12 Tips and ideas to renovate bathrooms on a budget

Bathrooms on a budget don’t need to look drab. Make your bathroom feel premium with these smart and cheap bathroom renovations!

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Bathroom renovations can cost a lot because there are many aspects you can change — from the wall tiles to the plumbing. It’s also a room that can need a lot of fixing up, as the wet and humid environment in them can cause much damage.

Budget bathrooms can easily look cheap and feel low-quality, so remodelling bathrooms on a budget requires a lot of research. We’re here to teach you about cheap bathroom renovations, so read on for tips on getting your dream bathroom for less.

Budget-friendly bathroom renovation ideas

1. Use white paint.

simple bathroom with white walls

With the wet and humid environment inside the bathroom, the walls can get ruined quickly. A cheap way to spruce up your environment is by painting the walls. White is one of the best colours to use, as it brightens up the space and keeps it looking neat and tidy. It can also make a small bathroom feel more spacious and breezy. If you still want a pop of colour, consider painting the accent wall in a bright tone.

2. Install new fixtures.

Breathe new life into the space with new bathroom fixtures. Replace the shower curtain, get a new bathroom mirror, and get good bathroom lighting. All these tweaks are quality-of-life fixes that don’t cost too much, but they can make a room feel premium and classy with the right changes.

3. Update the hardware.

new bathroom sink and faucet

Your toilet, shower, and sink are the most crucial part of the bathroom, and elevating these major pieces doesn’t cost much. Change the hardware with a multifunctional shower head, a new shower screen, a bidet, and other minor upgrades that make a big difference.

4. Replace the tiles.

The bathroom design and cleanliness can reach the next level with better bathroom tiles. Replace the floor tile to get rid of any mould, as well as to change up the colour story of the room. The same goes for the bathroom walls, which can also be replaced with grout-free panels if you want to reduce the maintenance cost of the room.

5. Try open shelving.

wooden hanging shelves in bathroom

Storage in the bathroom is a luxury because a small bathroom doesn’t lend itself well to cabinets and closets. One way to add storage without making the space cramped is by using open shelving. If you want a chic storage option, a hanging glass shelf and corner shelves add space for everything without cluttering your bathroom.

6. Get better towels.

New towels are a quick, easy, and comfortable upgrade to budget bathrooms. Always get high-quality towels with at least a 400 GSM thread count. While this change might seem small, it has a big impact on making the room feel more luxurious and relaxing because who doesn’t love a good, soft towel to dry themselves off with?

Tips for renovating bathrooms on a budget

modern bathroom interiors

  • Get multiple estimates.

Plumbers and tilers are essential to make your bathroom fittings look pristine. Contact multiple servicemen first to get the best price and quality when renovating. Call up at least three different options, and go for someone with experience with renovating bathrooms on budget and who can execute your vision in a price range you are comfortable with.

  • Organise and do your research.

Plan, and you’ll be set for success. Make a list of what needs to be renovated, find the cheapest option available, and communicate with the plumbers and workers doing your bathroom. To stay within your budget, you must avoid spending unnecessarily.

  • Be prepared to compromise.

You can’t always get what you want on a budget. Your vision might include a custom vanity and marble tiling, but if you don’t want to break the bank, be prepared for more affordable options. Ask the personnel at your hardware store for their recommendations at your ideal price point.

  • Do some of the work yourself.

Not every project needs a professional; if you can take on some of them yourself, you can save on your renovation. You can take on tasks like installing a towel rail, painting (especially if it’s a small bathroom), and replacing light bulbs. Doing these yourself will leave more time and budget for the professionals to work on critical projects.

  • Keep the electrical and plumbing untouched.

Moving around pipes and electrical wiring in your house is a major project, and it can be a costly one, too. Keep your lights, electrical sockets, and big hardware pieces in their places. If you can work around your existing layout, you can avoid the cost of having these giant projects.

  • Learn what NOT to renovate.

The old saying goes: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” While it might be tempting to redo the bathroom completely, you can save lots of money by sticking with what’s already there. Heavy-duty cleaning is your best friend here, as sometimes that bathroom floor or vanity unit needs a major scrubbing.

Fix up a gorgeous budget bathroom

Your bathroom is a space of comfort. Any improvements made to it can elevate your lifestyle significantly, and these renovations don’t need to come at a hefty price tag! With cost-effective ideas, you can have a beautiful and functional bathroom. Research all your options, learn how to compromise, and work hard for your dream bathroom.

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FAQs on budget bathroom renovations

A small bathroom renovation can cost just £1,000 for the bare minimum in repairs, but if you have a larger bathroom with a few major projects, expect to spend at least £4,000.

While tiles are the most common bathroom floor and wall material, it’s important to note that modern bathrooms don’t always use tile. There are waterproof panels that are cheap, easy to install, and give your bathroom a different look than you might be looking for.

You can save money by repurposing old furniture or just giving your current furniture some DIY upgrades. For example, some vanities need polish and a good cleaning, which can be a classic focal point for your bathroom’s aesthetic.

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