors to restore your home instead of doing DIY. Make sure to review your policy before deciding to DIY.

Restoring your house after a fire can be less stressful. From cleaning to repairs and odour removal, get a personalised quote when you put up a task on Airtasker!

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Yes! Some service providers offer emergency fire damage restoration services. Since most types of fire damage need to be acted upon immediately to prevent further destruction, emergency fire restoration technicians arrive at the scene no more than 48 hours after the fire, any time of day, any day of the week.
The duration to restore a fire damaged house depends on a couple of factors including the level of damage on the property. On average, it usually takes a minimum of one month to complete fire damage restoration.
There are many ways to prevent fire in your home. First, always check your house before sleeping and make sure there are no open and unattended flames like candles or bonfires. Having a designated area for smoking outside your home can also help avoid potential indoor fires. Second, make sure all unused appliances and gadgets are also switched off when not in use. Third, you may also opt to buy flame-retardant items and furniture in your home. If this is not an option, simply keeping highly flammable items like papers away from high heat or open fires can help prevent fire in your home. Lastly, having a smoke detector or home fire sprinklers installed can help in case of fire emergencies.
Accessibility is another factor that affects the cost to repair a fire damaged house. If the damage has been severe resulting in a fragile home structure, the price might go higher since it will be more difficult and dangerous to access your home. Once the tradesperson is able to access your home, the materials are then sorted out into either usable or junk. If you need to have junk removed from your home, it will add up to fire damage cleanup costs.

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