How much is it to rewire a house?

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How much is it to rewire a house?

It may be stressful to compute how much it costs to rewire a house. Depending on the size of your home, it can range from £1,500 for a one-bedroom flat to £12,500 for a five-bedroom house. We understand that rewiring costs can put a dent in your pocket. However, there are numerous dangers brought about by damaged or deteriorated wiring. An old electrical wiring system could cause faulty sockets and eventually lead to frequent power trips, someone getting electrocuted, or even massive fires. The cost to rewire a house can be a worthy investment to keep your property safe.

Besides that, keeping your electrical system updated is required by the UK Government and regulated by the Ministry of Housing, Communities, and Local Government. Rental properties, for example, are required to be inspected and tested by a competent professional every five years according to the recently released guide for landlords regarding electrical safety standards in the private rented sector. That means the cost of rewiring a flat can be a necessary expense to continue leasing out the property after a few years.

It's best to prepare accordingly to lessen the blow of an electrical wiring cost on your bank account. Airtasker has prepared a guide for you to know how much it costs to rewire a room or house even before starting your project. Before you take a deep dive into the numbers, you need to look around the property first and take note of the following:

  1. The size of the property
  2. The extent of rewiring required for  the property
  3. The time the original wiring was laid out
  4. The appliance that you intend to use in the property
  5. The location of the property

What does electrical rewiring involve?

It's easy to search for an electrical rewire cost calculator. However, arriving at the final cost can be trickier, especially if you don't have a background in electricity or construction. While a house rewiring cost calculator can help you come up with a rough estimate, knowing which figures to consider is essential in creating the right budget for the project. There is so much more that goes into finding out how much it is to rewire a 4-bedroom house.

To better understand the average cost to rewire a house, let's discuss first what is included in an electrical rewiring project.


Before a contractor demolishes the walls in your home or starts pulling out the wires, an inspection should first take place. This is something that you can book separately, but it can also be part of the whole project. It can help you identify how the factors listed above can play into the final expense tally. For example, is there a need to redo the wiring for the whole house or only the kitchen? Is it complete rewiring, or are there only a few cables that need replacing? Total spend will vary greatly between a bungalow rewire cost and a 3-bed semi-rewire cost.

Purchasing a new consumer unit

A replacement unit can add up to how much the cost is to completely rewire a house. The unit itself costs around £400 to £600. Bigger houses may need a pricier and more advanced fuse box, usually more than £800. On top of this, there are service fees for removing the unit and installing a new one.

Loosening floor tiling and drilling of walls

Floor tiles, cement walls, and even ceilings need to be removed to take out the old wiring and install a new system. These removals can be temporary or permanent depending on the make and material covering the existing wires. This can be very inconvenient for people or pets in the house, so it’s best to have a temporary flat to stay in during the rewiring.

Layout and installation of wiring

This is the most crucial part in determining how much it costs to rewire an old house. Should the current electrical use be very different from the setup, adjustments should then be made. Effective planning is just as important as technical rewiring skills. A good electrician will finish the layout first before the actual installation to avoid wasting time and resources. If you want to save up on bedroom or kitchen rewire costs, make sure it’s done right the first time. You don’t want to double your spend more than the average cost to redo the electrical in a house.

Compliance check

All your energy, time, and costs to rewire your 3-bedroom house will be wasted if the final output is not compliant with the British Standard BS 7671. The 18th edition, released in 2019, is currently the one being followed. Therefore, it’s important to double-check with your contractor and ensure that everything is compliant. Have them sign a checklist as well for easier reference.

The average cost to rewire a house

Now that you know what electrical rewiring services entail and which parts of your property need fixing, it will be easier for you to know the costs of rewiring a house per square foot and come up with a more accurate budget. You can then see where you fall under in this table:

House size

Price range

Average time

1 bedroom


4-7 days

2 bedrooms


5-8 days

3 bedrooms


6-10 days

4 bedrooms


1-2 weeks

5 bedrooms


10-15 days

Don't forget that these are average costs across the UK. Higher-end areas may have pricier service fees and material costs. When booking with Airtasker, you will get offers from electricians and contractors in your area. You can compare each offer to see how it averages or who has the most comprehensive package.

Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)

Think of the EICR as like an MOT for your property. It used to be called a Periodic Inspection Report, so don't be confused if older contractors still call it that way. They serve the same purpose, but the test now follows a different standard considering the new statutory and non-statutory regulations. A qualified electrician must:

  1. Inspect the consumer unit or fuse box
  2. Inspect the switches, sockets and other fixtures, including light fittings
  3. Check the polarity of the installation
  4. Test protective devices if they are working

Ideally, you can get another Tasker for this to have more eyes checking your rewiring project. However, since another Tasker will entail another service fee, you can check the average costs for electric inspection specifically.

House size

Average cost

1-bed flat    


2-bed flat    


3-bed flat


1-2 bed house    


3-4 bed house    


5+ bed house



Rewiring an old house

Most regions in the UK have their own guide on rewiring old houses and commercial properties. These include Northumberland, York and Warwick. Areas like Rhondda Cynon Taff, Middlesbrough, and Bradford offer loans and grants for rewiring and other home improvement projects. The total spend on how much it costs to upgrade an electrical system can add to the property’s overall value. The cosy vintage cabin you inherited may become more appealing to stay in once it has a modern electrical system. Working with old houses entails checking for more details before giving the go signal to your Tasker, including:

  1. The integrity of the foundation of the house
  2. The other parts that need to be fixed
  3. The future occupants
  4. The accessibility of the power sources for more advanced gadgets

It may be a big investment, but it is worth it! Keep your loved ones safe and your property secure. Hire a Tasker to handle your electric rewiring project this 2021.


How can I tell if my house needs rewiring?

There are many telltale signs if your property needs rewiring. This can include busted sockets, flickering lights and power, or a questionably high electric bill. Also, watch out for faint burning smells, which are indications that immediate repair is needed as soon as possible. Old houses before the 1970s will need rewiring, but improperly installed electrical systems may require this, too.

Is rewiring a house disruptive?

Rewiring a house can be noisy and messy. Even if you have the best electricians on the job, a certain level of clatter and clutter is inevitable. Therefore, it's best to move out temporarily during an electrical rewiring project. If this is not possible, plan it out with your Tasker, so the disruption is contained in certain parts of the house per day.

How often does a house need rewiring?

There is no legal requirement on the frequency of rewiring. However, the government prescribes regular inspections and issues Electrical Safety Certificates or EICR certificates for those who have passed and complied with all the standards followed in that region. The inspections for this happens every five years for rental properties and 10 years for residential properties used by the owner.

How long does it take to rewire a house?

Electric rewiring can take three to 10 days for an average-sized property. Take note that miscellaneous expenses during this period can add up, such as finding a temporary place to live in or storage fees for furniture and appliances that need to be removed from the house during the rewiring project.

Are there any home electrical wiring regulations I should take note of?

Yes, there are plenty. This is not surprising considering the safety hazards of faulty wiring or improper installation. The government has statutory and non-statutory regulations that we need to follow. Even your Tasker needs to have a certificate before he can do actual electrical work on your property. You may check Electrical Safety First to learn more!

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