How much does a land survey cost in the UK?

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Whether you plan to buy, sell, or develop a property, hiring a land surveyor will help prevent encroachments and conflicts. Surveyors are professionals who take measurements of land using specialised equipment. This data will be used in determining boundaries and creating maps of properties.

On average, hiring a land surveyor in the UK costs around £300 to £1,000 per day. However, each property is unique, and surveyor costs depend on project complexity. If you’re just getting started and need some help, this guide will provide an overview of how much it costs to survey land.

Land survey cost estimates

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Land survey cost based on service type

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You can request different types of surveys for your home or property. Each significantly affects how much it costs to get land surveyed. We’ve listed the most common survey types and their estimated prices below.


Boundary survey

This identifies the boundaries of a property and potential restrictions and encumbrances. Property boundary survey costs range from £350 to £500 per day. However, they might change if there is lush vegetation or various structures in the area.

Topographic survey

If you need maps, diagrams, and information on the land’s terrain surface and topographic features, this survey is highly recommended. It will also give you insights into environmental conditions, ground measurements, and elevation. With its detailed property report, a topographic survey cost £300 to £1,000 per day.

Other services

If you need more information about the property, land surveyors also offer services such as design and volume calculation, plan preparation, and building elevation and cross-section measurement. Prices depend on the number of hours and the complexity of the building.


Estimated cost

Boundary survey

£350 to £500 per day

Topographic survey

£300 to £1,000 per day

Design and volume calculations via LSS

£95 per hour

Plan preparation via AutoCAD

£55 per hour

Building elevation survey

£55 per elevation

Building cross-sections

£95 per section

Other factors affecting land survey costs

Property size and accessibility

Surveyors need more time to measure big properties, as they need to cover a large surface area. This means total costs will also be higher. Moreover, your budget should include the land surveyor’s travel time and fuel expenses if the property is inaccessible or remote.

Project complexity

Land survey costs depend on how hard the project is. Costs will be higher if the land is irregularly shaped or in mountainous areas. If there are plenty of trees, vegetation, or huge structures on the property, it will take longer to measure the area. Also, surveyors might need specialised equipment and safety gear.


Land surveying doesn’t end in fieldwork. Surveyors also need time to process the data, do high-level mathematical calculations, and create reports. The hours spent doing these things will be part of the final cost.

Reducing land surveyor costs

land surveyors at work

Surveyor rates per hour range from £300 to £1,000 per day, but there are several ways to help you save money. Since land survey costs differ per property, getting cost estimates from land surveyors on reputable sites is essential. Doing so will help you gauge the average price of your specific project and stick to your budget.

Once you have a benchmark, it’s time to conduct your own survey. Ask about promos, especially during the off-season. Check if they also offer discounts for advanced bookings. Lastly, negotiate costs depending on the data needed; you might only need measurements and not a complete property map.

Through Airtasker, you’ll be connected to land surveyors near you. The flexibility and convenience will give you time for the other important things on your to-do list.

Hire a land surveyor on Airtasker

Now that you know the average cost of land surveying, it’s time to post a task. Afterwards, you’ll be connected to surveyors in your area. Here are some tips for finding the best Tasker for your project:

  • Share details about your property and request cost estimates
  • Ask for references from past projects
  • Ask for a licence and verify it with your state licensing board

Overall, you can conveniently determine the boundaries of your building or property by hiring a pro. Whether you need a boundary survey or survey, book a Tasker for it in just a few clicks!

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It takes around 1 to 2 weeks to finish a land surveyor report. On average, fieldwork takes around five days, while data processing, report drafting, and quality assurance take another five days.

Land surveying is the process of measuring properties to create maps and diagrams. It is done by a professional through a theodolite and other specialised equipment.

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