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A car's head gasket not only helps the vehicle maintain engine power but also prevents any leaks that can lead to overheating. A head gasket is a tiny yet critical part of your car, so if you find it malfunctioning, you must get it repaired to ensure car safety before the problem blows.

The cost of head gasket repair will depend on the vehicle's age, make and model, and other factors. On average, repairing a head gasket costs around £100 to £600. Labour costs roughly £50 per hour, and the work can take hours or days. 

If you want more about how much it costs to fix a head gasket, this article will walk you through the cost factors to help you make an informed decision the next time you get head gasket issues. 

Average head gasket repair cost

Prices of car repair differ per city. Here's a list of the average car mechanic cost per hour in different cities. 


Average car mechanic cost per hour


£200 to £600

East London

£100 to £250

West London

£100 to £300


£100 to £400

a mechanic with a cylinder head gasket

Factors that affect the costs of repairing a head gasket

Age of the vehicle

Head gaskets usually wear out with years of use - you'll need to repair them at some point. Gasket repairs for older cars cost more because of wear and tear, so ask your specialist for a quote on repairing your specific vehicle's head gasket. 

Make and model of the vehicle

The make and model of the car will affect how much the repair of your head gasket costs. For example, a Holden Cruze's head gasket repair might cost more than a Jeep Wrangler. 

Type of engine

Different cars have different engines and configurations, requiring specialised knowledge regarding head gasket repairs. For example, a Subaru with a boxer-type engine has a different configuration. Thus, you'll need a repairer familiar with Subaru engines and head gaskets for the job. 

Severity of the damage

The gasket is the lid that ensures the different fluids within the car don't mix. So when a head gasket is blown or broken, it affects the state of the other parts of the engine. Blown head gaskets can damage the exhaust, cooling system and other engine components. As expected, this will play a role in the overall repair costs. 

Type of gasket

Knowing this is particularly important if you are to get your gasket replaced. The material of the gasket, whether made of layered steel or copper, will determine the total cost of the repair. 

Signs that a head gasket needs repair

Don't let your head gasket get worse before you fix it. Here are sure signs that your head gasket needs a repair.

Your engine is overheating

If your engine is overheating, your head gasket is most probably blown. This happens when your car's hydrocarbons or gas enter the cooling system. 

checking a cylinder head gasket in the car engine

Appearance of white, blue, and grey smoke

Most vehicles nowadays are designed not to emit any smoke, moreso coloured smoke. So if you notice your car belching white, blue or grey smoke, have it inspected immediately. When this occurs, it means the coolant or oil has entered the combustion chamber.

Loss of power

If your car keeps losing power, especially at unexpected times, it's time to go to a mechanic. This symptom implies a lack of compression, resulting in sputtering and loss of power. This can also affect your car's fuel efficiency.

Discoloured oil

Does your oil look like chocolate milk? There's probably something wrong with your gasket, as this indicates the coolant is mixed with oil in the engine.

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Using a head gasket sealer is an affordable, accessible, and temporary fix for head gasket issues. You pour the sealer into the radiator, let the vehicle run for 30 minutes and allow the product to heat up and cover the cracks. When the chemicals cool down, they set in and immediately repair the gaps. 

You can’t drive a car with a blown head gasket for long. Sooner or later, the car is going to stall. Not to mention, it is not safe to drive with a blown head gasket. 

Yes, it is expensive to replace a head gasket. The price of the part is not the main factor for this, but rather the labour needed for the replacement. It costs somewhere from £750 to £1,500.

Despite its hefty price, a head gasket repair is worth the cost. When a head gasket blows, you'll instantly notice a pressure loss in the engine. This means there will be a significant loss of power, thus, putting your car in a stall.

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