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Last updated on September 24, 2023

Your motor can be your most valuable asset, second only to your home. Apart from providing you with the convenience of transporting yourself and your family in privacy and comfort, did you know your reasonably reliable car is a potential money-earner as well? 

You may be unaware of the many jobs you can do with a car, so read on about them in this guide.

1. Offer moving help. 

Provide furniture delivery services or removal services for unwanted, bulky items. You can also offer your car or pickup truck as part of a service for people who don’t have that many large or bulky items to move from one residence to another. For such people, your car can come in handy, as hiring an entire moving van or truck can be a waste as its space isn’t fully utilised. You can offer a small-load moving service and make money with this car-related side hustle.

2. Rent out your car.

luxury wedding car decorated with flowers

Rent out your car to people who need it, or lend a spare vehicle you’re not using. Speaking of renting out your car, why not rent it out as a wedding car? Make sure your vehicle looks sharp and works fine on the couple’s wedding day.

Renting your car can be a great way to help pay your bills, including the monthly payments if it’s a brand-new car!

3. Do driving jobs.

Driving people to their destinations can be an easy car side hustle if you enjoy driving. With this arrangement, you can charge a fixed rate as you transport people with your car. Some people also look for reliable drivers to transport their precious pets.

4. Make deliveries with your car.

man driving van with parcels on seat, delivery driving to earn money with a car

If driving for passengers isn’t your thing and you prefer minimal interactions, you can be a delivery driver instead.

Here are some examples of delivery services you can do:

  • Coffee delivery
  • Takeaway and delivery (You can do one-off deliveries for customers looking for faster and more flexible alternatives than food delivery apps!)
  • Grocery delivery
  • Delivering parcels and time-sensitive business documents

5. Sign up for a retailer’s delivery program.

This is another delivery service, but exclusive to certain online retailers. You can sign up to become part of a fleet of “special couriers” that are faster than most other delivery service providers.

How this works is you schedule a block of time during the day, pick up items from the retailer’s hub, and the app directs you to the delivery locations. 

6. Sign up for a ride sharing service.

driver using ride sharing app

Most ride sharing services require you to pass their screening processes, including your driver’s history and a driving test. Make sure you have the requisite qualifications to become a driver, like being of legal age, having enough driving experience, car insurance, and having a valid driver's license.

Don’t forget to have your car repaired if necessary; ride-sharing services may insist that your vehicle be pristine and free of even the most minor damage! 

7. Advertise on your car.

Offering up your car as a “moving advertisement” is one unusual and surprising way to make money with your car. By signing up with companies like or another car advertising company, you can get paid for driving with stickers on your car. 

To qualify, your car has to be a certain model and make (no jeeps without doors, no vans, no commercial vehicles), well-maintained, and duly registered.

You can earn up to £100 a month of extra cash just by driving around in your ad-wrapped car. 

1. Customise cars.

Try a car detailing side hustle or car customisation service. Your services can range from simple cosmetic jobs like a new paint job and customised interiors to more complex upgrades like installing a larger, more powerful engine and braking system.

Do note that you cannot modify or customise the cars of clients who bought them with a Personal Contract Purchase agreement. You’ll also need to avoid making illegal customisations or mods to your client’s cars. 

2. Do car repairs.

If you’re passionate about cars, why not help fellow car owners fix their vehicles? It will help if you are handy with a particular make or model, so you’re already familiar with the most common problems a specific car can develop over time.

man replacing an alternator in a car

More car owners will hire you if you can offer a variety of car repair services, including:

  • Changing tyres
  • Replacing the entire engine
  • Fixing damaged upholstery
  • Repairing cracked windows
  • Applying a new coat of paint
  • Fixing and updating the electronic components by installing a new alarm system or keyless entry

Don’t forget to check with your state laws on car repairs and get the necessary certification, tools, and safety equipment!

3. Buy and sell cars.

If you have the extra funds, you can buy used cars and then put them up for sale. You can fix them up if needed by hiring an expert to service the car or customise it to increase its value.

Remember to check your state’s laws regarding buying and selling cars. In all likelihood, you’ll need to get trader insurance and register for VAT. Note that in England and Wales, these are necessary to buy and sell cars, but you don’t need a licence to sell vehicles to the general public.

Your car can be more than just your daily driver; it can also be a great source of income with car side hustles and odd jobs. So, fill up with petrol, sign up on Airtasker, and start making money with your car!

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FAQs on car side hustles

Unfortunately, carpooling isn’t always a sound way of making money with your car. Even in the UK, where it’s okay for car owners to charge people for rides, it’s unlikely you’ll make much money in excess of the petrol costs. The only payoff for carpooling in the UK is that you’ll be lowering your fuel expenses if you’re driving or lowering your fare if you’re a passenger. This practice may also lower emissions in your city. 

There is no app in the UK that pays you only for driving. Most apps that involve driving your car require that you deliver services like transporting goods or ferrying passengers. Apps that perhaps come closest to that description are those offered by companies that do car advertising; you sign up your car, and the company pays you to place stickers or wraps on your vehicle, turning it into a moving advertisement.

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