How much does window cleaning cost?

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Professional window cleaning services usually entail more than you would think of at a first glance. With many things to consider when it comes to getting a quote, hiring a pro is worth it. Glaring streak-free windows, frames, doors and even glass fences will leave the exteriors and interiors of your residence looking neat, tidy and like new. Use this window cleaning price guide to know how much to charge for window cleaning services.


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The average cost of window cleaning 


As reported on Airtasker, the average cost of window cleaning ranges between £40 and £150.


Hourly rates for window cleaning may range from £10 to £25. Window cleaning prices in the UK, however, may be subject to different factors, such as the size and type of the building, type of windows being cleaned, materials and methods used to clean the windows, and ease of access.  


Some window cleaners charge per type of window or quantity of panels. Commercial window cleaning may start at £100. On average, according to the tasks completed on Airtasker, professional window cleaning costs around between £40 and £200. This means that if you need very specific tasks done, you should discuss them with the Airtasker.  


Why should I get a professional to clean my windows?


From basic single-pane windows to full houses wash downs, getting a pro to do this job can save you a lot of precious time. However, there are many other reasons to outsource this:


  • There’s a whole technique involved in cleaning windows. The right movements, the perfect water pressure, and knowing the right products for each type of surface are tricks only a trained, experienced window cleaner can get right from the get-go. 

  • Even if you can do some of the work yourself, it's not very likely that you'd have all the equipment needed for a top-notch full house window clean up.

  • Ugly streaks or remains of moss and dust are only a few of the shortcomings of windows not cleaned properly.

  • It's a highly time-consuming job that can leave your body hurting. From sore arms to stiff neck, your muscles will very likely feel the impact of repetitive movements.

Does professional window cleaning prevent wear and permanent damage to the surfaces?


The exterior surfaces of your residency are permanently exposed to all kinds of agents that, over time, can cause damage. Even if the risk seems mild, at the very least you'd have to end up doing repairs or bringing the painters in. 

Birds waste, spider webs, moss, mildew and dust that sets on the window frames and tracks are just some of the factors that can alter the looks and materials of your house.


What is usually included in a standard maintenance window cleaning?


Before getting the job done, make sure to specify the type of cleaning your windows and surfaces need. This helps you identify what may be included in a cleaner's window cleaning price list. However, some basics apply most of the times:


  • Washing internal and external single-hung and double-hung glass windows.

  • Cleaning windows frames, sills and jambs (some contractors may not include this).

  • Brushing or wiping fly screens

  • Washing window screens if there are any.


What other tasks can professional window cleaners do?


Most of the pros offer a range of complimentary services you can require for a price difference:


  • Cleaning doors, including tracks and rails.

  • All exterior walls and surfaces such as storefronts, entrances and canopies.

  • Removing mould on window frames

  • Washing mirrors

  • Removing hard water stains and corrosion

  • Cleaning of coated eco glass or tinted glass

  • Roof and Gutter cleaning

  • Cleaning blinds

  • Scrubbing tiles


What are the main types of window cleaning services?


How much do window cleaners charge for their services? The first big difference would refer to the type of site. Most of the time, these would be commercial, multiple storey buildings or residential homes. The equipment, techniques and even insurance needs vary for each of them. Buildings with many storeys would require water fed-pole cleaning to rope access, also known as abseiling. But usually, the building managers are the ones dealing with budgeting and hiring in these types of sites.


Assuming you require a professional to help you in your residence ranging from one to three stories, these are the main types of services you can get:


  • Waterblasting - This hydro cleaning technique uses high-pressure water for cleaning. Ideal for pre-paint preparation and deep cleaning.

  • Steam cleaning - Not that usual in residential, this method is effective for removing fat, oil, grease and chewing gum.

  • Full house washing including interiors - If you are selling your house or moving out and need to get your bond back, a full wash would cover all exterior surfaces.


What information should I include when creating the task?


After deciding to get a pro to clean your windows, there's some information you could when you post the task so the Airtasker and you are on the same page from the get-go. All these factors will also affect the quote for the job:


  • Type of cleaning. Is it a hull house wash-down, after remodelling, or a maintenance clean-up?

  • The type of windows

  • The number of windows and panes

  • Clarify if it’s both exterior and interior windows

  • Square meters

  • Parking. Is there a parking spot for the cleaner to leave the vehicle carrying out all the equipment?

  • Any special needs or clarifications not included in the standard services. Do you have tinted glass windows or need to remove hard water stains?

  • Specify if your house is one, two or three stories.

  • How will the cleaner reach the surfaces? Will they need to climb a ladder or is it necessary to have scaffolding?

  • Are you planning this to become an ongoing task or just a one-off?

  • Clarify when your windows have screens that would need to be removed as this would make the task more time-consuming.

  • Let the cleaner know if you need stickers, chewing gum or others removed from the windows.

  • Explain the setup of the area of the house that needs cleaning. Is it a room, a balcony, or, for example, an inner patio?

  • The urgency of the job. It's very important that you and the Airtasker agree on a timeframe and an estimate of how long the task would take.


What equipment will the professional bring?


A good window cleaner will bring all the things necessary according to the type of cleaning required. Knowing the tools the cleaner will bring can give you a bit of guidance as per the general costs and, in some cases, the space needed to set up everything.


These are some of the essentials ranging from simple domestic to full house wash:


  • Complete Squeegee

  • Glass Scraper

  • Scrim or Microfibre

  • Complete T-Bar

  • Bucket

  • Window Cleaning Pole

  • Ladder or Stepladder

  • Water Storage

  • Washing Up Liquid

  • Vehicle

  • Water-fed pole

  • Water blaster

  • Steam cleaner


Consider that on top of the equipment, professional cleaners that take on bigger cleaning jobs would also incur training, certifications, and insurance expenses.

FAQ About window cleaning prices

What’s the cost of a full house wash down?

Professional pressure washing can cost between £100 to £150 for a small patio. As a reference, a 100 sq.metres. full wash down could take 5 hours for a total cost of between £200 and £300.

How much does a cleaner charge per hour?

The cost can vary from £10 as the very minimum up to £25 for simple cleanings during weekdays.

Is the cost of transport included in the quote?

You’d have to discuss that with the cleaner as it can vary according to the area where your house is located.

What's the cost of cleaning a two storeys, five bedrooms house?

You can estimate an approximate cost of £35 per hour for the cleaning service.

Can prices vary according the type of window?

It can. There are many different types of windows so professionals often estimate the cost according to how many panels each one has and the size of them.

Will the cleaning products damage my plants or pets?

Some products have chemical that may be too strong. This said good professionals understand how to use each product. In some cases, you can also require environmental friendly products.

How often should the exterior surfaces get washed?

It’s recommended to do a full maintenance wash-down once a year to extend the life of the exterior painting. Some experts say that once every two years is also acceptable.